Sarah and the Maybe-Namaste Baby: Part 3

Wednesday, April 19th

Sarah's going to approach her "best friend" to tell her everyone thinks her 6-month-old is actually her yoga instructor's kid instead of her husband's. 


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Her son when you get to work and get and so consider grow ever well. Well he's starting now before flying home man somebody's phone calls so little time so many phone calls a little time. All really awesome opinions and there is an open to feedback so far. Well you can she show your mind at all she has hurt the feedback on she's listening. Brand and and Marietta today. Say you're totally forcing you think this is the best friend that this girl can ever have break. You. An error like that early where you need to defend your friend no matter what do you I got it into her baby when he got here. Her baby it is not a big baby then what are you gonna tell all people looking at that her husband to AD are you out of your retina about it. Creek that independent. Good point he sometimes you don't want information it's like that racquet heads that what's the movie with Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson didn't need me you don't know on and know that things that I know right you need beyond an amnesty law. God and possesses good man passes that are not so now I shall be an act gotten hello. Yeah. Man. Fact it got hot car and it gasoline need to get so why did she delete these people all with it pupil. Each and let them or get out all you all right now and then outlaw okay. I'm glad I didn't. This can point. In my operating oh god different Serra in Lawrenceville what's out. Well look I'm I'm really not happy that you're giving all of that there are a bad name. And seed Ernie here it change your play and about what keeping that you are came during a big issue given that. Is there a two thirds of the fanning also areas. Our queen in Atlanta. I I think she has her own motives like maybe trying to get the husband. It's me it has. And cringed when another layer on yeah Hong new twist in the plot. Thanks very Cochrane. Michelle in Alpharetta. Good morning I think she I'm jealous of her some component that her marriage or her life. There is some thing that she's gallop about smooth and this helped. Bring out some little. Sixteen. She's ahead in her friendships you make her feel better. And talk to her. She's been on the radio. Scooter don't let the deal well. Well everybody in here as. When it happened over and well I think that I think she makes really good point is there's something Sarah. That your urged jealous of because this certainly gives you control and authority over your friend. Not one not generation and I don't want control over her you know and yeah I'm not jealous I'm very happily married. You know. Does your husband I don't know about this plan. All I. And does he think it's a good idea. He did not diet that no. Or as well as I know. Linked. So I said should have screwed people eight year old world. Everybody else is saying no way you're still there and. That's correct I had. You know Nolan Nolan are the way to IRA you know no one knows. There are okay nobody you could trade places with her. Would you want her to come see you. I wanted to add room argument in my back like well yeah. How they and I that's where she's coming from because she would want to know says she feels compelled to go teller I what's the plan Sarah tells with a plan is for. Your Frey intervention. Comment but no we actually have a great day I don't Clearwire. Court Thursday night though for it tomorrow night. Yelling at a picket schedule than they. That my very cute friends. Are bringing their kids cheer so that's. It can happen and make felt very there are like in her backyard and so it's and I. There. You know keep that account regional. So EO we're just going to see you'll you know leaders and I had some lion in order and let kids play and act. Can and can't. And eternal life and I'll call so. I am so curious to hear what her reaction to UNS yeah. Is it can go one of two ways can think OK I mean she could feel like your optimism is adorable they've heard well she could be super expensive out. And say is I your business and all that and get mad or she could say. I'm so glad you brought this up because I've been wanting to tell you guys about it. Or she gets slapped brands together and go immediately into the opening Lotus position home. What are you ask her tell you wanna do some yoga. And asked her to put on senate yoga music and if she goes okay shoring hits this. This tough it's. Sanyo now yeah. Out. All right Daryn. You said the play date is happening. Thursday. We'll talk to you after others that. Are I thank you. Good luck god I don't just say you learned your lesson and I hope a guy well I I don't know what else to say I think Sarah. Thank you. Do it. I highway median the final word today our friend Whitney from Smyrna. Yes. And I gotta go good. I'm I'm a moderate on business is OK any. Sort of doesn't like real Maxi. Teach you ask her how he never got why do you return key and it's just hit her whole life you don't know what goes with her husband or her angle action and at least literally bring me here Annie get your number let's angle almost saying daddy. And curb her rant about it must refrain until it's usually not the best brand and maybe you wouldn't tell but it can keep you know you're. You need to leave early and I complained about where you Ernie. Yeah all learn and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.