Rhyme Time: Halloween Edition

Thursday, October 26th


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Saving your day. An error rhyming words and then a play along with us because we have a very. Simple games. That we like to play call and grind time there's prizes online we play for you look. We have pretty super competitive about. Welcome to the show were beat. How are things and Dallas this morning. I heard you got the easiest job as part of prime time you've got to do is pay income grew on the show you would like to play on your behalf. I see me hi Jeanie yes. Thirty tells one interesting thing about yourself please. I don't actually play firm and recchi and any bill that you can now. Sick I've really could beat you in Gino like soul mates. Hi Erica and add things who would you like to play on your behalf. Jan Jan. Let's do this Eric guy I am aired Intel's one interesting thing about him. I am. I'm a little the last teacher. On the alert for fun. All right you didn't hear it. The best on the map the stupid right now. And the fact that. I think we can't figured out how could I Jen I think you should step out of the studio only because you seem to be the reigning champions. Like you win a lot. And she usually smarter. Thank you and I am. I could have said and they need to write down the I'll tell you that I'm not very and it's and the one thing and dean engine and seen as every time I have written on the word. I've lost. Well maybe you just lose a lot. I begin one time and remember and be competitive against Kelly how. He's playing and I'm just trying to help you now I hope you is what I did. I. I'll turn any words of encouragement burgeoning. I thank you are jug of card on the line tomorrow lose the game super simple our united duke is in sixty seconds remind you re right. The sixty seconds identify as many words you and that Ryan. With the word. Scare. Scare scare. Geneen. Are you ready access 8 o'clock starts after I read it the first clue. Words that rhyme with scare. Why you wash your mouth out with soap and. Your favorite. Colorful banner. A laser can get rid of your. People will send it with the thoughts. The best plays that pet alarmist and eat the final okay. Favorite violation on the grammar police. A simple throw. Oh well endowed one million might be complemented on her can't. Parent including a series and again for. Well endowed woman might be complemented on her. That. Instead of truth. A short rectangle. Plant. Extra. Extra 1230567. Miles an elite eight out of one of them they've got eight. Square was eight. I get scrutiny. Arnaud did you get a load of truth. I know now you're you're seven Saturday at 777 is right I'll we will bring Jiang in the studio around. 37. Out of twelve isn't bad okay. NN banner day now. Hi Eric KJ gets eight or more you the big when our right. Our hey am I gens in studio and plays around around time in three minutes. Star in 941. Anywhere in the midst of a heated competition called prime time out Kirby and is Janine had just scored. Sending it. I'm sixty seconds and Cheney got us ahead in the words right Eric guy is who you're playing for Erika how revealing imagine doing eight or better. Okay and you got that. And Erica. I continues the most formidable opponent. So I have. Resonance for the rest of the Madrid yesterday. Energy is being carried and here's an idea now. Hi Janet age or better and then right after this round of prime time will be with us about it and OK I Italians. I yeah these are words that rhyme with the scare. Scared I'll read the first clue the clock starts after I read the first day. OK you have to get more than eight right you'll have sixty seconds on the clock AMT eight or more right rather CC's exam o'clock clue number one are you ready. I think Sam gen YEU would wash your mouth out with soap. Your favorite colorful banner. Last fall and yeah. Pass a laser can get rid of your hair. People will send their windows bonds look. Care and. The best place to pat alarmist and eat the final game. Had the llamas an there. A favorite violation of the grammar police. There. A simple thrown. Simple I'm a layer. A toilet and toilet. I'll pass a well endowed woman might be complemented on her. There you can. Yeah I was terrible Jan so mad at you and I almost feel by including. Erica and then yeah wow yeah hey yeah. I chair man. Yeah it took me a minute. Man are you sorry Eric I really am. Okay. This pressure derby congratulations on Gaza Marleau. We got this I imagine you remains the champion IU please let me answer me yet easily at humanitarian. I want you wash your mouth out with soap. Aziz swing or your favorite colorful bear a care better care a laser can get rid of your hair people senate with a thought. A prayer pulled Frey Aaron. Presley to host isn't pairs in basket. The best pleased about lama's need to funnel cake affair or zero violation the grammar police there a simple throne as the chair well endowed woman might be complimented on her hair. I got there was plenty else clutter does in answer instead of truth and dare I sure rectangle is a square. Extra is a spare. A thinking acts like. Innings and texture and one way ATP should meet. Rarer. John Sampson email. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One star not before one and it.