Revenge on Ex-Girlfriend

Thursday, June 9th


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And Jen shall we go to the producer David who sent us this college and instead we definitely want to talk. With Taylor who wants to brag to us about herb rather. OK Taylor is a priority caller I pray I I priority collar teller. Tell us why your brother is so amazing. I think that Ernie people I think that's where. Connection. I'm other. Dot org. You wanna relationship with the girl. I like it here two years. They moved in together. And then child actor one game. About that she let you earned him. The and I lecture and the but anyway now all elect make out without together in a flat. And you want that moving out and he came with me. And how they. It looked at now. And he'd like to advocate techie geek. But without the typical creeping and it. Meaning you control it turned and I attacked by. I don't think I don't get it but it it it's cool. One visit his house that is super techie but he's living in your house. It all out. You can't see so what she sold there. Along lake and she's got the new boyfriend. Time that it around I've reached and sometimes. My brother actually. Accrued capital where there is bigger threat to file should look back over the ball out and like not let her animal I. Sure in the higher. Like manipulates stuff. In the inside out. What it means and what do you do. What lake front and I thought about it all is not on the perpetrator is an oddity in you can control what I solo like. They're required on the iPad like China like we're not. My. Wife Carrie Lee Chris. They think there's a ghosts in their house. Phone rang out that I. Mean not that I think. And all the while being weekends. Raid on social media that ignored it got to town she equipment which. And so we went over and training aid he'd come cool neatly gap and make the call it that now. We tried all the light and check everything would be fine. I warranted and the ability and then back we put everything back in normal that they like now bank could ensure that matter and actor now. Yeah into the gas I had good at or near real. This is ridiculous that prevents you know you sound like you're in high school right. I. We have election in the end she she hitter and now you know what I'm learning how did she has sent the whole thing. I I don't know was it while that. Did they moving to that place together and then he just got Utley is in his house that he owns or is it like an apartment there are having now made an addict. That rented a place together. OK got you said he had he just males. But left dollars gadget there yeah. I would they know where you are op where you around when he first thought up this idea what was he just sitting around your living room he went oh my god. Order was that your idea. And then she won't. You know we weren't one of drinking run. I'll let you know what I think we might as light could get a kick you know even burger exactly Howell. Like how we thought of it but it was like drilling at one yeah. Possible thank you for sharing this story is now we appreciate. Although it a problem thank you have a great day tell your brother and congratulations. I don't know it actually I don't know if the property in the phase jab at that go to pretty genius and lesser sentence at an excellent. Thanks in. I. Jay John we just.