'Romantic' Injuries

Wednesday, September 20th

When your attempt to "set the mood" totally fails and ends with an ice pack instead.

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Just staying they romantic injury and as we always say on the jet engine showed there's comfort in numbers. So if you could please call and share your story with me that would make me feel whole lot better for imports easy pre owned. I'm examining meat for three short words. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Hungry Syria is now holes we have downed power play good I am I telling you ran a staff you know I think it's an empire. You're. So I spoke to take I don't know it's more sad that you didn't get the joke or the possibility that it could be for a why does from doing something. Not alone it its its just passion Trevor alone. Segment army. Any news crew this is the other night so I was trying to be sweet with my cousin and a light we had you know. I'm ready for bed normal like boring married people routine breast deeds and whatever demons I'll knock. Well I didn't realize it but I think she can do is awful event. Like waiting for me and then continue women have a longer beauty routine before bed sharing get the potions. And the lotions and all kinds of things to got a duty if facing his skin before you like and act. Actually saddle and so I was in they're doing on my lotions and potions and some good things and anti wrinkle there's a match. And so I come in and the lights are down and highly crawling and I feel like snuggle in next to my husband and I. Leno wording gambled because well like how I didn't realizes that he does not an ice critical now. Just featured way to Saarland and he sees her. No way to track if that's. Any head butted. Thinking hanging on Q annihilate new target PGA's that I like a little bit silky like so few shorts and also contain talc and an enemy out cute receiving word but on the button I. You like flowery. And I end up with just a swollen nose and like that pain in your nose it doesn't go away right away. Resonates like the next five minutes because I'm lol yeah as. Just like hurts all through your face. Losing. I'm guessing that game and around 80 yeah and how is it an intersection in my getting a black guy me. I wouldn't IDC. Some are bad and this is possibly our acquired him. Little slight arm and I was really coach and have a romantic moment I just got to pet but instead it. Sorrowful. Choose 630941. If you relate to provide some comfort in numbers to Jenn hobby and tell her when they. You are best laid plans can he hit office. Were interrupted due due to injury now that's certainly an inconvenient time to have to put an ice pack and it's just gonna ruin the mood at some mood killer for a floor. 26309. To score line. Sanjay Collison makes you feel better I will take a month or so in three minutes to start. Star in 941. I thought I was filling in for it hits in the snuggle in fact have some romantic time but I didn't realize that my husband has not and off to sleep so when I went into gimmick yes. He jerked awake and had invited me. Domino's. Steve romantic injury that ended all news so I'm. I think that he can help me feel a little bit better with your stories your 40426309. Farmland Carol and Dallas straight fairways here at. And so yeah I was playfully fighting with my husband and I went to dampen the bad. And hit my machine on the base or is. And I are low and Lou it's an act out and I just grabbed my she ends now. Metal almost made you cry weeks. I'm common thread created big well and bridge there for about a week. I'll leave cars king and then he can't be romantic after that. You know enough about. Did did should we should have found the download the pac man game over some offense. All you need just I know video game. Another jam this one's in Buford is gonna make you feel better Jen I think. Nonsense and I. Right and same injury during. But our records at 80. Well you know Arctic air. Right while. Since awkward dance timing your son thing you know Helen. Yeah and try to have a process sooner than any stuff all over each other speed on accident like. I mad but it's the horizontal version there's just a lot of windows movie and a lot of directions and Starr are usually. Just out. You know I think I've told this story before right when Kelly and I were on vacation once immediately after. We had the opportunity to hang out together outside yeah at a private that you. I went to go I don't know probably get a piece or something some thought and I. I don't see how his Sudanese IA. Got off the recliner. I stepped on a splinter. So big. I had to have it surgically removed the next. Yeah. Nikki in Atlanta under the channel. I. Heard it on credit and I tied really aren't that I got going. And keep it external. Men and yeah. Did you lie sustain a significant injury or was it just clumsy announce that you had to cause me. Oz the events all. And it hasn't had a top. But I did the same thing that you know when you wanted to preserve her apple bag of ice that it's over how he has excellent union queue line juries. Here hang maps and. Really think any indication looking soon durable yet so. Again he's heads in your eyes are swollen from tears us. Thanks assurance early. You know for making this way it's just adjust job on star not before one.