Rumble Round 1: Meet Kathryn

Wednesday, November 16th


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And young stars. Jennifer got a brand new idea of forgery. And we're gonna not tested beforehand and just tested on the radio was gonna do it last question for you and how much you know about fumble. Only that it is beating up on my friends are using that are single. But I don't know bodies aren't. Kelly cheeses in here to give us a 32. Tutorial on how bumble words go. And fumbles the best they do is download the app you put a couple pictures ailing pets like your face Wipro are usually. And has the woman you get to choose if you wanna swipe left or swipe right. And when you sigh bright that means you like that guy and only you can message MCI adored creatures double Lana Baram mud slide in your hands up or anything like that. You have the power it's amazing. So the differences our arts bumble and tender about this game. Bubble edges gives the woman on the right exactly now I can float there has announced that left or right but it eased slightly right on somebody who at some point in. Previously swipe on you it'll tell you like being maps that united them in this. Oh. You know I'm not I'm OK so the idea Jan. Is radio. Yes meets bumble. And we're gonna call it rumble. I'm OK okay. How can work well that is why Katherine who is sitting here right from Atlanta is junior high Katherine and. Welcome to the Japanese pension Amy thank you for coming in to do some excited you know our first experiments. War. Yeah. All right. So here's the idea. We talk to Catherine for the next few minutes and you find it exactly what kind of guy she's looking for exactly the man of her dreams. And we put it out there. In the end tomorrow. Any guy who feels the heat it's that candidate will just line them up in the Omaha and one through ten home. And then they just start talking Cameron and she either says swipe left or swipe right. She says swipe left we hang up on him gone forever game as he went right we put him on hold. As they possibly have so it's cool it's like live action bumble. I like it now held on to the guys have to talk before captain estimate justice I think she get swayed immediately I got them back and I've learned something like. Struck your fancy you and you could say thumbs up that's the idea that's rumble. That's rumble and and child. I can't cap ends up for your brain on game. Like I Katherine all we know about you from Atlanta you're Torre's tenure shall. Anything else that we need to know about. A look traveling and clicked it tastes in music I feel like he's not a cliche things on people's true right. I'd love dogs and I has it's like plus ten points. I leaned introverted only because I enjoy my down time. But I. Like guys you hear that probably right away. Very down to earth and doing it outdoors hiking in aiding and keen sense of it. Really camping Ehrlich claimed paying. I talking like and I like grosans is over thing are you like straight up like sleeping and sleeping bag on the flow into their troop camping. At the art and it. Ugly guy. They are we again three days you need to wash in glitter hair yet attack yeah. I keep in today's and and a hat day in the near I got. And let's talk about that type of guy that your looking for life. Well 1 August single and looking for relationship apparently how many times it's a different process and online. Eating and there are guys. Yeah I don't there's guys who were in relation says that there on bumble. Cree. Okay that nothing at all that can be too hard I've got well they got compassionate responsible. Can hold a conversation about something other than cross it or football. A night. And athletic guys OK just amity obsessed with that right now. On somebody possibly some celebrating talk to use every week I'm happy. My dad is a belief that Carolina I guess your dream man might be Kelly chief. I better off yeah. Nonsmokers. Can we ask any strangers that allowed yeah I've never never date Asian Nittany OK and you're 27. The 37 and ores there after the not saying. Forty might be my okay. And I give us an idea of your perfect date night out if that makes a connection with a like what what would be a perfect date. Not the first aid that road to have dinner and then but like you guys been dating for awhile and you guys are gonna go out and have a great night what isn't. Probably like a leader dinner. Maybe like 8 o'clock and then afterward had covered in mountain and take a look at stars. Lou RO. I get an idea. So the plan is this. We're gonna line guys out they are going to remain calm how they can call. Line them up Kelly she's we'll do a little pre screening. And then tomorrow morning you'll come back in here it's time will have them all lined up on the phone in and they'll just start talking. Just that level that Bryant. Brian I'll just start talking and you'd ago. Swipe left and we just hang up I'm gone never hear from again dead balls up the pace here let me right is right and you say it's way swipe right. And dating we put a month old. And you can revisit that conversation Lee. On his promise tells how the date. We. At that we need another rumble as successful. Now. That is. I got out swipe back left and Jan and negativity. I Catherine thank you for coming in and good luck tomorrow. Which he's under some good man I got here. 4047419400. That's the phone number if you are a guy who fits Catherine's description that she sounded interesting to you. Or send Kelly in email a SAP. Kelly at star 941 Atlantic county why you're now not wait got a gentry or start a 41. Word doesn't feel like alert when the emigrants. Turns on when you get to work and get ten songs in a row every hour on starting now before blind yeah.