Room Moms

Thursday, November 9th

Kelly Cheese had no idea what a 'Room Mom' was, or what they did. Teachers, help us out!


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole. Well yesterday we had a whole conversation about glue that's called my marriage it's. I hate to admit that I had no idea what my god lives. And I have and I've I've for years I've just gone along this thing JP was talking about making crafts for his wedding. Use the word mod podge as I thought I know you'd McVeigh you you lodged Hodge had data that has happy. And glad. They did omelet pace and so. In JP's case he used its to hold the glitter. To these centerpieces that that he had in his wedding. I'm Janine has it at home and she uses it to traits that. Yeah it's it's a paste are glued do you use when you don't want the pace it would be. See it's out of smarter and it's called mod Blige and and I felt smarter once sang on that and then. Just a moment later win Jane listening to JP in Janine oh. Off in the old man and knowledge of hodgepodge I used to use our work I was like can you please be my kids. And they were like hunt for the show so I'm just ahead and I don't like yeah beat Herbert mom and a. And then is is the might not because he's admitted she has no idea what around. I don't know I don't yeah. Thousands. A month or so weeks early this morning teachers are not dollar getting ready to go to your classrooms and given there. Could you please in your own very special way described a room mom is Kelly she is because we feel like you could define it better than anyone. Certainly you're the one who who works most closely almost that deals with a mean. Works most closely we've. And a broom is that is that teachers have 404. 2630941. Teachers only adjust color and like Philly cheese now why. A room mom. Define mom has only do teachers know. And then the captain didn't do you think comes next the definition of. Star in 941. Teachers Ollie we need your calls to help explain to Kelly she's something she doesn't quite understand. I don't know left our minds he said yesterday to Geneen actors these are my crafty she adds. And JP was talking having crappy image you like Yahoo! home in my room mom I didn't even know like. What the word was it all blended again are they to hang in school and the fact and then I hop off narrow lane of room in. That is certainly than him. Ten minutes away from 500 bucks here and the Jeff and change though as we talk to. Left and drop mean hey. Hey are actually in real terms neither absolutely amazing being mandate copy EU. And helped me that for any party that we have I I saw the parties being added. Organized apparently getting mad at the checked art and I didn't. Hear. I had to order entry in England you mean you help me that you. Absolutely amazing. So that I interns for teachers. Yeah he would say. Yeah it strictly here we'll. May our our room on its OK okay he can't hang on I closed up. I think my cat I asked. Yeah Kelly she's on her room mom for her life. I know they did at my apartment does it and a. Now would have pleased at culinary interns room. Thanks for Anthony Kansas Texas term. Is suspect that there. Discriminatory. I've Renee in Alpharetta what's out. I'd love and romance he had absolutely MPG. Out hardy and project that that it. Need to do and the prayer she comes and eat the Dead. Sea mitigate the edit add anything that I eat out let Jill. Healthy QB that Dillard decorate it or setting the class that she absolutely thought that. Do you know. Do you have any have you ever had any weird room mommy issues like that where the room on fraud and I think she's teacher this. And I'm glad I'm Obama that Lee is the look like a CEE. Expected back at pick up a bit like don't actually. Expect expect. Elect you at early guys. What that he isn't what Renee said was communication with other than cash. Because they are the ones who round up all the other parents or any other thing I think that trunk of that boundary. Thanks Larry you have a tiny teeny tiny bit of attitude I love love love it teachers definitions of yeah I wonder if later are we asked other parents to define. Letter room mom does it could be. Outfitted you'd think maybe there might be some parents in the world and who car. Not fond of the room because perhaps they have a chip on their shoulder about maybe somebody being working Amber's home. Well the type of communication with other parents see him on whether that and not well liked ID. And this gives you ash and gas Brands Hatch act in reference. Yeah. Passive aggressive radio with Jen yeah. That and about about an average. Meanwhile I am taking nominations in the room. Yeah. We jet engines and now it's jets that are hiring and add. For making this list it's since she wants to know before launch.