Roadside Romances

Monday, April 16th

Jenn got in a fender bender and closed down the interstate for a while this weekend, causing MASSIVE traffic. Coincidentally, Kelly Cheese's friend was sitting in the car waiting for the roads to clear and ended up flirting with the guy in the car next to her and getting his number! So, now we want to traffic flirting a thing? Have you ever flirted with someone while in traffic? Did it work out?

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So are in 941. Jenn hobby you got into a I have fender Bender are on semi try if you have and I am so glad you does Hermione in this because. My I have friends that have already told us on Miami's anything about in the manner we talked about it it was it wasn't that big of a deal I mean that accident was a bad light it was just it was one of those like stopping go traffic moments you know like Sony and north as you can into 85 like rent by centrist part I ask and it all bottlenecks right there everybody kind jams and and come. Anyway we are gone may be twenty miles an hour but that lady behind me just under an attention but they didn't have like shut down because you know people in a stall on the senator Elaine you don't want may have videotape pictures for insurance or whatever and it's also super dangerous to me you have enemy I was out freaking out because I didn't know what to video. I wasn't hurt. I it was it was not a big deal. But I didn't know if she'd crunch at my bumper or not but I'm in the seriously in the middle lane like he's is that like in the middle lane. And I overture 85 everything's shut down. I 'cause I'm like a can't just isn't what I do music call sign on line and tell them that your and the middle and ask them lawyers does it looks like I don't know. But if I pull away save maybe she's gets away AM and I don't habit from insurance public I just wasn't sure what dale. So I common among the 911 operator is like you should get out of traffic ma'am if you can't get out of trap and you're like OK ma'am if you ever banner and 75 Fiat. So at about it at this point. The speed of everybody else picks up so my house stopped with her in the very middle lane. And everybody is now going forty or fifty miles now there's no entry point to get over so I'm I was freaking out in the middle of it and ended up having to completely stopped traffic because what you do in the cab show. He had last year there was actually luckily Cherokee county officer can imagine and jam out there. How bad it is top. I know a lot of there's that you keep getting jobs are just happened upon us and he told me he's like do not move about like. Other era find savor it where you are around on top police and thank you come police officers who came. Is then they block off the other lanes towards the right so that I get over into the emergency lane but for a while. I had shutdowns. 75 yeah man because of this dumb little fat and I also about it but it was like. This series are the holding not the accident is just trying to get over across all those lanes of traffic that are now like. So well shot onto your fender Ben Herbert has my girlfriend. Was sitting in that traffic was generally put it together and tell you told me a story the next day gas and I was like sushi stand behind me oh yeah out like a mile behind you just like they are still in July ounce gone. But she calls me and she's like yeah I would cheese I ask you question has there exists super drilling guy next to meet. And I'm not sure to do she even don't like that and now my sunglasses. Have let my hair Harold my window down. Like how I talk show machines I have a chain is learning with a guy and then so can you imagine yikes sitting there right I did you deal here also in the same situation may you look over because of me see okay. Because it doesn't end up as Hewlett so burned she seizes super good looking guy and she's like one I don't mind. How close seater car can you tap on his leno's own little town and this she said that she begged him his gesture like kind missile look in the analog and have a way of he Earl early is when they're down and they started talking to him he did yes she is how life. You don't gonna have any idea Annie is they aren't now only talking about. They're worried our enemy create an thinks he hurts sitting in traffic she. I ain't know way. Back phasing club okay so don't tell I'm sorry teller and I Saturday you're an urban. If I had turns into something awesome machine needs to. Invite Jane to the wedding I have solar array do you think happen just like I wonder if there's anybody who like. Got married from being entrapped obviously. I mean obviously people meet in travail haven't Kelly's brand. Well authorities in traffic so much talent as assistant everybody saying I bet you'd be even Selig the same person over and over I'll bet people even have signs in their cars here acute calming. Hope not daddy beginning. Like well why aboard that again. He's always looking area right now it back a for a teacher and Iraqis a little leg. Dorm board only thing he has colleges keep on in your car reverend FaceBook asked people to tag their their traffic flares Yonder in high now a 100% can start tagging your friend or to cause if you're in traffic right now in. You made a habit of it for a 14630941. But you think anybody actually it. Has mad that's a percent your percent started a romance while in traffic under percent. Okay turn it up. And Justin Jan shell ol' ball. You just aren't tech defense is Smart and we're talking about my age gender Bender on 75. And that how I sent down interstate last week I'm sorry if he were and it. Kelly he's army should have ever stuck in traffic that I call costs could I didn't really put together and build and it just now when you were saying. And I guess small world Atlanta. But yet as my friend was sitting in that trap vague and calls leniency is like. Yeah I'm really sure do Alison thanks this fine man and I think 175 my girl tab on the women's owner holiday. Itself. There have flirting and are wondering like. Does anybody ever met and significant other is sitting in a neck. I gamble is a gamble as they name. Gambling in Sandy's spraying is your mama hands. Who else met in traffic. It's my mother and father and thought that went. One of them look at her late brother would get on with Gary graves and they like it I is that each act and I. And that they're crazy bigot like yet they likely get a treat each other. And did it like two days later they or aren't any airplane at other are quite a bit and. My other topic airplanes and decided on the airplane. Get a couple made later and he would like he did this car and like I Q how do you keep. That we get a day and they had kept expecting that they are still very day like thirty year. Sex. Please. They didn't have it straight and praise your small world story. Yeah hey Larry yeah I think flirting in traffic but their paths crossed again. While thank you gamble for commissary does. In a secular gonna pick up Jessica who. I one point I had a book of signs in her car that she would hold up to you people entrapment it's opposite. Catherine and barricade the universe. Really don't get it at all. I am. Not. Our art are a bit older. Guys got. And I could. It out. Adding I'll I had. And I. Am not that I need it but. It yet didn't act bill. Where you I'm guessing on your way from home from like a spring break or something. I. Knew I hate me I. Got back I act and diet pop. They are quick hurry. That's amazing that is such a dollar. Got to slow growth that's three bros who ran a cruise together and realize that there were no single women on that cigarettes and map out. UNAIDS said this they praised it prayed to Jesus. Right there glad Jesus. Can you please. Send us an available single woman and all of a sudden is Honda Civic is paint and the bag window pulls up like those are girl sits. Cain Reynolds let them make. Like for like three wise men follow him on orders. Bearing gifts groups have hit the I just came words that you had signs in your car. The bride and girlfriend and I we are college. Opel a and we bigots but. Are below let's not. And urged. I attract better. I'll let you turn your blood yeah fortunately on it it but a lot of them need to be Matlock the. Are you seeing on what's your number that's gene has. So I hours today and we can't even at that time you're so yeah. And love and I had a lot of heart and I am resident yeah. I think is that they opposed Islam would whoever the next governor is. I think your license plate numbers should be year injured mobile phone number if your singles. No no matter what I know Max comes. The payment in kind to how's my driving dead yet but I know play here is that when a client like they call you know I'd just like you ran and you didn't wave. Let me give me a call real quick you monster human you don't belong and the inner states put a way to thank you after I slowdowns or you can get in because you are not related travels with all the way up the line or have you already trying to get up four times that you pay get out of the car. Overs thank you. I like waves and I waver again and I do double trouble thank you go into the query figure having a seizure shot came up and all of a anatomy and star in 941.