Sarah and The Maybe-Namaste Baby: Part 1

Wednesday, April 19th

Sarah's going to approach her "best friend" to tell her everyone thinks her 6-month-old is actually her yoga instructor's kid instead of her husband's. 


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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin gent shell hole. I before we even pick up Sarah. Let's talk real quick CUY day in Dallas welcome to the show. Sarah is good morning sir is about to join us because. Her fringe group has a friend. And this woman just had a baby. The baby does not look anything like this woman's husband. It looks like. Another friend of another male friend of putters. The rumored guy the rumor guy in the France just wanna go to RMB like early and come down as you can talk as Dutch do. He's just kind of a friend intervention yes oh but they want our help inane. Making that first initial contact. Phones are already ringing with people who have advice what's up let them. I don't. Before it started having hit a terrible idea. I have personally had a anywhere Atlantic and then. And at we are getting divorced and that arranged and our he had and you look well entrenched. And I'm actually they do it or look like on the Kardashian actually not your accent and the dirtier. Our current president currently know it definitely not you know they strongly duty and it has and it's my president. Which I was aware at my mom. It's still can that there are saying. That jet my daughter totally on my ex husband and she looked like my car has benched that she can't it can't allow content. Even the DNA tests she wrongfully. Unity and intentionally eminent crazy to get my daughter does look like my current husband and I'm not I haven't had an older daughter did she have a daughter and they do a lot of lie. Did. And it DNA can't add X and then found. That they do light at good Sarah welcome to the jet engine shop hurry. Are you good to go ahead that we are looking towards helping you with this for intervention. I got to meet that I am kind of freaking out about this. But does meeting tonight. Yeah so. Might wanna me really good friends. Had just Oceanic 86 months ago. And you know that this baby is like six month now so it's starting to kind of look like a pretend she is and has this bad. Maybe it. Getting like mature a little that we noted singing that bad. He had looked at any king last week. Her heart and it looks like this. Would sectarian yoga instructor actually. These guys. Yeah. Downer trees it. I eat. I. Hate us and I. Am not mistake and let's go let's call that man no mistake and I can eat. Well there are rumors about her and not a stay out of four a little while now. Even though and she always does kinda lake. Added them all hot and Blake. I have personally seen them I'll vote. Together you know and Q and get loans to play in Atlantic hatton cocky and and public. Looking very sort of in two met but like you know not like. It's. Utter anything. They're probably just are talking about begin things I'm sure of just. Bringing in the energy of the universe is that they're getting zinc and if it fit so Gehrig's sir you're gonna confront her tonight. Well I caught a couple of our where mutual friend because. You know I have a excite conversations. With. I'm not Batman and there are so many rumors going around right now. Much. About heard that I get I wanted to get her friend you know our second group together and we mentioned there for a long time. To kind of figure out. How do me a quote her. I'll let us or you're not you're not approaching her tonight you're assembling a council to approach her. It began like this is kind of a delicate situation. I went out how I can be the best friend her. As possible. Hartley hit competition from spears. You know what. And it did not true. You know I won't reveal that the Fed. Is her husband it not you know hurt you that Gerry and you know I just wanted to try to figure out how to be the president. I well. Quick question dude she and her husband have other children. What they do and that would stake it that the other kids are all like alive and that. The and a leg feared dead and that. You can even eat it like. Dark haired dark period he had that. Anna heard you know their instructor is the darker complected RA. No mistake all of this stuff. Novel way. Stick around for eighteen years. Whitney and Bernard thinks this is a great idea and can't wait to give you some advice to winning. Yes so my own business now say act targeted. At yourselves because. I have to admit they are really get financial and where you end up don't know her husband Ari talked about it he might albeit it. The end at the back and not Okur could get extra about her that the American. Now we have a logo are probably not our business I don't think the girl you can't miss DB. That's what I don't. Are right are seen them for some. I've rip me a question. For you it immediately is there any chance. That Sarah's friends. The one who really loves yoga is there any chance that hurt that bad she is keeping this secret in. And will feel relieved that her friends are coming to learn is that possible. You know. Because she's gonna feel like. I don't know nothing on me because you know if you look why you gonna hurt on. The quiet era that could talk about her first. And I think you're gonna come candidates saying about our current didn't think about it into my home my. Because you don't know what they're I don't know lollipop the dark. And it dealership they have been in more than the president me Sharon led to a guy all because our politically cool logo if you. Rebecca you don't have to just the comfort her you don't have their own. Did you get you know there's not a place that I sent her heart I don't think it's been hurt. That's her responsibility she would she you know she didn't do. To my Yahoo! business that's what you need to do maintain your money if you might like and you're connecting your brain and can I ask you could click our own and come out of the house. Talk about it but yeah I. Mean they're lying if I ever see you out I'm buying your drink because you've given me like. Well instead Gramm by those whose. I'm a college amateur Tim Geithner got an answer to somebody is going to be maintain your lane. That I Twitter by has remained Elaine started about five minutes. Sarah quick question for you are you also friends with her house. Are any of you in the frank group friends with her husband's. I don't think I'm married for several years now and they still had years. Eat even how to put I hit it sand that really you know she's more my friend a lot of hurt it out. I've I've I'm pleased. Not around a whole lot as you were black and an announcement about her hands. He did not. Honestly you were involved with racing there you etiquette that I'm as mentally after her. Well and you know a cut of another reason why diet. You know that kind although it makes. Bad like the timeline. Some kinda have good make bad. I know he knows. I Julie. In Atlanta welcome to the show he Julianna. Hey guys. I don't think she'd want to be a really good friend she needs to back up her friend no matter what you should all equally good friend and just. Only that they're telling you the truth and back them up you have to know whether it's right. On what they're saying as long as they're you're friends. So your definition of friendship is take everything they said it is ours it's. It's what they want the world to believe the truth to be you get the bat and that. I don't like it I mean my friend had problems older boyfriend and I have been there every second to back her up that she is truly your friend. You're gonna take her side no matter what you're not gonna try to hurt that is. Like that that person. You don't think the friend would want the heads up that everybody's talking about his baby. Is not be in her husband's baby. Yeah may be back at the same time she's gonna tell a friend that she shared packet and that talent but he L. The firm raised that issue is good thank you Julia for me the issue is going there with a hole score high and Blake. I mean is envisioning like some scene had a leg you know some mean girls thing would. Amal marching down the hall and an arrow formation with Sarah in the lead to me like sit down we need to talk. Does Sarah they're you know it. And thirty. It's not like that you know we've always known each other for really long time were really close friends I mean not that close lately because. Yes it had three kids spend it's like fat picked up a lot of your time but. I just wanted to I don't know I think maybe she's lonely and doesn't have any let's talk about that sentence. I guess why it. BLO like be there are. Preparation needs me to. Or it's or is it possible that she has talked to somebody about it it's not you or is it possible that she doesn't wanna talk to anyone about it. Or is it possible is she's not only because she's got numb us Betty I am. She's at peace and didn't have any. Tatyana in Duluth. Thinks this is a great idea and is calling up to support you Sarah into Deanna. And I don't. The board again and I ain't bad you need to interplay on U don't know what's gone on her personal life. It may be friends I can't like not everything about Ali Shari. I mean you don't think he are you had heard those rumors that they doesn't work right there. I hugged and come on if you are talking she'd heard it before and she hasn't come on it it I now. Probably not only sustain your length. Stand Elaine I hate the name may think are amazing airplane. That I have thanks that Deanna. We definitely need to have you back out at this time tomorrow okay Sarah. I finals what the squad decides to do final thoughts from Jenna Jenna what's up. So under around their net home. Mean the bank the bank didn't look like that and ticket but I Ahmadinejad by name. Thank that's our that's all right because look like I'm. There are dark haired Mediterranean cousin. I look like granting. Me a note and I have friends that have. Dark complected. Kid even though they actually at Ayers and brought on headed children and it BK and I mean money. I it's not fair to let's say about the top without talking at least one person. Who agrees with there. We had a about all I got dirty. Any am I was gonna say a few years ago they're really good friends from back home. And there at the rumor about her and her alleged affair on her hut and and word got out and rumors were flying among a lot of mutual friend art. I had to live delayed for years and and came back to visit. And one night it came out and she asked me you know have you heard about this. And I'm telling you know. She was devastated when she found out that this would think that about her and. He would upset with me for not telling her when you're. But the only thing that was re gaming and it was phenol. Alec transparent and told her you know I didn't know what to think I'm hearing this I'm not eating living here you know the to colonize. But I do wanna tell you that I heard this and I didn't really Keller exactly who the source was or. Blue people you know were saying it was you know I can't she do who they thought it looks. I header on that Nona stay. Yes. And you know I don't know what the that they don't. But I'm telling you heard her and her husband are still together. At their merit pretty hard. That has you know she already knew or suspected that navy lights. I don't know what it was like there was something going around the Kleenex. Why an end her out about it but we'll see so Joseph do you think it's a good idea. For stairs is not to her. We'll sap fair. Some of the question and getting chariots that's trapping and enrich its. Thanks Jerry. I think. Sarah promise is that we'll get to argue this time tomorrow. Yet a little keep. Keep you very close that wish you luck. All right good luck godspeed announced today the apple apple apple more leverage if the thing is and that's. James Young still are ready for a lot.