Riley Snapchat Dilemma 2

Tuesday, September 6th


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Going 941 okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all and now. I three minutes ago we got a phone call from Riley who has a nineteen year old kid sister this girl is making. If the thousand dollars a year selling custom. Provocative. Pictures and via snatch. You and you can do is that it is snapped yes. That's easy so she's making big money doing that. Riley found out about it and doesn't know if Riley should come commerce. That right that that whole story right thing so. Soledad. Or. I'm in your sister doesn't ever face and any of the pictures is not identifiable. At all that you feel like it's going to be as slippery slope to something house more serious. Well. I am gonna play devil's advocate. And just say and and like Jen said you can argue on either side of this 4047419400. But I would like to play devil's advocate and just say that she is an adult she's nineteen years ago. This is. Paying great money. 50000 dollars for a nineteen year old are actively a part time. It's not. The worst thing ever like is short biography. Right. I mean it hasn't it Harris is pornography so. I think that that's I was asking her her rooted the issue earlier wise is it ethical issue because of doing pornography and ethical issue for you then. You have to say something to her you have to protect her from you know in saying it's it's about that the cracks the argument it giving up for or against. Somebody in your life doing the big given all of the options. Right of pornography. Like. This is seems to be a bit safer one. The pornography light to pass through this is Beirut and I think this is their voters to. To eat your club. I didn't I didn't hear the kids are not any engineers. Now that's a really torn because it okay this in nineteen. And I don't make it sound like you shouldn't have making a good attack and make she's Smart she didn't score. She had other. Now how and and I've not seen hard cash there to catch it. My parents you're on a particular stand and they're not break. Ray Allen has set I think he is naked pictures you know get my doctor is cruel it's not like that I think it's more about a minute mark. And it's got an opportunity and I back against her when their entrepreneurial spirit I don't know play. It more about. And in the car and I'll know what has me a little concerned about it they're like emotional but not the snake. It to my knee is out and getting to somebody for cash but it's that I went OK they not like that. We're not thinking make it to my YE. Like I am not going to be an adult and you can remove. Any parent. But the thousand dollars at a lot of money that actually and a grand scheme and did not a lot of money like a lot of money and when he and loyal. You know. Took a thousand dollars or one well let it at the video and now like I did Elaine. I think he's just. That's the way. And the excitement and it thirteen grand manner on an average opening slowly she didn't let it dollars and did you like oh Rihanna in nineteen year old girl aren't necessarily. You're not fully armed forty ideal person thinking clearly. Look. I don't think I don't know I wanna come out that the end my parent and any light. And mad as hell and then beyond that my dignity and I also happen to be that. 4047419400. Stamford phone calls. Riley will take these calls and hopefully give you some advice for we're definitely gonna check back in India and find out. This is going. All I want to. Well we'll send you a San chant overrated I. Anke Riley thanks for Colin. And young star ready for a one.