Resse Update: Always Be Kind

Thursday, July 20th

Jenn opens up about what she's been struggling with this past month, and has some inspiring words of kindness for us all as well.


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Wake up. Could just content. Feelings emotions have been bid. Of a roller coaster lately and lately. I've been almost a year is yet it's the rollercoaster for our family and I think. It's just agree I tell you rises story adds the last month of our lives and being that I really haven't shared with anybody I'm outside of our inner circle of you know very close friends and family. Because it's a roller coaster and I don't wanna take everybody on it with us basically reminder of being kind to other people because. The smallest bits of kindness that we have experience whether it's from strangers and had dry cleaner or Sony online at Kroger. Or wherever it really. I was so appreciative of those little tiny bits of kindness or your coworker that once I'm hall lane is like. Agree today and whatever it is just know that those little compliment of those little bit of kindness go along way when somebody's gone through something. So. Last month. And June. Reese Reese is our daughter. Our youngest daughter who battled cancer and so if you don't know her story she was diagnosed at ten months old of the germ cell tumor we went through chemotherapy and surgery. And removes debt and now we're on a track where we test your blood work once a month. That's where we act and. And it's yet to speed in about sixty seconds and you'll have to do because the surgery. Was and and if you listen to the shallow he you know this you know. The fact that they found the two are in August. Battled it through the fall in this areas in November right yep and then in December they were like. We got it well but you have to can Maine every single month for how long. For as long as it takes to make sure that hurt type of tumor doesn't come back and it can come back and there's a very specific number that has to be eleven or lower. Right yes it's a number that we test for and it's on AFP we test for it to be. Eleven are under you know somewhere and that normal range is nine to eleven and so we had been testing in January no residuals signs of tumor was the best combination of words I have ever heard in my entire life I. And in every single month after that we have been somewhere around 910 or eleven and in June we got back from results that our seventeenth. So of course in that panic sets in hindsight alone may end it's his first diagnosis. We Wear light and clueless. Completely clueless and in a tornado watch like I imagine Dorsey and Wizard of Oz when everything spinning around her you. But now were much wiser and know what we would be facing so I don't know what was worse was knowing how are we gonna go back and we going to be facing this again. I decided not to shared at the time because their emotions are so rock and down. And we didn't know if it meant. Will we were doing yet to attract those levels month after month and if month after month those levels were going up. It would mean to us it would take give the doctors the sign that some form for tumor was coming back. Whether it's have been nine terra Toma portion or whether it was a malignant portion. There could be something in this blood count is the first thing we look at. And so they told us going into Friday. Of black and this is just a minute lunch hour naming tell you guys on the shot. Do those going to hear it I'm just new but. I don't worry everybody knows so I'm you know told my super close tight circle of of friends and and our family of course I am. That you know this could be something that we're facing that you just have to wait thirty days. So I'm telling you this stress level in those thirty days of just having to wait. Until we can test again. Let's just. To why did you hear of thirty days left in extra exercise I am a worldwide and NATO had any. Outlook is you have to see if there's growth in those numbers he had to wait thirty days to see if there's a difference MM IV test the next day to be the same thing and I. So wait in waiting has thirty days remember when I made the big mistake I branch all night and announced that artist that was that opener vs the artist that was. I'm literally the day after he got that news. So you guys are like why is stand for he while a little extra than ever now that I. I mean certainly after that certainly appreciate it just goes to show you don't know what is going on in somebody's life is don't know. What they're dealing with and and not. Share well here's here's what an idiot I am I knew it was going nanny airlines and I was like why are you crying we. Pain in my head I might should. That's what dads out digest of eyes that I didn't think. Of connecting to. And then again maybe I just I just feel like that that's something that never goes away as a parent it's on me on your mind constantly numb. And so anyway fast forward to I thirty days later we tested on Friday and I'm miles of iron in her numbers are back to normal so we're back to attend. They answered. They attributed to maniac and infection she Paterson denials she was signing off on everybody but we're back to its sensible so tests at normal levels and at this point. We feel like we're still. I'm not positive track so I'm glad I didn't take you guys on the roller coaster with me along the way I think I learned a pretty good bless America. In who's making chair. I can't imagine that waiting. For those. Thirty days for their for the recast because there was I went when you call me my dad's. Logical I think the way guys and women and men and women process things. Are different depending and yet the situation so I'm very I. Logical and I assume it's not my case as much I love ray says that's different to crank and I was at what else to toss. Well seventeen isn't that high compared to the 100000 that you had issues that I'm trying to in even though you can find all these logical reasons yeah. Why it might be elevated. It's I couldn't imagine. You're just waiting why if you're human nature that the mind always goes to the worse worst. Well I think he's just worry you just fear what you don't know how old and so I think for both Graham and I it was you know it was fear and it was the dread of are we going back in the C do you do it again and then it was okay. We can't pump ourselves back up to do this again right yeah. I want your subconsciously almost preparing night in case at halftime going like a warrior mom and dad but it is acute preparation you need your adrenaline today. Memphis and it's kind of that survival of the fittest and our bodies are programmed like fighter flight saying and we were just we were getting ready to fight again and thank god her little money doesn't have to fight it but I just wanna say to anybody who does he can do it. You being given those tools for reason and for everybody may be I am who has somebody in their life is in a bad mood today are. You know just acting kinda strange or whatever just I love and kindness because you never really quite know. What they're military. So this is an honor have you and your fights and whatever it is your face and today you got its. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jesse James got one star not before one and it.