Round 2 of Jeff's Best Game Ever

Thursday, April 13th

Kelly was NOT happy about Jenn's win yesterday. 


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So our navy for a lot. I we've got to resolve some tensions that exist in the Jeff contentious studio I mean can we just please put this fire how we're going to one. I Jeff's engine show member very upsetting another Jeff and Jim should remember the interest say here in the and just the second time. If you're interested into an AA Disney vacation for four we'll give you that word here about five minutes. But I guess what is let's get into it let's just the passive aggressive pink long need to stop. It then let's just this has handled this let's just fix it let's just make it right. Kelly cheese. Has an issue with Jan. Yeah I'm looking manner. I only know it won't even mining when. I do you and explain. What our why you're upset. I mean that's. No. I. When Alex is gone and go to my room and blasts really terrible music really allowed my thing into a brush from Britain and well again. Man I thought. Yesterday I came up with something that I thought was the greatest radio contest of all time. It was for Arianna grinding tickets last night at Philips Arena. It was very it was an Easter themed. Game anyway is words that rhyme with Pete. And I would read a description and and Jane playing on behalf of one listener. And then Caylee playing and we have another listener would have to pick a word that rhymes with. I just Koresh did. Kelly your office Kelly on the back down not just. Kelly lost by one word and she's been upset ever sense yell a lot also being you know eating amenable sixty seconds some low man you to just it was a sister Amy said timer. The timer can't change knowledge many. So we're going to have a rematch today we are Kelly's request. Tech talk. LSU and now on and I managed anymore so many years. You get a man. First he's as competitive while how like what I'm competitive zoo acting in a C honestly I listen back to yesterday Jose said he had didn't do we are you being competitive about who's more competitive rate now. Maybe you are aren't competitive all right we have gotten so how about this time just sit even the playing field gap. After Kelly can go. First right and we'll do it for we have opening weekend braves tickets if take its our Friday Saturday and Sunday you can pick what game your negative if if you win us a call us now for a 42630941. I globe will pick to content isn't one person will be playing and Jane Seymour impersonal replaying a Kelly's name and it campy peep there aren't that many words that I was. I got okay all right so and will play another round RA calls now if you wanna. Have you know goalies are compete for you are or have Jane harmony area that I. I apple hasn't come out. Borrow short fuse 6309. Of four and one of for those braves to against. And wool will do the Disney word here. We'll get our callers during and shares and then we'll come back and we'll resolve this tension with a rematch love it. Star in 941.