Riley Snapchat Dilemma Calls

Tuesday, September 6th


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Does he lost its early enough will Jenkins again. 4047419400. Were talking to you about Riley who just talk is to tell us about her sister Macon some. And snapped chat with them. Scandalous pictures of herself some nude. Or face isn't and it's Pat Riley wanted to know addition you can tell her parents about this. Younger sister she feels like could be damaging her future. I am shocked by the calls that we are getting Jeff hey dad Jacqui and Atlanta what's and I am. I. I flew as a parent. I mean I know that's terrible but here's the end like that error. Hanging the current hot tour and see how well parents lived out. In the long run and and hit it hard. That's ever talking cure about. But he can't controversial can't cast angry that I'd I'd been like where might that there was doing things that. I was so worried about. He can share her concern and let her know that I'm here like I love you I'm here and get worse she's doing got to or something like that that the one. I should prepare I'm gonna change addiction and ten and she's out she did a lash out and it didn't work. Say here's an like the sibling bond the sibling packs over everything else. Absolutely and you can't change it certain adult like he conditioning not mentally be an adult completely you. But are harder part carrot she can make it wait worse on her sister. Even on her well I mean the fallout is way worse than what happened like what she's doing now. And it's a crappy situation brat. Back Barbara don't talk parent or parents or at. Critic I can do all that apple that people like well I'm not you know I'm not loud I'm not except dead I can't do all that dot and that's gonna call a warning it's. Jennifer in Atlanta is a bit more practical and Jennifer. Ali yeah morality issue can be debated all pay a bigger issue is that she can't be playing in them. Doctor says that money in the bank and the direction and yet master at the very get a reality check right there. The I can't have thought that that via a set set. Can't applying to college are all we know apparently strapped for cash and doing everything they can't lists and and I would tell them exactly one week or she should be taken Plavix she'd bring Womack on the back. A size on Santana. Trying to meet her. This enemy to new people. I lake entrepreneurs and as. Like people who find their own way and I'm inspired by them. And jump star ready for a one.