Ridin' Dirty

Monday, June 26th

People are getting high from what!?!?


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You're like really gagged when Kelly she helped you in preventing. You. I heard. Yeah I won't finish it this conversation if you're still listening you know here goes signings so we'll go goes setting here in a couple of minutes about. Is it traveled back. Just minutes ago loan. We're all having a great morning we'll hash tag blast happened and Amy where little cash take parenting for real happening in here and Jan shared. A story that she originally told us to a week or so ago about saving. Her daughter's Judah fruit. Yeah I anything discussing story we're talking about how in parenting. You're discussing borderline just moves a little Angel and I'm confused there's so much discussing happening on the show I'm confused this has that they do that this this new program has in his car. Exactly Italy studied in my mind that you're just you know you just tolerance for discussing just gets a greater and bring her. And I think it probably is exponentially with each kid that you have knows just. Saying about how. Grant today is traveling. With a sample of something ES delivered to the hospital honest assistant refrigerated. And so he will have it on ice in his car. He goes to a meeting and then whoever it's serious said hospital for testing so and is fascinated because he has to whoever is not Aron. It sucks it's coupon I yeah. I did Disney special he's got a cooler yeah exactly. Are transfers so those guys timeout that we showed up inning Kelly she says of him Asus both physically again and while her size and it's on I used to enhance my arm because it's so warm here in Georgia in the Summers. And if it weren't imagine how many scarves now and I said oh yeah I don't remember years ago on people war. With things feces CM half. Well and they nearly did me I know we don't. Siri is able to get highs from pit road. Well there's no words all right it's hunting come. His farm and I have not. So foul. I don't know how I heard NN dot. Heard a man and I do they know that things are you sure it's not somebody messing with you love peso half of the Internet -- and knows a thing and the other half was like is this really I'm saying and the com yeah and there are reports on the handling high schoolers doing it. To him. Garlic can really I've done that I her name. Every single person who can hear my voice has walked in to a public restroom and then hit the wall of this down the left. The loss yeah it does it feel like it's kind of breaks and on you wanna do is run the other direction and you assess how bad you really have to go and if he can holding edu and hunter. Why and you don't just I don't know I guess you know you won and you have. A lot of all the things the UK and do. For that run YI yeah and does it work with I don't know yeah. And what are you all right well you're. Well law and having a good thing and I think college I think this is like a big epidemic in 2007. Oh yeah people are gone and right now. I guess our. Now another hoax or is it I think I'm as I have in and it says yes and happy and immense as we don't know. And people are calling in in this campaign where. Oh yeah okay look we have an EMT on hold unknowns as they get calls and many of them. And Kennesaw. I aimed at kids why it's. Yeah act. He's an act thinking about this in school so what they do it they've got a Dyer basically. And like a balloon over it and I'm that is built under the belittling and possibly a little. Hello Paul is our fallen out doing played a balloon. But you don't eat it he did that I you don't need to be going to a guy addition many analysts have turned pummeled him. Oh I've already and I say yeah others do little Hugo. Now as a mini from the Arizona and then there's the Internet never wanna go. I'll believe them busy 100%. Made up right. Fortunately not a so. Now I'm so sorry what it would do I have I. Told an inch they would put their entire head of the and David Howell now I don't know why I mean I was. Well I mean. He's. How all of their. It is now we we're gonna just say. That streaky or did inhale. Wonderful apparently French. So they would do that just like my mom and may be put the teller my head over the vick's humidifier and so none of I had an at bat and if and they pass how are. Are these all are they coming to the ER. Is that there is saying is that messed up their brain are so they are because they don't they hit their head and the toilet grammar or something. That is collected all the computer battery and find them pat sat next them. I. Owner and don't it mesa. Attitude to revive somebody in the ER whose pass out from Google. And understand how excited they were only used to them on not to initiate an idol are okay rounds. My so can you what can you explain to us what it is like why they like it semis so is it is as I read on the Internet is people just cannot pass them blacked out front Yemen. There's easy when it's. I'd let access to combat it ER pure rock and I'm at almost I expect it. It can be Fred I'm spores to actually actually. Just like blue alert ER and try here in. There they're couldn't. Any two more opposite things on the world of opposites then fans and pure oxygen and keep. It. I don't know if I can handle this in my needed dump out of this conference. Oh my yeah. Loses were other than any CIA's. Happy aura around. I can't rescissions done. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jesse James got one star not before one and it.