Renee is Furious at Rayne

Thursday, August 25th


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And yeah CR. And aim at this segment is where does this relationship going and we just had a conversation with rains she's a co maid of honor and Rene is the wedding and it wasn't well Renee thought she wasn't very enthusiastic so we called her to ask where is this relationship going and really into being in the sweating or not. And she basically said the other co maid of honor Stacy as that they'd be wearing a and Q tunneling into. And at all. Hey Renee welcome back. I I. I I don't know I am court on cell mile apple site how. Hawaiian. They'll say yeah. You know and then you know she called somebody that cares about me that actually. Cleaning the wedding and trying to make this day incredibly special for me. Thank you could probably add up because rain is not doing any saint. Toward making this a very special time in my life. And then I heard it say that she doesn't really know me and our whole matter and I don't. I don't care like if she comes to letting it or not I like during the wonder now why I am. Is it all up okay is it possible Renee the U think more of your relationship has doesn't everybody gets stuck in these relationships. Where the other party thing share greater friends than you really are. That is an impossibility but a good time that she gonna let me know that when I asked her to be like co maid of honor. You know now I'm just like M Barrett then. I don't know what you want to happen now he's thinking. I don't even care and she is. Right now she had nothing to me. By all the instead she's out of it completely. And in an American thing. What if she got you one of those record crock pots with the timer. That change things is that rate there is a game changer. My grandmother got one of those. And he picks yet that's the next level well. I thought it would both I've from a guy for any view it's I'm so happy now to be a woman with these complex. Intricacies of these tricky these puzzle pieces of relationships as they do that site. There were cooler there or not so I I I don't envy you in the situation here and made it when guys for radio like. But why please. It's not bad. I just think you have to be careful Rene I mean you may lose her as a friend for ever. If you act. Or react really harshly right now passages maybe consider. She was somebody you cared about enough to ask it be your maid of honor. And now you or anyone are invited the wedding that might be harsh. They should just get demoted. Think in all. I didn't have time to think about issued a lot right now. I. Got at least an answer. Or would end when. I appreciate it or not mad at your. Time. Thanks you're saying. Thank you got to get by. Moral. Ontario payers I don't know if it is me no joy in existence right now what you care. Though. Different about our friendships that know me. Three is that co workers in and out but girlfriends are harder to break up with even the boy difference between US and Oregon together. And even talk to you for the first six years. Can we put. Where is this relationship going Jeffords and now that all is always our front lines are open. 40474. Wine 9400 we can take your calls next few. If you at a protest in. Which I think it's ridiculous gen art really is a little sad for. Mean to Austin we share and so when he is gone it's. It's put. 4047419400. Your calls next jet and changes aren't any for one. Still.