Reese's MaGIC Fund Part 2

Friday, January 20th


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Right and it's certainly a lot less congested. Sixteen inning. You mentioned solid sixty right now all instilling an evil wind they are jet engine Jerome. A note. Hey is this. Doctor grant Rivera. I'm recent data but at plus. I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm on the W. I have any secondary during her territories though as the economy here recent data is dead. One got. I don't know a resource to say congratulations are very photogenic couple times it feels weird because it's not like. He won a race an accomplishment. But you know it's the greatest news ever. It's my dad and circle that you really wanna basically. I guess that made it. Janet unit recap anybody just coming in about the phone call you guys yesterday. Grant and I received the phone call that we have been waiting for that they reviewed her MRI which is the first one after. Her surgery and he says no residuals signs of tumor there is no cancer. So who we did it ain't got it. I have been crying tears of you ever see hints at ten can't and I yesterday on the phone we're just like pulled both of us while you're at work right. Yeah it. I would I would tomorrow by myself trying to catch you answered yes. And I was is strictly drive through with our two kids in car seats in the back at camp is doing. Over such great news I mean it's just. Can't even explain to you the relief that I feel if there aren't any words for. Can Jenna I grant generate told us a little bit well a lot about the about the magic find. To benefit. The doctor that that I'd been calling them the mad scientist because he truly is and he is just the guy who who probably. Thinks about curing cancer within the first minutes. Of waking up. Think about curing cancer as he falls asleep and probably dreams about curing cancer. And you guys have decided to help him on his on his mission. Yeah I mean it's. It doctoral student it hit doctor during the surgeons and our whole team of people don't like when they. I'll never forget my first met them because they walk in the hospital room they literally do what ingredients. And as a brought this journey with them when such countless times how do you say thank you someone's age and how quiet. And how do you say thank you that someone who gives you open how do you say thank you for someone you can be also quiet birthday cal squad and I think for a on I agenda so this is kind of like mission to not only honorees. But in some way to give back everybody who's done so much for us. So yeah that's it it's what about the I don't want anybody have that ever to have that conversation you and your childhood cancer. But I also the second time if you're in that. If you're enact that that play you want uncle guy yesterday. And we want everybody to have that experience and childhood cancer is one of the lowest. Funded. In research. In the country only 4% of funds raised to be Kinsler goes tickets in the in I think the reason. You guys got the phone call yesterday. Is because facilities like Sherlock in the AFLAC cancer for exist. In because. Doctors like doctor Olson and surging. In backer. Upper arm Durham the surgeon and and in the oncologist. Have done years of research in the funding for that research has come from somewhere so. Yeah everything that and what Jenner grain are asking you to do is if you have a minute today go to show way dot org slash Reese. You can read a little bit about rhesus story. And if you make a donation to show us through that paid. That money is gonna be earmarked for the re searched it is going to prevent. Parents from having to hear the news the U guys heard directly. From that research which is amazing. And when you click the link you'll see is right the whole story and you know exactly where your dollars will go out you know exactly what you are funding we felt really. Really strongly about. Yes and you know now is can you just do genital burdens. I remember the night that we found out that Saturday night on August Turkey I remember you know dad's job explains. So I wouldn't it so we didn't know much about what we're about to experience lately I use it yet exit. And I remembered that my agent and I would late into the morning hours we would be. We would be there now worth about potholes in the country like Brooke block. Saint Jude in Dallas Andy Anderson. At the end of the day what we figure out there like he's very best care in the world he's Smart Car some. And and the very best doctors in the world will minutes from our cost and how those kinds of resources. Only to do you have to tomorrow if the past. And because we realize. Very quickly at the battle literally in the world is right here minutes from our driveway that becomes our actions in our house support that more and more Stanley. Not just pure natural land that all throughout the southeast. Have the same experience that we had is they they chased her lightly bigger. And truly all throughout the world if you think about it honey because of what doctor Olson does is takes the research that he's found he collaborates with doctors in Germany with doctors in Africa. Doctors from six different continents will be coming together. That's what this fund will allow and they will share research so really changing. The future of kids around the were well. Well I can you do you remember those moments where we were in the hospital and were talking to a about. Different state of the chemotherapy and surgery I'll never forget. What he would say Hewitt I about the Spaniard daughters Guillen. Two doctors in other countries and we're all going to collaborate because we want to bury my world around this. Round and the reality that they do for children actually did the networks are so deep that. But you can know that we literally had the best surgeons and bet on columns in the world. Collaborating around greens as tiny little body. It makes you so Penske Paul Volcker. Well and Reese is. Walking proof at this point kind of wobbly proved she still. Lending it is though I tumbling physically to the other proof she's she's still has that look about drug sorority girlish and walks. There's a while she's warily took. But she is wobbling proof that that it works though if you want to hop on board with immigrants mission. In honor Reese in changed that case he entered into across the globe literally. But you it. Probably less than a half hour from where you are right now either and a freighter and oath and you can go to richer way dot org slash res. And every dollar counts making a donation as little thing counts yes and and thank you and congratulations Ingram. Well I. Where were really after him. It's really blunt yeah it's going to be a good weekend. At the pavilion suggested that it puts a lot of these the prospective doesn't. Wins out it. It makes everything else just. Seems. And the important question that when I ask you grant because Jan was magically drive through when she called you with the news did she bring you any specific did you get somewhat. Friends there that he can hand down my dinner scatter or back or are about about a in this. I didn't panic yet. Back. The other people wait canyon. Because unity at the end of Marietta city schools podium meeting thanks for coming out and gradually I let yield. Colored dot org. Slash reuse this story is how are social media website congratulations and good day it's a great day. Peachtree City and all over its yeah. Demonstrate how little early enough. Jet engines Yahoo! on snow or no need for a long line.