Robert's Proposal Disaster

Thursday, May 5th


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Are making this wedge to let Justin show shall our nation's current. If our phone lines are always open it for people who need advice. Guidance. How old. And Robert his found himself in greater challenge in. Hey Robert. Yeah we will be well. Bring it. Okay yet that this is very outgoing new. One that Michael would have mattered and ever traditional family. So I wanted to go open provided this surprises. Sort of monitor that out and a and that hurt from it you know like you do share in the in the old yeah bill. I told about the plan that you know beautiful. Dinner reservations and everything plan this weekend I'm gonna surprise that this vehicle to vote on navy. And anyway. Blocked the shot that number out here I bet you look. And connect you to look I don't I don't have body check it out and her mother. And actually in Colbert about its surprise. Oh. Mean zoom right now. That made it's you. So dad goes on dad tells mom and in mom tells there. I don't know. So now you're in a situation where. You can either blow it off this weekend's. Which means. She's gonna be heartbroken because she's expecting it. Or you can do it this week and it's just going to be like. Mad because she knows it's coming. Mean that law what do you gonna pretend that you get now and I'm network and that he's. I don't know what you were badly and there is. Right in the news or pretend that you never solve the text him on the iPad. Already wrecked and then years and dressing like pretending like you like your mother and laugh yeah well that's going to be the biggest entertained at all. Hopefully there. I'm skiing Entergy just over excited about it. And couldn't contain it but. Here's seek you out. So what are you leaning towards you so or metal walk out. He I hidden because you can do where it's like okay we'll consider it tonight I mean you've got the ring ready like that you. Surprise her if you do that earlier and she's expecting. And yet it wore out about a guy that that. How elaborate was the weekend planned the bad. It's pretty elaborate I mean the restaurant waiters were going to be economic you know. They're the unity. Great great. I'll her favorite sayings and. And and you her mother and a lot to be. Told her all those details. I guess pretty much every every detail about even that it. Yeah. So maybe you completely change the plants and use like. You do like if you like not it's has a new picnic during the day. UX suggest that she's going to be expecting. Why did she do that. What was her motivation. Like in the messages. I'd say if you wanna hurt you to be prepared. It also he could be everything republic red you know. I guess. The only guy getting into. The moment what I was planning to be. Maybe she's better now that particular. Can you go back to the mother and her now. But then why did what can I mean it's already done. Yeah I mean that's that we we give the phone number out 4047419400. You can eat and hang on or you can hang up and and listen and it will take as much advice as we can give for you but you might be and it. Jam here that you can't recover from. Which sent us. I know my parties broke an area because game you know how much late surprises and plan and staff. I think my best advice would be to do it differently. Than the definitely keep it in our blocked a proposed may be some time when. She's not expecting it like not totally expecting like maybe. I don't know as soon as I know she wakes up. In the morning you know and I'm saying like something real like or she's walking out of the shower or somewhere where should be least expecting these are the camera reaches I know. That yeah and big and you know after standard that I that you should item that you from monthly just. She now. Or one.