Rumble Update With Kathryn

Wednesday, November 30th


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Open championship. Our O'Sullivan worked today to go home and can. Down backed Shia on stunning 341. Came just the second we're gonna check in at we have Katherine and the came on the jet engines show to find it look. So we made up our radio segment for her query combined bubble they dating. With radio. And we let her be the first any paid. Well I will tell you that they really happy ending she's going to be Alan that's just views and. And Wright added that steps back at it again he's got a new phone scam for us and got a lady you booked a holiday party in just the planner and he's as I'd plan a fourth of July party. In December of coming up right after cap and. I two weeks ago we did a segment and the share that we called. Rumble rumble and I was trying to college. Bombay. Bombay sir I don't think it was a combination of bumble did you explain Obama always. Bubble is a dating have on your phone but it's geared mainly towards women being able to choose if they day and his name and hit really initiate the conversation is always. And the premise behind it is you look around you you San for the app. And guys just appear like the pieces of meat the tree as snow and we just pop up in and you jazz. Are able to swipe in one direction and this artist's yet. Right in the other direction and it there's a match you can initiate numbers being. That that ratepayers bumble we wanted to bring a bumble. To the radio and it's. Rumble yes and we had a woman named Katherine command in the premise of this saying she gave a little bit of a bio. And presented. On her once in a man on the air you know we just lined up guys HUR rate problem. Heat pump heat pump heat pump heat up. And I think you know keeping three or four of the guys they Katherine. Hey how many guys did you not hang up on comedy were keepers. Remind us who that three guys war. The first there in Austin. And arms that syndicator. And I remember on ten I hit the reload at least eighty. Yeah I act like mine right now. On the third third concert are older now so well. I think woo woo local black movies and a bit look at this thing like an idiot you derive it from Little League and they're a bit. Yeah we see that therapy god guy. No that's airing. Sign again I don't remember. How well it not important because I ended up not contacting admiral Leahy is really cocky. Though. I don't know I don't let them back sometimes use it's quite happy yeah exactly you have a night or psych nurse at all and I. Yet the donut in any end firefighter with they're Dodd. It went through this port. Hold your house rules aren't. Oh I see him and I. I was all about meeting him deeper excited hectic credit there. And we had and yet I think last Monday and you know that canceling that morning that you can not we are shipped or something that only I all understand. On May never initiated like trying to reschedule and I thought I would have been on hand as he canceled. And after that. And then conversation in Texas has like started to die off and I haven't really hurt or important. That's Ido because you'd think that a medical professional who takes therapy dogs ended children's hospitals which had a really difficult time finding a woman. I think that yeah well I can't imagine he would just fade away. Yes this really brand. And he's definitely the winner at any one particular goal under power and the darker pork eater I have created agents are there. Wrote on her and he we have like immediately there is equally to children and conversational. Who met up. The next day he won't opt out on the show. I try to win you Matt brag. Ranks are Brandt brand but when you met ranked 44 hours after coming on the show more like maybe thirty. Yeah let's go. Yeah yeah I need such a week I lately they'll do on your day. Loomed on the first day. McDonald's has been that need it now comics. Yeah yeah yeah I would now like 78 times I think oh. I know the second day we actually he. He liked. And that. Being switched me that like Haley I was coming home from out of town and valiantly human need to like kind of like chill look at the stars. And because some are some woman is likely have we you got something again and I got to take that on cannot look at the guys. Just like what I had said. In my life have I guilty in the first Eichmann. That's the ball I know of so Balladur spanking gate and it with that note Nicholas Sparks like disgusting because Barack Obama and yellow lightning they're looking at the stars and there's a shooting star and at least you know had a chance and everything worked out. I'm Geithner the pick they. My talents and he's been. We have. Plan together like into December going Christmas party together. Firm and and I am I decided last night and I in the middle and a couple days. It is he can't yeah yeah. So then I guess you weigh in if you had the opportunity to swipe line. Bumble as a radio a re occurring radio bad. You would say swipe right yeah I do rattled rumble rumble. Grumbled at night from a bomb Iraq. I cola thank you for being in our our Guinea pig and that Catherine I think I think you guys. I they are right and feel free you can name your first king Edward Bryant either Jeff or. Why they noted that. I called. And how what sort of stone do you want your engagement ranked defense. Yeah. And it's not. I didn't like Ned and thanks again thank you. If you wanna be a part of. Well bulges by this and social media or shoot us an email you trying to Oliver contact information it's our nanny for one landed dot com. Is your drive knows drown out try. No match almost hear talks. Why you're. On starry night before blind.