Rhyme Time

Monday, February 12th

Can you rhyme more words in 60 seconds than our contestants?

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Jeff and she didn't show up starring Eddie for a line. We'll see if speed skating and curling can help you this morning on the jet engines show as we play with prime time an award an honor of the Winter Olympics. Tristan and raised in a welcome do the jet engine showed early on a Monday morning how are you. I'm very very little we are excellent okay for rhyme time you can either ask one of us to play on your behalf. Or are you can try to hold your own what would you like today. And play it or die. This person is team jam them and hold and is that Granada. Yes well we're not day in Logan Phil welcome to the show would you like to play by yourself for would you like to have somebody in here play on your behalf. I want somebody play reminding us all right Jan is taken so you can pick JD JBR Kelly cheese. Again in Janie the are fat and aunts and I ever not a would you like to wish Geneen any luck. Oh yeah they don't aren't best of luck ran and Jan step out of the city I'm going to your soundproof Booth and your. Yeah missiles and now. Button and your readers are turned off for good summation go check out Aaron and I Jeannie. You know the way alerts were going to up at sixty seconds on the clock you gonna try to get as many words that rhyme with snow. As you can know your word is so no. The clock starts the minute I read the first clue are you ready yes you are right. We never whine words that rhyme with snow. He's in a fraternity probably named Chad girls Florida Georgia line. The answer you don't want coming here wedding. Well. I'm garden tool that girl. Well. How dear a female the air out. She brought banner apple bottom jeans and the furry boots and then what did surety did. And a call. That and then yeah. Next thing you know LLI yeah yeah I haven't I got back up on how the veterans. See. And they know it. A male. How do you get gently down the stream. Out. You're always banging and and the furniture he hated it. Well. They always give you a really warm welcome. Home. Yeah. We're a little bit you know. I had. As he did pretty well Jenny in the studio yeah every Jen and I brought in I guess how can I how did you wind. Asked. God is running out and got 88 isn't over to be OK Ali yeah. Eight christening grace and eminence. I Christa wish her life. Yeah. I I Jan that we are you guys. The game merger with sixty seconds on the clock you've got to get as many words as possible that rhyme with the word it's now. Okay this is of course an honor of the Winter Olympics words that rhyme with snow. The timer starts when I finished the first. Iraqi. In a fraternity probably named Chad loves Florida Georgia July. I don't know pass. The answer you don't want coming here letting it flow. A garden tool that girl hello. A dear a female the air Dover. She put out our apple bottom jeans then the furry boots and what to charity did. On dean isn't the car. Hope comes looking at her I don't know past. Their sexy and they know it. You're always banging it on the furniture and you hate it. Though. He always gives you a really warm welcome. Well. How are you get a horse to slowdown. Low rob bread. Though the guy who used to have my pants. And done and. By one point it Geneen is that meg germ. A. Sorry. Preston Wilson did you something cool from playing on Jen normally is a great joys. A really great choice sari dress them. It's OK I ever not hang Amylin Gavin Forbes magazine NIC is a day. Thank you allowed. Jen here are the answers you minister you know for what I miss the attorney one threw me in a fraternity probably named Chad loves Florida Georgia line brow. Oh yeah I. She put out ramble bottom jeans the furry boots then what do charity do that low. They're sexy and they know it Al MFA oh. He always gives you really warm welcome mellow. Look at the and I didn't I didn't get salad and you get the joke you've got this right at the buzzer the guy he's ever make census jobs. I didn't. Awesome I well paying him it get a big Geneen. Star in 941.