The Ruff-est Date Ever

Friday, August 11th

Was this guy barking mad, or absolutely fetching? This emergency call had us reeling. 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James show all the now. We had a great topic lined up terrain here yeah we were wondering if it's possible link to switch from introvert extrovert. This we have this debate going on in studio and free just thinking is that even possible for that to happen. Combo we are going to have to table that for a sagging because we have a jet engine show listener who is in need. Okay if she needs advice and also what did you think you get the phone numbers of the introvert extrovert experts. An ass and see if we call them back when we get back into that. Because Shelly is on but that's in Shelley. As an apple has an urgent situation okay she can't get ahold of any of her friends so she has called us sent. I shall we tell us that tells how he can be of service. Gum I think. My credit. Ever on sleep and you can't get regular tests and out. It's okay. I normally don't buy it. So I ain't wearing yeah you've done well basically I am great you know like. He'd an aunt and god he's gonna let king like he can't bring you never know mumble so I usually wait longer and it jumped into the sound like. But it's very gay and how lucky during and so luckily it went that you played. Turns out today and thank you god we chanted god Sherlock who romantic. And Brett and something like. I mean I mean I have a prospect packed. All right well isn't it. Is something that we can talk about with kids listening. I mean yeah okay and Shelley you're coming home from that. In town Oklahoma OK. Okay I that I know does this guy he's this is like literally hours ago when this happens it. I don't know I hope we have a huge man aged until he died at Donaldson it's like. It can really nice died. So last night skiing trip to determine. Are you guys. Got a dog racer at constant need to on the bird on. His knees. The right in actually look at John and I. Which I get what they let you keep in black and eat. I ain't right. And then you saying no lullaby. Com. It smell it or not it's weird yeah yeah completely. I was in the next room earlier eagerly as you know I didn't count my alarm 81. Email I don't know but. I don't even know you don't. I am hey so many past. Think. We are all right into it. That way you know. So here as custom made dog could Janice I. On top and Obama. Yes when they look like. Don't label read their read any aid got a straight and then and then there's a single. You can you sing a song anything. Little last dialing the Mediterranean and then you've you don't know. And now I am an hour hello my arm like. It would take really hear the word like idiots and originally I need. And then back. It's similar wedge it out and and I guess so yeah. Are you there. OK first of all I do is Google dobbs examines and it's the greatest thing errors in it that they are an. So there really come no need for dogs and it's not. Like his pitching if he didn't put his pajamas on the dot hugging. Now you know they're pressing and sorted. John did he warn you that he was about to vote did you Amazon dot I have is that they are easiest got time for bad and then like Colin. Iraq's her I don't know whatever that does say yes and he's I. I'll bet that he could spend time its I'd eat it spent time. Well into the renowned as soon as you drinking or like it was kind of going there you know I'm the kind of light romantic like I. You know we'd like we it was yeah now to just not as if I could. And there are so it's progressing. Like. Getting on hot hand me any name nick. And then he passes out of the jam as I was out N'sync is down a lullaby. And then he comes back into the room that you're in which I'm assuming I correctness and it's the bedroom. Yes and Yahoo! com a game being mindful of who's listening right now if anything happened once he came back added that kind he had the well. We now know. Not certain why like I yankees I was like actually I was kind of like Jack. Eight pretended to be rain or sleet and then what is right there isn't really. I could and this is feeling good. John is on the Ben start singing CU this lack. Oh yeah. I. Well I had a serious Kelly what are you Ari are you totally freaked out under you done. Orgies again. Has had yeah Heidi if passed on pajamas. I and you never know it. And I tell them shortly I would argue that it's not that big of a deal and why wouldn't you want a man who loves his god so much. It's a little weird now. Is there any other any other signs of weird or other than that and. The most is seeing normal others and giving his dog make clues is there anything else that if. I don't know that's why aren't you like. It could link or something. I love the fact that I like anything else happening right it took awhile since the equivalent of like a hard reset. Yeah I mean night and got a power down your whole file on weighed four million yeah both saying words like oh. Did you out whenever he got a big one yet reset the whole thing in your face for an N. Love for a afford she's 630941. Not really sure why I'm giving the phone number out and I think there's some pretty some advice telling isn't really. Is tied advice for you coming out. After Kelly Clarkson and. Czar not before one. Shelly I'm here just to the jet engines usually called us who think she's on her way home from my. I think last night didn't have a little crazy. Situation I guess I was. As our first overnight for me it's. So new friends necessarily wanna tell everybody just command. There's a guy 32 recap of what you doubt win over the past twelve hours. In the act so I I had regular guy I'd never that never like this is purely. They added and we're in England literally had really great day really great guy and then all of a sudden. It completely jam and onions god and love IQ have. Well and there's less seeking gene into romantic time so that was weird and I had known to get back. The way you expecting is a day. They don't get a great. But what he hasn't said his core I just have a couple questions when you said that vintage cameras that he put on the Dow relate to parts. So it played so they went dead dramas about a minute to operate. Yeah I agree with museum where today what do they hanging in a closet were they in a Dresser drawer where they folded on top of the doubts crates. Where were the Genesis the. Enjoy our. Are starting to enjoy our historic and are okay so. So with that so does your bars this means when the dog and send draster when the guy on dresses the dog he falls to Janice Beckham for its miniature car. All of washes out. Or Washington I didn't really see how you look a lot happened I don't central school EDS and I had a go to work to make their work I mean. Tolerant target parking lot trying to get a hello when mantra insists this fence that's great and while we and we thank them for sleeping Tuesday at this rate here is a gift. I nerve is listening Alpharetta and went out. I think this guy ready correctly to. He's successfully ran a little all of like we'd gone I thought it drama called person in the drawer like. He has his paternal in his legs are really coming trail and you could probably misguided to pound baby sit for you for free trade in your house and he says I mean yeah. True all of Lauren rhesus clothes or be wash and fold there's no I have little kids on lunching in patterns lullabies every night. This guy is making gen feeling crappy mom yeah. I. Then later there's some deal making are really dead at point like he could be like the subservient type where he wants to take care do you say they're like sneak homicides in -- now I am really gave him nine and that's in a good bedtime routine god being I've gone forth and so. Is it a new day and all where's that. Added later as well yeah yeah maybe nobody pretends his from PetSmart. They come it's. Only that can really tear loose I would have died if the pajamas can you said the Dow was a Dalmatian what is the difference for black and it's. Lupe and backwards what's out. Her simply cranking it repeated thing I mean. I would get number. I. Thought I'd sell and she's so we. They imagine you can dude are going bad in your field is key and he's I called anime and you get the Dow out of there I'm really yeah you do and then he goes to his Dresser and he takes out jam was. And into it I did OK but I can't compromise on us. This is. What is actually sang. I found it didn't sound like expecting Sun City and I don't know. Not even our our right now I'd try and down as well. Case is it a bait and now not cruel and you don't like that they need it on and let out there if you let it. Yeah way exactly and putting dogs again this isn't cool her given credit for. Hope prospect now him eat out oh. God hi how it's own. Look. Trades even find the words what you have done Chang. I would be freaked out I didn't like you know a little Harlem. I got out. And now I'm in now in our. Holiday. And right now. Out out of eight outlook they'd say you're the dog are you need you can that light and later are you. Howard eighteen a with him because I think that you might expect to wreaking you're not Al and that's cook call the radio show I pray. Wonder how he's not yeah. Heidi that doubt he's not allowed to ride it. Thank you today. I Shelley did luckily that I paid. Yeah yeah I know and I am. And I am a talk it out. Yeah are you leaning one way or the other. Good point like yeah good and I I don't know. You know I was yeah. I am now I had none yeah. Well after you target through it all your friends and I'll Beckett staff. Will you please issues message or cause back and let us know. Yeah dog doggie dad dinosaurs say it's the fifth yeah yeah yeah yeah electronic out. Assures I'm actually. A big tonight. Who was in the hands of your short stay right push her I think she's she show up in matching PGA must have happened I know addition it is getting cash. Yeah the cat and bring him over an advantage as a dad is and he's getting really almighty god in my worst soul mates 55 and I mean you know and I. Making your. For making this way it's. On star now before want to.