Sarah and the Maybe-Namaste Baby: Part 2

Wednesday, April 19th

Sarah's going to approach her "best friend" to tell her everyone thinks her 6-month-old is actually her yoga instructor's kid instead of her husband's. 


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Star in 941. I guess Eric coming on here in just a second she's got a is important of French intervention that she's got a contemplating. With her friends. And her friends new baby preference of. Babies who looks a lot more like her yoga instructors then her husband so we call him not mustang OK she's. And her friends are all get together to figure out if they sit down. Baby mama and say look we know this is not your husband's baby we know you said today. Her about it talking about it elevated down her face and bout on the team anytime soon not learn. EO and bear hunt hunt that's the only you know her as an adult cat those with the cap on now is there have pollution it's. Hey Kelly you know kept those oh. That's over you. Yeah archer back and then you weave in and out of your neighbors like thing. And as anyone they're practicing a lot I. No I did they can't move hot it's where you go number two in them run as fast to get into a different candidate that would end. And you this. Well I'll pick ups area just I gonna get the update IG was just going out the last of the phone calls. Regarding cushioning and whether or not it's cheating and has a special message from me from one of our lovely let's. Not yet it was like peep. About only attractive women. And I didn't hear the coming thousand thereby she said I could. Today sort of punched him. We feel the same yeah. It's a don't like red you know it's funny actually clearly wants to be my commission that was flirted. I. Hi Sarah is about to join us and Sarah called this yesterday. You asked for some guidance. On this situation she was having a dinner with girlfriends last night. And she was gunnery crew that entire posse of girls to help her stage this friend direction. Correct and we got a lot of feedback one of which was. Maintain your lame most of which was maintain your land what we did enhanced Sarah welcome back to the show. I before we go in Sioux last night and how last night lands. I don't know that we asked you if air of there is any possibility. Like give if you went and sat down without your girlfriends and Iran like no you're crazy you're. That was read to review going to that did to pitch this idea. I solo serve that to view if there are other group of friends went. You guys are crazy. Would you have not done it or would you just gonna with with your one friend. I would I'll show you look okay so the fray intervention is happening you're just trying to determine the size of your posse. I have. Act alone and I would like really in lake after we talked yesterday and it they're bad. Because I didn't anticipate that there would be. Quite so much. Like I respect that is he so adamant. And barrels mean not parking her. Let you know what it has really helped needed that kind of helped prepare me for walking into that dinner and so it won't happen because basically. It's the read a books for word of my friends were like absolutely not. Don't do this is a terrible idea. And then. You know we like it did kind of shake me a little bit I'd still like are you really know that the very thing to do. But I can really just feel my heart of the story can still. And for. Why edu. Feel so passionately that this is the right thing today. Well I'd. Receiving secret between friends. You know and if she is going through something I would be able to either for her and also mostly. It the debt. Is that the. If it is it would fathered by another mayhem that has been. I mean he. I think he should know. You know any mile lake. Now that's covered in this so you feel like not my station now or her husband should now. Or about knowing. What station now cops. We're all. And do you like saw about or are you he. Do you feel like she should know that. Other people are talking about her. Giving her the yes labs like look this is a topic of conversation. Had to put that it yet you know it makes it is the lake. RA she's always been a loyal friend to me and I've always been a loyal friend hurt and that. You know I really don't like take that very so much traffic going on a car hurry now and I really just. I know it sounds I know that like. You know they'll do everything they called it yesterday like I either point you know ideal. But. I don't know I'm really just coming out that's probably not like I'm not trying to be handy how much Ryan Malone HR drama I want box my problem. Israel is it hot. Is it energy you are. The realm of possibility. For you that if your friends needed help from you your friend would approach you. Yeah. The complaint. But don't start the employee I didn't I didn't see that but I mean again she elect. Really could be an all told me the ignore it. And she know all of this help she's embarrassed by it and she doesn't want to tell you aren't anybody got. Yes so having people show up in the trying Arabic they're about to fire up some Christmas carols at chip. You said three of the more friends that know not to do it showed one other friends said yes do it. Yeah yeah so the other. Is that one different joining you us. She ended so it three of us are going you are where. Susie wolf pack history. It is a global pact outlaw all. OK. Hey Kayla. Let's talk directly to Sierra. So. Business I'm so hot are now dragging. Unless the public saying. This is selfish and I know that you're not trying to be Patty Hearst are drama that there is they Ager possibility. I you'll lose your friend if you bring it to her attention and try to keep this current bench. Did a terrible idea. And I just wanna I wanna afloat this ad there indicate how gay your opinion and Jenn hobby yours. We all know women I'm now items. Trying to stereo type. But sometimes when it's true it's nasty area typed a kind. Wind mainly. Perhaps more than men. Some women enjoy a gossip. So them bigger this see that series million more than you and I do enjoy. The bigger this posse becomes. The more. Fractures there are in the foundation where this information can leak out. Right is that fair to say a cell is. She opens up and tell the truth to three friends yes that's three people who know the absolute truth you can go tell other people and that's a big secret to keep. Right and you don't want a secret like that going to anybody other than your friend that is the lock box. So came if what you're saying is that this woman being selfish. That she'd your what I'm thinking is that she's putting her own needs. To be a good friend in front of perhaps that wishes. Of the woman who. Are making sense. I don't because she's trying to basically did. She turned his first flying to date information on the gossip that's going around town real friends don't do that. I think what you should do thanks Kayla I think Sarah what you should do is just see if the baby is really good you. Yeah see how flexible that whole thing Sarah have you ever found yourself as being a friend who has said more than once. I don't want to cause drama but hot let's get back. Because to me it's usually people who say that quite a bit are the ones who actually are causing the drama. Can't. Other avionics it and I have it is bad bad. You know couple I don't really wanna be like I AM I wouldn't hurt on the table. I don't wanna and leg. Either it's really was. Ever want to be honest with each other you know I mean. Of course but I also wonder why can't you do it just by yourself when and one. It. I know you can be my. Other friends are really concerned that as well old you know. No not you know they're not you did with 403. M Omar like maintain your old and. The other you are you know. Let Jane is that broke it open and winning is it okay if the majority says one thing. It's just downright. This is is it. Britney while I show Brittany hand imagine that I I. How big a I got. Well we had that they thought we did back. You have each other back but you're not gonna need to question. They're going to you put her and let other people when they pay it back her 88. I don't her husband they need it as you combat. There weren't. In an intervention treating your friendly light. I know they typically coming at her like dirt hacking or that you need to Okajima got bit. With a posse it's wild wild west. While always gossip edition. I hate. Visit we got real big. Just grab a couple more phone calls here OK Sarah and then we're gonna come rape back after brewing five do we want you to Telus. What you are plant with the next step is that called. Here I hand three formats we'll come right back at the last couple calls and find out. Why Sarah's planet for their friend or imagine nobody lives. Is next. Star in 941.