Ron Clark's Message For Teachers

Thursday, August 3rd

Renowned Atlanta Educator Ron Clark joins us in-studio to pass on some excellent lessons from his years of experience. 


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Okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Jones poll now. If you are an educator or work in education you already know the name Ron Clark. If you were a huge Oprah Winfrey fan you probably already know the name Ron Clark. If yes still he's for parents you're gonna wanna know than in my car because he is about to inspire. You. Quick reminder that we got a thousand bucks summer cash up for grabs at 7 o'clock this morning all you have to do is text in a little QA. And you can in 1000 dollars richer will do that here at set like this morning I'm standing before a lot. He is Ted teaching. What really wanted is to candy. If I. I think it right BK yeah you have a person who makes candy and then you have Willy Wonka who makes. He candy that's around Clark is he is. Any teacher the founder of the Ron Clark academy and he was just telling us off the air that every week. 600. Teachers. From around the country common. And watched your staff do their thing. We've had 43000. Come to Atlanta so far to be trained by us and we try to create a revolution. Will assure people that education can be young and exciting and exhilarating. That kids can be exciting go to school and he's come want to be there as well. Oprah find out about what you were doing. Actually won an award in the year 2000 a teacher in Harlem to American teacher of the year award and Oprah was in the audience a look Dallas make him a speech she was Carlos Almonte officers Oprah Scarlett happened did all she gave me a call telephone said I only get to know you'd better. It's a dish invited me to be on our minds about now open for all. I'll note a phone call from oh praise like if it might imagine the president causey knew where somebody says please hold for the president of the United States. And then. You know the president I like OK was there they call and they say oh. This phone call would like to beat him tomorrow at 3 PM continued to do the does a new issues Hollis I simply time to get really nervous I bet. To have a transplant surgery scheduled for 3 o'clock and I'd stay in you postpone that. If overcome the over is dying out there your calendar I'm supposed to begin a new kidney. I'll push it. I so Oprah gets on the phone video. Yes she's going to have you on the show and I'm like okay SI shop in the show up got this old suit on this way too big for me America needed a haircut and a waters of the green room the ladies who do make it through like you really shouldn't clean yourself up before this all. Oh witnesses and under us from the country and I'm like all those REM yeah plus if you look at the video YouTube of a crisis in their boat. Oprah told me during the interview she said I love you and what you wrote a book is so she says rumpled red. Scores sort of book called the essential 55 and all the money from that was donated and to a foundation that was used to build a school in Atlanta we have to have some of the money did you South America net in a proper. So you know I. I honestly don't avail I didn't getting the money from the book it was part of the deal that it would all go to build a dream build the school. I Isa and yet 43000. Educators come through here academy pretend they're all in one room. What are you say to them to get them ready for the school year first lawsuit that no one mistake a lot of teachers make who said they want the kids to love bill. Focused on earning their respect and listen to scan them to love you and then you set the tone if you have passion and if you wanna be there kids tend to want to be there as well. You can't go live in a bad mood because it's gonna bleed dry the kids that's gonna affect to him to return. It's true true when you think back on your favorite teacher you think about the ones who love to. The subject matter of what they were teaching. History teacher that would get so excited describing battles of will of world wars and and you just getting into the intricacies that he loved it so much it made me love it. How do these rats in the sole. Homes and dislike them when you have two negatives. You will give it to. A bigger negative and the songs are all about academics and every line and every summer right is about. T teaching kids and an academic. And then teachers we'll see that mr. Obama to do so much is that we like we love man. I felt like I know you miss the pulling you're trying to run. You dolls and flowers but it's got to be fond mixed with academic sister balance of first your teachers and has had trouble. I'm figured out. How does a teacher in that rate mindset when their pollen into the driveway the school and it's just not a great day forms like that and there's something bombing them out in the eight. Gotta get that get in Rome to. Yeah I'll be honest and comes I'll wake up and wanna go to school either public oh gosh I don't wanna go to school today then a delight I don't think there validity to get another day in my life that I remember oh god my name's on the school I might get out of this. Oh yeah. I can't let it. I don't know. It is up almost a float its ongoing and I have to say kick in until teachers if you are not full. You have two choices you can remain in the fold. Brief ceremony given all of got for ten minutes morneau wall can be happy him swell and try and had energy always found acidity can take your efforts in miniature body of international flow into a better move. That's a good rule for us to remember Janet says Gerald. Ron Clark thank you bird coming studios wanna get everybody down. Yeah pretty good. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One start now before one and.