Riley Snapchat Dilemma

Tuesday, September 6th


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So are in 941. Riley welcome to the jet engine and show we are here to try and help via. I felt my. Sister my little tester I should say. I wouldn't mind wouldn't. And she has done. Mary Ellen Barkin as I am very secret black cat and how long. Certainly couldn't bank battered and I don't know let me. It's really so I union went back Hashemi and a bit. Shell horse he hadn't. And that typically are. It can really can make it should be and they clicking pictures like our sail up and. But we can't Pinochet. Completely. I identifiable I get it how you look at it and you can let that cat I don't know you know that at present are not much. Basically seen. Clients are carbon that can send her money and Q and can cut them photo at their request or varying amounts. Nearly. Oh boo I did not know that this existed. Several. You didn't know any good and I didn't know it existed I know make this there is doing it today. Are there usually it's Hoosier kid sister the first question is obviously. Are they are they naked pictures. Oh and how old. Is he policy is that nineteen out. That evening balloon dilation and you wouldn't. I'm going to and I wouldn't have any. Issue I would guess your mom or dad play. She's packing an adult and nobody looked about it at the critical I don't know how he's been looking. I had a radar about it no but any notes the outlook might be aware of I don't tell mom and dad because now people now. Dwyer. And I keep it secret deal between pregnant. Well my knee. But how much money is so much money. Well. She's been doing that turn out here and see a need in a minute. After I can senator about it. And she made about a thousand dollars. How. How much you know you in 2000 knowledge that here despite being. 550. Yet look at your back. The class. And in nineteen year old college I did put that altogether and mine got. So she told you she was doing it because I was gonna ask you how'd you find out she's doing business. Well it wasn't exactly. So they're exactly forthcoming that. Basically my only. And I Becky I don't remember so right now national ahead. I guess he hadn't been. Packaging you're posting your that they had a regular and check out. I'm open that you know high content can legitimately and you gonna count and spelt. I say. What is I saw and how that well what are her other accounts. I don't know. I know and it Brittany Kaplan and back. Only crap it make it there and and you. The very. Act he goes there and one of them said Melanie and so of course. I lately and her son back I only. There are I've got. And I burned cars and they were the below alone and that publicly comment and read how can we could not account and it. Is he and and it didn't think you can I I would never be a little better and he bit. A bit I. So people follow her and stamp Chad inane. They pay her to follow her or. No you know they and he's got like I didn't even know. Literally is great and hours and must act and and and Japan but. Like Cheney and I had done that he can noon continues Tyler. And so they don't need that nuts and they sent her money list has room to improve. A picture and let him and I'd lake to burglar let real regulars. And they pay act accurate can they get you know they're constantly actual attack and. Are you here viral. So your issue with it is an app or is that for her safe seat. Mean what what's year. Mean that everything went okay. Okay our starters. She bad. But nobody in my AM hey you know you can never may they like and look at her and as a book I admit it how I am. Indictment are learning you know and but the thing is. So are less likely never know relaxed. That people can easily think that you are and eventually overtime and you get and that dollar in and that's a pension and. Take a picture in the run location and when you're you know it showed up and that starts. How out there and relax and image even think I do know it doesn't happen like. You know. Ellen does dorm room and I'm I'm sort of by the people and about and you know young. It might make it right now keeping it in it they integrate into a surrender but you don't learn it in three years. I hear I don't know even really regretted it exactly is it going to be like so it's important that I don't know. And that plan like mom and dad need to. It's like the gateway. Now now cash is yeah. It saves to her being into. Something much more serious and I. Typically keep getting paid money to take a close it's bad but did get connected now. And I I want to I want I'd take a quick break right three events lose. And then I wanna combat and play devil's advocate. Because our role model I just running IYE I'm not saying that my answers the right answer whatever buy it. She's an adult. And she has a well paying job rate. So you're gonna play devil's advocate and then we'll take your phone calls an asset. And you can help Riley figure out what to do for a foursome for awhile and 9400. Or your back and does a couple of minutes and here's sanity for one. And young star ready for a one.