Robert May Not Propose

Friday, May 6th


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It's starting maybe four or anything. Yesterday we talked to Robert who's soon to be mother in law. Let's not his surprise proposal are screwing up totally screwed up his surprise proposal so he asked his girlfriends dad for permission and then you know for their evil for his blessing. On the deck at some tells mom. And then mum was texting the bride and are the frank TV and Robert found out about it because the texts are coming up on the iPad so he knows mother in law. Really ruined the surprise that is planned for this weekend. And we estimate advice forum yesterday and we try to come up with maybe some alternate plans but I'm Robert what did you decide you're gonna do this weekend. I think under the decrepit old saying. Really. It everywhere exactly what you mean all and if you scrap the whole relationship is gonna download a little bit. I don't know what it is. Forget about it Perot in it's. You can't do it and do it you know so it can be surprised that you know the whole point. It Robert mellow. I here's video she thinks it's coming. This week this week so if you scrapped it without saying anything to her she is going to be crushed. Like demolished. Like that she's probably already told her best friends and in my right. Told somebody that she thinks it's him and he can she knows it's coming now. So if you're gonna scrappy you have to at least calorie you're gonna scrap it. Right but he wants to go to her room her part or later right. His whole thing is the surprise. See it is gonna show up those Nike guys can just go out to dinner and have a great time she's going to be. So anxious the whole entire Time Warner and I am being totally serious here what if he fakes a terrible illness. Let the poisonous okay. Leg what is flight he calls her. Okay yeah is it he calls are today and says I got to leave work early I've got. The worst headache I've ever had in all my days are I've got. Stomach ache and you wouldn't believe Montezuma is revenge sex addict and she's like you've never been to Mexico if I had gotten better. It's bound to me here. And I. I like it would basically get an element of it later. I was sure the way activists scrap bits and then keep it it's not gonna happen again. You went there a dozen US memory things from that first. Men in black the matter is yeah. But I couldn't let it centers. Yeah I think is actually convention. Well that screwed up the plans for the weekend and then she won't know what it's gonna happen. Our heart in Hillary and maybe just look at our different times and nanny. You can even do it on the same day at the same time just pretend throw up on lap but then there have been wringing about just picked and lab at all. At all. Hope that. Just think you know slaughtered there. Moderate that are now are Robert I don't is just said once by the reigning as a guy off burning a hole in your pocket just wanna get rid of it as soon as possible. I intentionally did not bring mine home. From the jewelry store. The ray was made the diamond who's in it it was dine at left it at the jewelry store because of and you if I had it. I wouldn't be able to you wouldn't be able to contain he had planned yeah I know it's I know that ring is burn a hole in your pocket Robert. What I did this once you look on the basis of price. Yeah yeah well you yeah that was that's spoke saying that's what you don't. So yeah that's. Yeah I would give it to or what to get sore. Again. All if we you let us know on Monday whatever you decided to dear because now we're all invested we have some tips yeah every given you advice and everybody's kind of found Alonso. Let us now on Monday what you decide. Prior appreciate her I thank you. Thanks amber had a good week and I'm Sosa a lot of times on Monday two to find out what her reaction. Regardless of where I was letting the thank you for making this switch today Jessie Shen shall always thought people watch.