RSVP Nightmares

Tuesday, September 27th


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It's are making this lynch. And Jesse James shell currently Aurora. Peaceful. Joyful time in life in general Meese. Did the. When I'm dealing with right now our. RSVPs. Because they heard the news this past week. And snow. Have you gotten any anyone. Got a lot. Short about. You're still waiting on eighty different recipients reply I guess that's forty people consider me agreement to to answer yeah okay. The Ford people have not that he warning. And that the only wine dealing with. Welcome to the jets intention. Sasha. Gas are at means you have literally been my aunt in law. It's eight Marines CD how lean on people I I. And getting married this Saturday in Atlanta. Mentally and they yeah and my final hangs out with your Friday and today that. Literally. Buried people I've now and out our happening. And when people were basically better for me it a little. And the art art and then. You know that the level where the people who aren't eat eat and then decided it. He decided not eat a hole in downloads. Were literally reaching out the heat all eight yeah eight. And it it thank it'll bring them on the have to eat that. Have rights they have to I ate that chicken or whatever I didn't even think of the financial. Yeah side admit I was just thinking. Of because where I am is the RC PR weddings app for another three and a half almost four weeks so the RCDs word to use so. My fiance gave me a list of the people. Who were my gas to reach out here and be like hey. We need to know if you're coming areas even receive the invite because some people then get the invite ray but then I'm wondering. Are some people lying about not getting the invite in order to be the person who didn't terrorists VP. Because there seems to be a disproportionate number of people were saying they didn't get in really yes. Yeah ink that. Alone the bulk. When I had it at WB. And they wouldn't people me. As they got married you know they they on the forget about this whole process I don't know I think yeah. I think that once you plan a wedding like you'd like Sasha you and Jeff will always respond to ours BP's. All play as. All play. At the same time that's how we want it or ever gotten gains in the at a and I'd missed. I don't see how people can not buy art eat eat it and actually get into an Embraer. We're one of the people we are now lap I couldn't. And one of the other family members said I can't. Rent. We know. Our wedding but we're gonna be it's going to be a loop want to be there. It. So I'm. Well it rioters in or you this story you're telling is you have right. I NGO. Ur uncle Joseph and aunt Phyllis saying. We're not going to be able to make it here wedding even though we RSVP. And then cousin Billy hears about that in says. They can I bring my body Eric come hang because I know auntie and uncle on common. Yes yeah. Get back. Is ball. All what I did battle after I eat eat it which was August 30. How do you how old people like it but absence and when you're you're one of the bad habits it's a message you're there you are. Where is they're still deep ball. That I spent here big check it back but I haven't got there are geeky that I did that you're kind. And I'm in Cali and meet people think I'm getting but I am telling I. Wedding coordinator and someone comes and and I haven't played art yeah market told you did not REE. There's lord in here for you there's interest if they hear you won't get in again. All. Latin. And local Q but there is not here he did you agree. Such M fashion as the rays in that box seats gone off the defense. I am extremely laid back to meet all that and a bright back. I only hit it ain't. Sasha well I'm sorry that you're dealing with this but I will tell you you have made me feel a lot better so thank you for that. Hey you get that out inject an eye on this weekend. And BP. And that. Anxiety about. I'd my situation and it's not even close to that so I don't even feel right. Bring it up. Daddy until arriving I lose it's gonna point out that several people. Are saying they did not get the wedding invites. I do believe. But then I'm wondering if some people are wondering if there on the B list. Which seems so trivial. Impaired it's not just let's not just on my Aristide dependence options having words I'm gonna save it next week I was gonna say tolerate this in three weeks you'll be Sasha. Meghann. Hey. Is really going in a direction that had been expected garlands. We did tell us about your RSCG nightmare. And believe in me any mind that I am I wanted you all and they only members are well. An. Extraordinarily and by any idea well. You see her copy of our wedding invitation cutie had any. And then they are EP. RTE. I. Because she literally took it like at Kinko's or broaden your worker whatever ranked. He hit her she didn't copy machine and the one that we. And then having. Until and. I'm gonna play and then it got. And you pay for them. All right now I'm so glad Cali works in the morning now this is adhering. Is anybody listening. I H island this morning do not reacted to the dot may not you should be OK okay. Focus on the election amid that debate. It's not important. Teller that. Aubrey. Welcomed the show robbery. I. Either I'm. Mario I'm I'm a little shocked shocked he's starting to stress out lets you got out rate. I'm well so I got married in March. And I learned from all of my. Which we did inking that you know we late and that only paint of the ones coming back when he Ivan did not mean so loud. We paper an additional eighteen but I would I would on. That's why I was yeah I was signs not unlike you know weekly that particular people who know showed it and it and it's a hundred bucks dude don't you match. And media do your path that now five people notion that's under sweet spent and and drinks to. Goes invisible people. And I quote what is worse then what has happened Aubrey. In view or way Josh is about. Aaron. Right had I I'd I'd. Her heart. A moderate dart out here my life but I our anniversary in November 11 years. And we have. We invited some though like 360 people out completely artistry Pete yeah we planned on May be to sit in the hot. 320 actually. The caterer who ran out of food. Fortunately issue with a friend of mine and see how it let the next day that she told the truth from her next eight days to put out Barbara. While I need to get back and pay her extra 2000 dollars. You hate me now why. It's. Important we get some ratings feedback yesterday it seems that people like they like the time I spent all day yesterday government and that this. Just call after call I think that's I. The president a pile on us and tell me oh. Actually yesterday my husband and I just celebrated and seven years of marriage. I will go to and that's nice and when we got married we had I wanna say about eighty ish people aren't BE RR Redding had a smaller arm a bit. Now day of my wedding I like forty. People showed up. How about. Yep and I hacked people showed up and we had spent all that money on that route we had a friend of ours cater a wedding at the church we were holding back. And I've spotlight honey baked ham. You know IE and all the money. Or there could be turned to deflect ever. Are you still hope is that even married seven years. Yes he's been married for seven years are you still having ham sandwich and everything that I have come out actually that correct more. My grandmother one of their hands and they did request let her elder it and don't put away. All right Barbara and this can that's manager frank no we can and the negative that was. That's not what I needed do you weigh less. You it's not long ago was that last week we were talking about things that could go wrong. Stop and the last thirty days. We got one call that upset me so much. I just in time thinking about it we're trying to write this Ron. Coming up next and just dead shot. It that they've been negative calls started to feel better I tell you are just the open old and this is a very good thing where yeah. After I go find some whiskey. Just tonight. We just. It's definitely. If that's. And I. You back here. But just one. And this kind of goes back. Just nice. He's running Dennis. All over it's yeah. It's very common over enough. Congestion Jay and Joseph Holland saw no need for a long line. Last week we were doing any phones take time. Horrible things that it happened. In the days or weeks just before your wedding is a way to make me feel really comfortable confirm that your of one month that it. And in the next. Twelve months of people come and tell us. Exactly what kind of round and one of the phone calls that stood out was from a woman named Abby Abby. Welcome back to the jet engines. I can't recall during that segment and this is what she said. Everything is perfect and tell the night before or when I was going to get my hair and the free wedding hair. Make sure you had the hair exactly how I was supposed to be the next day. And hairdressers blow dryer catches on. Lying cordial flock become truly blind study hair. Your hair caught on fire twelve hours before your. Happy that is why it is broke my honored and not only that but it use it you hated your way vote. Yeah unfortunately. I was and our wedding photos are my favorite pictures of them hanging. Wedding photo habits like right inside our front door the first thing you see Felix. The symbol of starting like a wedding that is it. But you Jen I mean. I understand you're saying that you are also very vain. I really like to look for years now. Could. All's not special moments and I. Just felt for Abby and I thought that any of them Nina and her house and and yeah really it's terrible lady made you pay for your hair pack one and share your hair out it is not right. Do you have that's actually a good point do you have any of your wedding pictures. Hanging up in your house anywhere. I had one but it's like the super target them. Well it is basically the building that that beautiful building we got married and but no we don't have any close to her benefit like kissing your tape is there any point I'm hanging any lack. And happy that your husband what's your husband's name. Period a year that Jerry loved your long hair that you love your long hair like this. And leery now seven years. At any. Well I just doesn't have a community not liking. Or after office on yesterday. I called my wedding photographers and a and Spencer photography right here in and day. Have offered I asked if they would be willing to do this and they meat packing house. That and they are going to recreate and redo your wedding photos with you and it's. Her mind guys that can maintain that. Totally free of charge. You just get back at us. Or packet. Out. I. You put it back into Ito. They they will go with you back to whether it was that church or the reception place where every one retreat as. And their gonna do for you completely free of charge. It's amazing. Things you can call management has been very very excited and so on might get. I'm all right and add me as an added bonus we are going to find hairdressers. That has much to save for dad attorney. It. Fires that the. Equipment yet you have more do you have a more capable hair stylists in your world now. It's ideal candidate. Right for. Your argument and spent an awesome day Mary coupled themselves and they do agree like capturing really cool moments and rallies you can feel their pictures. Which I think one is the most important thing and wedding photography so. They have offered to take here you organize connect you guys and they're gonna send it out and you get a do over. And it's amazing. System and a lot. He. I'm Abby and we'll tell you juicy you know when we got out the file in the last week and after we finished its Asian giant immediately pulls it. I am so upset about that and I say I know I can't believe she's still charged earn. I. And now. I do you believe she'd have wedding pictures. That I might that's important but can you chiefs coach art here. And and I mean the show ended at 9:45 by 10 o'clock she had this done and she said. I can't wait to call me back and that's where on the phone right now. Are telling me thinking here that isn't so much not assign any letting your ass. I haven't thank you so much from making the switch for listen to and and and we appreciate. That let me let me. Die before law and thanks for awake enough when Japanese yen.