Reese's MaGIC Fund Part 1

Friday, January 20th


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We'll turn switches on this not now. It's my friends and tell. Man there's a lot going on in the world. And today. President Donald Trump in inaugurated. Exactly immune. You killed if what else out of falcons. Their play hard. I freed him so much evidence and I Cheney and the falcons. Are planned Sunday for the NFC championship. I'd buy it. Uterus and in fact by your text message yesterday. That yeah. The reason Jeff and I are both tearing up right now it's tears of joy it's really good two hours. So. This entire time that we and following Reese's. Cancer battle in going through all of that's. I've always thought that there was a reason where. My job to be so public. Because so many times it's just limited to crawl in a hole and be practice. But it kept telling myself go to work every day. The part of the show share her story because. She's going to be a ray of hope. She is a ray of hope. And that's a monster and it's gone over and over and over in my mind in the days where I didn't feel like coming. To be on the radio and but I just kept saying to myself. Over and over again please outlet. At priests the array of her and today she. So yesterday we got the phone call that we've been waiting for for so long. It was from. One of her oncologist doctor Eason who called and when I heard her voice on the other line immediately just like. Couldn't breathe amend the car with both of the girls in the back as we could then and another actions mean for our older daughter Lauren are both of them in the car seats. I'm getting ready to pull out of children's healthcare of Atlanta as parking lot. I was actually Scottish rite yesterday. So getting ready to pull out of the parking lot on ratings agencies. Number come up on my own. A year doctor reasons voice on the other line. And I just had to pull. Because as I took him to pull over in this parking spots and me probably not a hugging three spaces to hit outlets and that's crazy Mamas and nine big old STV. Augen of a bunch of spots like contract. When she said to me Jen. There are no residuals signs of tumor on her. And says. I think I breathed a sigh of relief for the very first time. And not it's it's obvious right yes. August 13 as the day issues diagnose grand. A cancerous tumor in her abdomen and we've been biting ever since and she's our little Peter geez just. All of so much energy and power and joy in this tiny little person she's been. So incredible so resilient through the entire thing and killing you I think yesterday was the first and actually. Breathed a real oxygen. And of really long time. Like I'd just been. And some zombie state. And kind of function. And I'd been. Terrible Mary. Opt in times of all the work itself and now I. Revealed yesterday he. And. I don't crying out right if there's a way because. She is now that ray of hope. I want every parent is struggling. With their child's health and get back kind of approved. You want every parent who's worried about Kevin not slipped on the on crawled into our house and I'd. Get on call. It's the best feeling ever and panic crazy called me with an over and over in Beaufort and after that to them meeting I. Don't. And he called me back. At this point I mean that drive through stick fully implement an. Celebrate them. Closer hungry and is just an impede them responsible he did ya hear that quote as the girls yeah. Ha ha ha hiding an awful I act of and I was jet and both of those on the phone and he told that at no residuals signs him no signs of cancer MRI. And it ain't got. Both like the whole thing kind. So it is and it's aired on the view albeit at you and so was supportive and so amazing. Every east oppose. Every email every text message. Every fan who brought us food. Every one who sent a smile Graham. The list goes on and on and un believable support that we've gotten from this vehemently. Atlanta is. The biggest small town ever and I love that and I love you guys and I can't even express to you the gratitude that we have. Read the prayer and that energy and the support that you gave our family through this entire thing is just an amazing Adam. God is so the and I want him at every parent ticket on off. And that's why we're starting. Reese's funds and you have to talk about the coincidence that came altogether. Hey Dana we'll wait and say hey Dana. And it once and I need that. And yeah. Sounds that. You and telling him. And I am an EU get here and Arnie as there well. There are hiding. United. Currently eight men. Have written at all now. It it literally in the ROK. You are eating it. I'm Dana thank you Dan. Eight our net he may amend our yeah I ain't seen it going to be fine you or I get. Well that's exactly why it's what Jan and her husband grant active vowed to do in we will explain that. Here in about three minutes after Rachel platinum but there's an amazing coincidence that happened yesterday. That we will tell you about. And Jen is on a mission now and she's pretty unstoppable this we'll explain next. Yeah. Yeah. That. Sending me the this. Town whose name. I. Did you make it's no. It's. This is my. And of the. Isn't themselves. Give him that way. Yes as my. His smile. You know. And spending and on. Like I was saying. They just tired so yeah. You make kids. This is mud. It's still hanging. As I knew. Me. Because we know driving sixty miles per hour it's nearly impossible on the perimeter. It's solid sixty with Justin Jan nonstop now on starry night before one. If you are just tuning in that you may have Jack how he made it really awesome announcement affect me now. We just played fight song racists and as we got the call yesterday. No residual signs of humor and that means no signs of cancer it's the call we've been waiting for are really long time. I had to pull over and cried tears of joy. Just so thankful for. Everyone in this listening community who has been so supportive and so thankful to children's healthcare of Atlanta. And her unbelievable on college's doctor Olson and actually Easton and with as every single step away. So thankful for doctor may in Durham. Did the surgery to get out of our I mean gratitude I feel for these people and what they do every day. I cannot be put into words we are out minute talk more about that. Girls and you're just a second. He's the guy that I attempt on the mad scientist is it to meet him once twice that of good reasons and he can scene and he looked exactly what you want. Somebody who spent his entire life you inside the look at it added I have code guy he's got here's candidate messy and tonight I'll have a few minutes because I gotta go collaborate with some researchers in Germany. Wait one at a challenge of solving all the problems like. Now and run attacks on yesterday. ID four yards and retired Jennifer but. Hopefully this it's not too shaken up among in the studio. Oh. Anthony in the morning. Age limit on that again. Changing. UK and yeah. I didn't Colin and say congratulations. And I'm. I'm on a very slow commute to school right now in Utah about Ambien won't know which I'm a McDonald's and I just heard about. Just about three iron that order white and I honestly I'm shirt to your home it's. A bit already had. While I just want you know like it's the whole community and it's the power of prayer and and it's and it's incredible resource that we have in the medical community here in Atlanta how we are sole. Lucky. If you have kids who are perfectly healthy. Thank goodness you haven't had to go there yet but if you need element they are their children's healthcare of Atlanta is so. Amazing operation that they run every single day energy they bring to the table with taking care of feelings like ours. Every single day and they don't give up. You've said before Jeff he walking in there and it. Children's hospitals not where you wanna beat but oddly wanna be there because energy is so great it's and it's so positive it's quite. It's such a weird place because. The reason everyone is in that building is because somebody. A little person. Is sick. That's why everybody is in that building because there's there's. A little person in their world. It is not doing well. But it's that it's it's happy it's place in town. Like everybody smile even when they're coming into. To do and and that the they were coming in to talk to you about rhesus port and they are upbeat and positive and I'd get an idea that's involved by this retailer in the bang in like this is like a little one year old massive surgery to get chemicals. Durham they're cutting out basically. They're cutting a hole and a person to deliver chemicals to a one year old. Chemicals that healthy people should not handled by he writes. Right and if I gotta give this to their kids wearing collapse we have our friends are battling leukemia right now and they literally have to put on masks and gloves in theory give they're cute team. So that the that this is they are good transition because. Because just before Jane. Told us about sent a text message all of us about that that clear scans which is that it greatest text message to get. Earlier that day she sent me an email said hey I just want to let you know. That the find they ran and I have been working grant is James has and I. In Reese's name to benefit Charlotte. And specifically the research that her doctor that rhesus doctor wants to do to eliminate this type of cancer. There that we're starting a find it just went live. We are going to star fund raising. Just wanted to let you know if it's there. This same day that recent scans came back clear that's not a coincidence. Cell. Announced it. We are going to lunch Reese's magic find it today and this is a fun to that we are asking for your support to support her oncologists in their research. Because I want every parent to get that call that we got. This cancer clear your child is healthy you beat you've got I want everyone to hear that. This is now our life this is our dedication our life's mission. To make sure our. That all the parents get this phone call so the only way we know how to say thank you and express our gratitude to her doctors. Who have made this all possible to her nurses is to support that research. The rhesus magic fund will support. A malignant germ cell tumor consortium this is a group of doctors that will come from all around the world six different continents. Two right here in Atlanta to share their research. To develop their mission to continue the work they're doing to prevent germ cell tumor cancers too. Make sure that the survival rates. Is 100%. On kids with Reese's type of cancer it's the best way that we know how to say thank you so. If it's in your heart and if it's a possibility for you whether it's one dollar five dollars what ever you can do. We are going to started today so it's. It was ready yesterday and we got the news yesterday suggest that we are talking about this tomorrow generally share in the news. So if you feel so compelled it's Chela CH 08 dot org slash Reese. Hey Cynthia welcomed addition now. They are learning that we are excellent. And I. Need that bit and right in the morning. And that when he arrived he citing a rare liver or. And Lee yet surging number in and pack and that now threatening. I can do so I don't know. And believe our net that you. Did that will be you know in it that we get out there you know there. And it just like it Lampard in the event that the little small town like you've you know I love and support and am. Even though you know you are on the radio that they need that in rates in the morning. I'm at my daughter's favorite. Hearing that despite irritant. I implement them in the attic and on and I'm happy that I call. What if you Cynthia and you have to keep hope you have to push. You have to fight it to get through those hard times and you have to always keep poke. And you know what I tell you guided so bad. It light every holiday. What's your husband's name. Date whereas I will keep minute thoughts. They paint against it and happy beyond hello and thanks for instance the hey bath welcome to the debt and and champ. Finding are you thank you dynamic spend about an. Hour. But I wouldn't. When you're in. The morning and like you know. It right. Mama Borger oh. But. Yeah. I'm. An old dog we want him on. Everything and do you every morning literally. Oh. I don't. The situation is not good. Out there who had written and I'm what do you arch I don't know I won't happen will get food and and the new and awesome my east and you. Did you know. That's not how where and what about military and Atlanta would be my breaking point because my all. And who. Did such a big inspiration or how odd but kept it and I really appreciate you and I am so happy that your baby has. Batter and will be very quiet and hard lately you guys every morning. I didn't stay that way and I didn't again I don't really wanted to thank. Think that'll be blamed for you guys you see any other. I Darlene welcomed the Chal. Track I wonder Colin thank our island site I'm happy every bit better and have a little Nicky there it's in the picky and now. And I want to thank my daughter Jessica actually wars they are at Chela in actually our support and Nicky and I want to HL is one of the bad cops called Larry at an act so as insightful bit but are they are all right. Chela is the bad. What's your nephew's name. I'm Nicky and the like he had aren't they eat there they crack me up ordered an advocate better better than any air right by our. F hospital area debate they're. Know that can be very very scary ours is release and some very very serious thing for young ones and just know that Blake is in the best paint. Yeah that he would like he did it am so glad that I. Great player and she did get the bad skater and I welcome our eight out. Thank you darling. I keep hearing. Michaela welcomed in Asia. I other scientists say wow I didn't sell paper has reached has. A amazing and because. My baby com boom she can make a name she would like your hill. And she had to go out and do. She she had surgery almost every day because she had some Catholic Hilo. And each kid she she had. I electric and maintaining every night for her because I was so scared I wish she died just something. That. But can't name my told me that she was an event is at the hospital down in plus Kim and I. I am so proud that we got the college's last in December that should be 100% time. Got a thing he had same exact college and got the best college and the world thanked him and. Here's told me I promise she I'm running from my phone and I called my friend and I told them you know like Kayla tortured if he gets pregnant dot. He worked in Africa say you were a 100% of right at. I thought they look I. How old are you acacia. And now you're so you know eyes very years and years McHale thank you so much for Callan. You look them in can't. And eleven. It. It's a great job on the Iranian Michaela. And I think just two recap. James' daughter Reese received the news that her scans are clearer. There's no cancer and her body which is a we're we're a long way away. From August 13 when she had a tumor inside it could have been as big as a small rate for. And she's cancer free. And to celebrate that Jen and her husband grants. Have launched a fine. At showing dot org slash res. And the money that goes into that fund is gonna go directly to Chela reached and news news that is that race plays and on the planet. But specifically. That doctor that saved Reese's. And the purpose of money going there it is. She and doesn't want any. Knock at the phone she. Covered up. Not okay which is okay. I am doing great actually I'm no better than OK I'm doing great thank you for letting us share that story and and let Greece be the hope that I've prayed every day she could be. Chela dot org slash Reese is the website if you would like to make a donation congratulations and so we'd seen it. There's really no tour. Not some back. Thanks for being on my best friends in the whole world you'll. Champion and the reason Neftali. Shows solid sixty continues.