Round 3 of Jeff's Best Game Ever

Friday, April 14th

Jenn decided Kelly was too easy of competition, so now our producer Jeannine is in the game as well. 


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Are not before one okay turn it up. And Justin Jan show all the now. On the tires. Tied to jam it is effectively. Pulled off the dueling. Finger by finger. And his slaps Janine and Kelly in the hi I'm George what do I dual eggs at it. I here's the way the game words we've had sixty seconds on the clock. I Geneen you'll go first. We will go down a list of words that all rhyme with something Easter related OK you just have to figure out what the word it's been playing along quietly Coles. Kelly humiliated herself again. And again for the past. At least say and mine road who was your team member of. Well I'm gonna attitude. Then just because of her record can you instead. And congratulations in advance Lisa hold I'm. Fat and it's sitting in traffic and 85 south Harry you and. I'm doing great great who's on your team. You know Kelly. Really. Really. Desperate times. Thank her and saying do Illini they're. Charm how do you know hands. Your mom in the and this this this is this Asia is that there are way to say it. Hi Asia the I agent for main welcome to the show. Our our Cashmere. Harris is really aren't I'm. Well or easy. You know I might hurt Kelly Janet did outs on Alan you go to her room where he cannot hear things. On cross. I think yesterday this could be fun. I am I am scared for this because I. And apparently Smart but I tend to do badly and all these competitions and I wells in 06 I casual wish shooter good luck. I got this theory down 160 seconds on the clock. You mean it is the ease their rhyming game on the first where was Pete which is America's fourth favorite Easter treat. I've the second word his tomb which has a big part in the in the Easter story and another word treatment almost related to to whom. Is rise because rye that's where Christians are celebrating. This weekend is that. Christ will rise from the tomb. On Sunday Easter Sunday and thank pat and Lawrence rise is your word sixty seconds on the clock. The window to this call it. Ice and lots of them on the table after the Thanksgiving Turkey. No conference passed a mask. Dark sunglasses. A wig guys. Being the defending pot you'll find a lot of them at the synagogue especially during passover. Oh yeah. I don't know what it only happens first thing in the morning right. Now you own the rest of something unexpected. Usually happy surprises. Yes you always want them when that strives. A group of men. Guys. Yeah it does matter. Size. Alternatives facts. That lies. Summertime asked. And that's and I used. Ohio State. Ali GA JP. I got aids aids and Currie. I Asia aids is a good that's a good number. That is that in really got ahead. I am lying when he I'm glad you proud of mean all that Manning is. That's embedded in your time I catch a hold on Jeanine go grab Kelly geez I don't well I AM do you swear you don't know Kelly cheese. I swear I don't know Kelli genes could see your gonna do it today. It's we are bringing her in the studio I if she gets less than eight we're just gonna hang up Fannie and then lead or even after pacer. I've coached more than eight then ige and obviously when to be. I'm Kelly and has confidence in thank you Anna I can't really Geneen did well for her first time. You have to get more than eight out of how many. Sixty seconds not a cent I had I have a list like Tony doesn't delay for a couple of seconds in mind that I wanted them and unless I do because as written for the bus. We might visited app but. Carrier I had I am ready Kelly these are all words related to the Easter related word. Rise. Over Ryan's attained. The window. To this soul. Lots of them on the table after that thanks I Turkey. I'm mask dark sunglasses a wig. Disguised. You'll find them at the synagogue especially during passover. Pass. It only happens first thing in the morning. Our eyes. Some nice things. Something unexpected. Usually have eyes so prize. Yes you always want them that it's. I've asked. A group of men. Guys. It does matter. I yeah. Alternative acts. Is. Cast. Summertime it pats. Sometimes tests. Of past. Ohio's state. Why I sucked so bad this in a way she did. 70. At all. What was though again the Euro notes and and aunt and hand on the NR the only word sorry those close those worried Jack aren't trying to open her bash that is Lleyton. My best shot of the sentence I don't. So far seven I go grab Jan. Thank cap haitien. Kelly so competitive this is a blogger all weekend isn't readers ruined her easterly there comes a fourteen spot I'd gen. I Jane you have to beats they both look way too perky and happy and here you have to beat. Geneen. Skinny and beat Kelly I honor we suppress the don't let. Police if gin and gets nine or more. You're going to the Braves. I know we're counting words and I hit an. I Lisa and Lisa how old are your kids. They're twelve and thirteen I 1213 go back Sega did. 8910 years ago when you win those kids if you're reading them the book yet the children's books every single night. Yeah Jane thinks that that gives her an advantage it is. Every book that she's reading her one and a half year old and a four year old right now. You have parents Cheney who's. Most it got there are some benefits to being a mom and read books. And I at least again like I Jan sixty seconds on the clock the Easter related worthy your ramming me it is. Rides. Rides that rhyme with rise are you ready that's good on okay. Yes they'll window to this soul. In the eyes. Lots of them on the table after the Thanksgiving Turkey pies and a mask dark sunglasses. Away just guys. You'll find them at the synagogue. Especially during passover. It only happens. First thing in the morning. Right. Only happens first thing in the morning. Something unexpected. I'm usually are usually happy surprise. Yes you always want them with bags for ice. A group of men. Grew up. I. Guys yeah. It doesn't matter the sides. Alternative facts. Lies. We tied. What how may I get tired. And we adds we wish them all realize it at the highest. Idaho and get this Lisa. Lewis over on its high Asia. It is a cry we're gonna say new post video and it raises the. Not a big fan who. You are fierce competitor. We look the other ones I hope that you guys again Jews and Italians homeland Lee Salamanca Asia and still shaking and I didn't think. Is there are incidental and. I as the winner of assault lots of Amanda Taylor to Thanksgiving Turkey eyes a mask disguised you'll find it at the synagogue especially during passover. Rabbis. It only happens first thing in the morning sunrise something unexpected enemy are usually habeas surprise. You always want them without Fries a group of main guys it does matter size alternative facts are lies summertime passer flies. Ohio's State's butt back up. Downloads and in the things you need to do things supplies. Tell people how awesome you are advertised. And making this smallest possible. Minimize. Yeah I love that game. It though he needless though nervous yeah everybody's a winner except for telling. If you look at what can open championship. Are seldom were they until then he can win. Now back to. One story nannies or wants.