Renee Wonders about Her Maid of Honor

Thursday, August 25th


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Yeah it's CR. And where is this relationship we're going we're talking to Renee this morning who wants is to ask that question. Two very good friend of hers. Today. Okay but the bottom my cult brand where. And I just recently got engaged and I asked her to be my old maid of water. Would I couldn't I couldn't decide between her and my other bats from eight. Now. Got rain and eighties becoming a minor but she is not acting. Mary. No aid and on currently can be honored with election. Chi. I've gotten feedback from all the other girls. That he's not really neat things she's not extremely excited about it. And it's a bomber you know you only get married want that and really really important to me. I'm wondering like it she even your good friend at all. It's just unarmed really confused about it and that that soccer was the other day went. I wanted to do like a long curled weekend to Charleston. And yelling get a lodge race car see the bachelorette party like all in one. And he. Should not even. She died and that any net. And then she's the acting everybody like oh you guys for a day so. It's not even about me to feel like it's about everybody out there. So she's been involved in the planning it this weekend. She hasn't been super gun. Not at all. I how long do you have you have you known rain and how long did that why do you have to maids of honors made honors made some aides maids a milking. More. I happen and how I like you have two of them is likely. Wow why from some child tied and so we've stayed friends only and college even though it's different university. And met I met rain. About three years ago during my professional career. That kind of like to get bred for and computer parts of my life. Says Stacy is a lifelong friend and Lorraine is a new best friend and coworker best friend. Exactly and so has Stacy been really involved and planning. Well yeah I think you've been great I mean she. She'd been excited stormy you know she just doesn't wanna step on on the range chose to match you know and Emma she's trying to honor I hope. What an honor roll. He and are not just hate all sports. He's anyway and said any thing to rain about her lack of enthusiasm. And I figure it's you made of honor. Maid of honor it is it's an honor. So difficult to say I should and it should now quarrel with Emma with TU MO wages. But we got. Food who. Stacy see something terrain like me. Are using this hour which we do ever. So first stop you mind if I act I still your Q and LH is combatants box them out here. Okay thank you okay now I think I think they probably do feel awkward. Because see you want to be nice you know they don't really know each other she doesn't feel like. She can have that you know talk with her so I think there's an accountability there. So I'm curious what you want from rain. When we call and talk to her. What's gonna satisfy you if she starts and cartwheels. Shouting yeah no wedding I'm not sure exactly which are looking for. I do wish she would have until you run and did you have done for me and really be happy and then. You made of honor you don't have to twist them to do they take command or don't you get married it is so amazing but claim except you get what event. And not getting mad at all on car. Did she know your fiance. He met a couple times. She lights and like it's not disdain for you know I don't think I don't think. That's it I just don't know. I don't know what's going on to where she's not excited about it. But they hung out like maybe two or three times a call like that the group of people that she met him. And so that then we make so we'll make the call. Says blur and we'll ask him in the standard glitches where is this relationship going in the in the followup it is. How did this. Right. Opel and you get to listening to that and welcome back to you afterwards and in your thoughts then whatever it is that rains that. A I am I perfect I will put you on hold right now and welcome back to you in three minutes that's a wall called rain hands it's about my. On our banking world thank you. Ngo and beyond. It's still aren't ready for a one.