Sadly, We Have a Death In the Family

Wednesday, May 17th

Jeff's Wife Callie's Grandmother passed away recently, and although heartbreaking, her last words brought comfort to many and even a few laughs


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Her son when you get to work and get ten songs in a row every hour on starting now before blind. I did anyway I tell a risk and a cool story that has a Santa overtones and. Because you nominal DL for the next couple days and now listen here's Red Sox. Cora Jane if you haven't noticed is so scratchy. Because something is blooming is invaded every hole that she has on her face yeah I don't. Don't know what is and why it went to write my throat but lose my voice a little bit from whatever is in bloom right now so I apologize. You know listen my scratchy voice and here's that sex is the last time Jan Gloucester voice was it was the last time that I had T scheduled days off. And the show is great when you got married and I was right. And was from talking alive and terms saying a play and partying your wedding reception that was self induced. But this and that is just allergies and I don't feel bad as a declares Emma come on I'm functioning of just fine I just it's just gone right to my throat so. I apologize. So. All she does nobody's gonna be able sounding Kelly she's apart that's a top that's a good sound scared it doesn't sound like any claimants are. It's not yet. That's the one that I bugs me is that scratchy whereas in where you are talking to people even though you don't have dealer. Things right find yourself doing that. But anyways Simpson Jenkins and today she's all scratchy and it's so funny because I'm gonna be off tomorrow and Friday BK is. Assembly tallied my wife callies grandmother. Passed away over the weekend past 2 AM Friday so sorry to hear that how is she doing. A tally doing house her mom doing our I mean everybody sandy but it. I mean they've been I mean this this woman loot was almost nine years old she didn't have. Have a suffering and of life in those and so there wasn't something debilitating that it. Took her a little more every week and it was hard to watch she just. It was got older. And things that would. Be easier to recover from became more difficult to recover from and in the end and she just got pneumonia yeah. And she's she knew I fully believe that when you're older. And you hear all the time of like couples who have been together for a million years. And and that Amanda shortly after the woman the woman go shortly after the man. Or I I believe. That people can control. To some level when they go maybe they know it's about to happen as I have some peace surrounded. So yeah zone insulation Kelly's family all lives in New Mexico on Catalina hurt her parents live live here in Atlanta so. Her mom got a phone call from. Regret her mom. And carries them that Hawkeyes mound and just said I'm real sick. But she knew normally she's you know how. And parents don't bother coming out here you don't have to come see me in ticket in town Ali I'm Brian Lara and I'll be all right I just need and Alex. Is he tonight. But she said I'm real sick so that was kind of a red flag that. She knew somewhere in the back Brad. So over the course of about a week she just you know started to get worn down a word out in this at the end it says it's such a sad. It's so sad. Than losing a grandparent. But I thought this is this is really cool that's. I'm in her final hours. Kelly's revelers final hours she is Kelly's mom was it was with her in her eyes were closed and she was just rest and and she had hospice care so hospice as you know this this is. That this is it Intel yet this word we're getting closer. Her eyes are closed. And a couple things happened in the last few hours that Kelly's mom noted that that I thought was really cool her last words. That she spoke out loud Kelly's mom. She opened her eyes and she asked for some water. And she can only have ice chips because she would choke on the water so she has some ice Jewish camps are thirsty and and cows are taking give you some mice. And you go to cal as mom she gives one a life. And leg and and T here Kelly's mom tell that story about. Her mom. In the way she shared it like her mom is so sarcastic. And just kind of always has a little bit and attitude and a sushi says one a life. And news. I think every rep I hear that in my oh my god that's so cool it how hungry for that to be your last words site. Tit to put an exclamation point on the and then nine years you've been on this planet. And Kelly's whole family thinks that she was just kind of being grumpy because she couldn't have water. So I got to raise you guys I'm afraid I don't and it doesn't and I can't even get a cup of water and no one alive well. Reduced to just eating ice chips right. So that was it and then the other thing is if you this sort of person who believes in this stuff she said that that shortly before she passed she. Where you had had our eyes closed all day and she opened her eyes and was fixated. And something that appeared to be outside the window but there's nothing out there. And she just stared at that would this incredible you know the beautiful look. Like just very peaceful looking outside the window and her face every piece on that's who she passed late. Looking out at something that nobody else could seize. It was he's touching is peaceful and if there's Italy it was funny that it was you know sat at same time. I'm glad you're gonna get to go and be with her yet so I don't Edward Flaherty Mexican tonight now services are tomorrow and then her dad. Because grandfather is is military so should be married in a military cemetery and a couple weeks so the school. Both goals were always really directs. Star in 941.