Reese's MaGIC Fund Part 3

Friday, January 20th


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If they Erin Andrews is gonna join the jet contention here in just a couple of Mets doctors about. The football game this weekend the falcons vs the Packers should be inside the Georgetown. And we gonna talk to her about prediction listings and a half men. All the excitement around thousands beaver all the excitement around Matt Ryan and coming in BP may be without Iranians commencement and now people are asked a column for you. Jen just gave us some. Good news about an hour ago on the show. Recent scans came back no signs of tumor they got it. Pei. Christy welcome to the show. Great thank you. A employment at a dead. And we weren't in your dictionary a little bit of radio adult. How much did pretty weak on I had surgery other. Com and other idol. You know I'm. I aired maybe I did only he I would go back. I hope you never have to go back. Yeah. Me include women and I didn't think this guy. They meant you'd nurses and scrubs things that I'll end. I mean I mean do people follow her story and it. We won't out of there I like how old Ed I know those people I love you guys in Europe made me. I'll never be your true. And they hope that CO. That is not a fair and open their dream to Crissy what's your daughter's name. Entertainment and we Couric would be. Cool cat daily current doing now. You can't really banging random under the current. I'm right there and and that I mean that you micromanaging they they won't even. I would like their content that they don't know why. That they they've had to bill. And you Rhode Island were sleeping and not breathing a bit and Hartley are you. Cram into the buyer why couldn't think. That's on them. Now you're gonna have to make sure that she doesn't break an arm or leg he's moving too fast. The I mean game. And so you don't and you go in and yet they're that the the lawyers. Like Greg are the battle that every morning waving it at eight and my terribly that you might. Army went out of my reason why. Thought. It. It's you. On my guard Chris Eaton who might be an ugly crier of engine and I hit I. I. Wrote back. Not really big guy like communal way. Get a wedding. Luckily I think there are quick revenge I I I didn't even worry didn't they didn't mention then that and end. Being able to leave and her not hard Indy I inching at a meeting or you didn't cry it. Green and yellow and I'm opening over and I know what you have read that really. Breathing natural. Or what occurred. As of now where I don't. Thank you thank you so much Kristi it's an answer. Ares and the other thing that we and I thank you Christine. I NBC keeps on. The and the other thing that we announced an hour ago please go to our website that there's just go directly to show that award CH 08 Butler. Slash res and look at the really really really really amazing paying. It Jane and her husband ran together await you. One honor reefs and light cheese and and for the past humans in two. Thank the doctors and the caregivers and Cho who literally. Saved her life. It's it's a really remarkable thing that you guys have done and it's not a coincidence. That. That launched. This fund raising page launched just hours before. The news in the clear scans came. It was meant to it was meant that happened yesterday which as. It's called Reese's magic and it relieves. Well it's going to be magical and when it cures this that the cancer in and leads to. I researched your. Coach Joel dot org slash please. Like mine and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta.