Rhyme Time: The Royal Wedding Edition

Tuesday, May 15th

Can you channel your inner British and rhyme faster than us? Play Rhyme Time here!

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This is that just engine shop. Kennedy's brain working in fact this morning and play on as we claimed primetime don't royal wedding edition. Super samba we've got one minute on the clock and the contestants in this case it will be. Royal wedding obsessed participant number one Jenn hobby. And royal wedding obsessed participant number two OJ I mean crazy gently rightly. Competing against each other. And now we have to do is come up weigh in as many words as possible that Ryan with the keyword. That fit the clues I give you. Are they all royal clues. Another clues have really nothing to do OK with the royal but the words are gonna rhyme wave has something. Okay and okay Baghdad now is there's been an advantage because she reads books were kids every night. And all children's books you know if your read about to a five girls are about the crimes and says rue the dinosaur I was reading last night was really an ramming one. All right so engineers are so cute. She is NA soundproof booths and Janet are you ready to go first. Nervous yes and ready night. I'm trying to come up with as many words as possible and sixty seconds that Rhine. We don't word Harry. Harry and you have to haired British accent. Like gee not anything less general Kelley. I think that's where you don't get to set the Ruble now than I can have especially when you set it is today. I hit his game or not might have on the back. I think so jammed with where there are ramming went hairy. In an English exams play a down I sixty seconds we'll start as soon as I read it the first clue and twelve out of twelve would be a perfect score Richard is trying to drop in the number of Virginia debate are you ready Jan. I believe so glad that raw and had craggy. Wind bids on top but yeah ice cream sundae. Cherry. He will do to grow on Saturday to marry him. Jim just nice. Gary. Curry because I back ABC. Scary. Patently. How Christmas days. Imagine. Manning put. Idea then. Harry. Seen agreeing that it has rained every. And there's an infant and he and the royal marriage and end up regarding their shoes on the the Kelly. Yeah. Married I don't know past. Sometimes. The street the ten including you Jack and battery. But Barry's. And now I hope you learn is that you. So if I'm carrying a wine it do it the green. 45 I got five Islam Arnie Jack and. But it need the British accent threw me up I don't know honest I really designed you to do your British eyes and Jen not so much Jeff. That incident I mean it is and they were engineers are gonna screw anybody out rain and I Gillian. Duchess Jiang made it easy foyer and they all progress and says must be given held for an I have any and I light. And for is that. Right you have to get more than five we. Should be easy. Looked at Jim Gibbons and the right now and it's some kind. O'clock we'll start and very the first Jeanne are you ready. Yeah. On top of the ice cream sundae. And chatting and why Harry will do it at my golf swing. Ginger spice. Yeah. Pretty Greek debt of eighty cheap. And I think yeah. And Christmas season I don't I'm bridge in. My idea that. Singing the claim again is married to Gary. In his infidelity in the managed to get an Ab resolving our issues gone. Sometimes. Makes people saves including. So Shari and don't pass that does live and Cassel not an Atlanta house located yeah. 8%. To that's that amount funeral. I think we have a winner and he got six. Thank you should and I thank god or is a royal title I what he served as I. Harm I'm having various games Sunday is a cherry when Harry wielded the Margo is Mary ginger spice is Jerry. Games out of my creepy collector or baby teeth that Tooth Fairy. How Christmas is also a virgin Mary media Tyler Perry and have seen it prenatal it is very scary there's infidelity in the marriage thing and a fine Jerry sometimes makes people think of including Jack and dairy. I said Mary he's been. You know we're gonna Cassel Matt and a little house located on the prairie the last seven the funeral Barry. And he writes the songs that the whole world sayings. Barry. Manilow. Cool moves and yeah. It's happening right now yeah. Fans. And I. So. My news. The coming up next telmex doesn't finish out. What concerns me thank you thank you live around subject I'm here all day. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and.