Results of Jeff's Sniff Test

Monday, May 16th


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10. Did you think you show off the gingerbread needs an F six T shirts. Try to determine that which winds. The launch my fiance. His body odors are connected C sexual attraction yes and there was a smell dating and matchmaking service centers burden this idea. And having you tell us test the sigh it's a fair amount and so we had just math smell six difference T shirts and the teachers have been warned for a full day. And an and we had him ranked him want him on how they spelt. So let's let's just say I can I have illicit business. He's the shirt so one of them obviously was my fiancee Kelly yep and then we had Jan on. Can stand and then I Emily isn't so uncomfortable. Who sits behind Jan and I in the sales department. Lace who is a friend of mine she's a comedian in in town we've got a bunch issues together she's offensive Alley and guys that can be really comfortable thank you. I gave it to who answers the phones for us here and producer David the Japanese and show and then Tony who you've heard on the radio few times as. As the boss so I would like to it gas. That Tony's was the one with the overwhelming amount of Cologne and it yeah. Yes that is right Tony was number five the one he described as drug culture car again. And an incredible amount of car or the traditional poll of the green Jericho okay yeah. Think Tony did not like the smell of that on I mean it wasn't that bad smell but it was like those it was a fraternity being it was in the basement of the sigma kind house you know I mean him yet. Guys are Clinton like so much CK one on that it's hard even breathe through. All right I. No dummy which when it was David's can be just eliminate the dudes they say David's is pretty. There is hoping for that. You said they Davidson is the one that knows that he gave history I like this isn't really smell like anything's. Didn't have any sort of like that's out to laundry detergent or anything I feel bad now does that mean they said one of the girls had us think he's found on their shared her hasn't had a gun rights. So so what we've learned that you're just my attracted to women for women left on the list I would one that you I'd describe this small like cinnamon gum but it had like kind of a weird spot. That was our friend Emily and sales. That was all in the state he's fine yeah and I got a funny thing I cannot I can't get that every now and again from her cube. How hot and I spoke just a key details pertaining it's just I guess is they are weird humid breeze that just comes up punt that you. Now the one that you described as smelling like food. Like spicy there's like a spicy alienate that's got to be yours that. And so we have two left. Since Cali in place yet just can't take Kelly. His good friend comedian so now we're out of time. Starring 841 content and one yeah he's got a said smelled pretty. And gave it right yeah yeah Ryan he said let's all year and he's moment unicorn fart. Great lap I had what I raved about line. You wanna go back to and a recent. We re just now. You gave lacy a now. Thank you. Got a baby Jesus I didn't make that out. This is the real score card I have so. So here's why there's going down the list of people is I have ties to make predictions Tony will never Wear Cologne again. I've known him from going on. David it needs some Cologne because he is senseless. Never getting an endorsement from homily like that's just me now. That's not gonna happen gently bit you know I was fine I get out of that smell it smell like like food like the other I get to remain. I get to remain friends who lays because they didn't score her higher than Cali yes and I get to remain engaged because I got counties will. I'm sort of disappointed. Well they didn't think. I got a bad snap for a modest efforts. She now. Or one.