Rumble Round II: Kathryn Meets The Rumblers

Wednesday, November 16th


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Turn O'Sullivan worked today until I can keep him. Now back to shell on starting before blind us. Love is in the air. Love is in the effort factoring in studio very brave for this very first thing. Adding any regrets Katherine for from messaging may have gotten a young guy yeah yeah yeah nano yet. She's only halfway through this process so. Very very brave single beautiful woman in studio with us Katherine his comedic. The concept is. Bumble the dating. Meets radio witches. We. That's that's that's the idea you've used bumble but how do you fine but he but he capture your boys now. I have used bumble the Osce is OK cupid and are about one. I have experienced that. Bumble and and it's got some of the way bumble works is that dude pop is very similar energy. And then you. Yeah look at it I read his profile you decide if and humor in and you can make a split second decision. You can swipe one direction you keep them. You sway in the other direction on forever just question that's the rate and the possible and my friends have liked fumble better because it gives that power to the one on making. Became a woman right will be the one who can initiate. Rights easing. So the idea is that we will do the same thing here on the race. And won't just go through guys and guys if you ought to be a part of this oral for a 7194. Under only for guys who were a little rugged. Right has he said that you like being outdoors and her perfect date is indeed going and a hike Epson mountain after couldn. Age range was 2728. To forty mass rally as the and if that's. Okay and and then there's really no. Disqualify. They use it to be an outgoing he did say yesterday the year introverted and as an introvert. Somebody you want somebody who and appreciate your aunt and yes exactly I'm Sylvia I GA is that world yes. Pick up guys. Will Janet I'll ask him it. You have three questions and then they'll just start talking to you and you. In his gave me thumbs up or thumbs down and that obvious swipe and it comes down open on the gate they probably never gone. The end of the bumble. He never eat a little. Beating purgatory you're right iron it let's got a guy. Jan let us start by saying hi to Austin indicator I oss and. Lol are you know you asked Sandy. Bridge that would be okay me votes went to these. Employee says. Already error yeah. All right Austin the floor is yours to sell yourself to Catherine time. You know credit art let them outdoors and there are a bit grim resolve person I would assume well I just hope and I don't you Google is on this on the you bear fruit director editor. So they know their parents and did you say. Did you think you will be hundred gold finished. Vehicle that is currently on go nuclear. He told his. I used throughout Asia. Perk could oppose you there are. They work out we'll go about bird bird who sit 500 you know so well. And then we'll look warbler who got a bit earlier this. And much like you in your free time. Yeah. Like this for a little bit about America will luckily have their important. W had little trouble you can hop in law to get together and being a bit. Regulation. Or light at it and I heard. It right absolutely. No bearing bit. Football team or do about it. They're deliver on those key and they tomorrow and are you grilling me into following that football team. I have launchers and liquor. There might be their lucky little you brought to a panel they're they need it in Colorado River. You know Canadians and. Not now we are slid right he's like oh great I thought I still have a whole lot of thumbs up. I don't be afraid and they can't use we units that can and you like it. You know you don't have to wait until we're done and comes at that Annie does is rumble we protect any woman that. I airing in Marietta welcomed the Japanese pension. You know. He ended his mood there as well hey that's cool that everybody's volume makes me feel like no memory of the (%expletive) my. I apparently not. Live there OK excellent. And Telus what do you do for fun and. And produce a report. Hold your house rules. Quote I am doing. I. Hiking camping and voluntary hospitals he had felt I mean I. Therein is the hospital thing made out pretty irrelevant here. I really won't hospitals I have a at all. There's interpret though we couldn't their own citizens. Bad guy you can. If a unicorn as well. As some other dude just hung out. A I'd Jason and kind years welcome to W and I thank you Morgan. How do what's going on and albeit in the war. OK so tell us about yourself what do you. Well Omar IT manager I have read on car has. Relation sort of we've got there about six years ago. So what's a typical Saturday like trio. Until Saturday as I get out there and could some reckless and then. I go heightened usually. And the number of good days community since world doing chores around the house we're working on vehicles in this. You know get things done. I'm. In I want to tout my anti god from her fifth a. Lillian. Yeah lead invade well. Yeah I'm ready guy. Well what are you wouldn't or what you want about. Until it. I have been. I am Erin is the front runner he's the guy with very deep voice from Marriott. As the job as there and hospitals as a patient and me ask a question and and you're gonna that this is there's no pressure here Ernie Banks but area there. Here at. I'm getting I'm just gonna go on a limb and say you probably I have a bunch of nieces and nephews and. All law. Not us in the war on the oldest child what roads restore particular. But he says siblings. Mother and sister attend and. Well rounded get on with others I brands and the Milton. Yeah I'd sell yourself to you Catherine. I'm 32 years old and a polymer can that's been all year I have two kids ages five Perry. Take a look like I'm about half the time but the other half unload in the summoned to get started again. Go out and word go to a toll on any person. And I love I don't dwell at their place as were incoming call Indian mountain trail in the heat stroke eaten. We own a date perhaps I and I and. That an oversight of the year and slang act. That's the only danger with rumble is you'd north you target an apparent. I read we are there. In the night. And in Kenya. One more Brian in Atlanta log in Asia. It and Angela are you can't. All due to the great go ahead and sell yourself to Katherine. And economic targets are resolved and fairly new to the city. Himself sort of so enjoy my these sheets and it's been home quite keen. When you say my jewelry talking about the weather or the team. That seemed issued wouldn't say OK that's really. And. Yeah. And he last night. It Catherine you've got you got three successful. Swipes while also my graduation thing you know love is now in the air. Thank you for being so willing to do you think of me when I don't worry we're not done with the that you're gonna have a conversation with a Austin you can have a conversation ranked. And you're gonna have a conversation with Aaron a good and a sign that they're imperfect. A lot of time and cost I don't hide or. Move her every unit for cross. This. Hi and how would just follow over the next week and see how the conversation with them and if you turn candidates yeah up front and and will be able to figure out if this is going to be a segment that continues or. Is getting it right laughed. That in the future of grumble is resting on your shoulder as she. No question. Thanks for being a part of it aching appreciated. In case you haven't heard it today we look down. And no one can notice the company's gone enhance recovery of the jumping ship show and star Nady for a one.