Reese's First Steps to Beating Cancer

Wednesday, August 17th


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Sure I'll sell and it'd update as promised. On that low baby recent james' daughter about ten months old. His started her fight to beat and served. Day one was yesterday. Each kind of speed if if this is the first time here in the story. And Saturday Jen found out that her youngest daughter Reese had cancer in the form of humor it was raped by her album. And an MRI showed that tumors issues immediately admitted today and both hospital where Hughes even the most and that's the error from. The most and asked nursing staff and doctors and volunteers. And everybody at that pleases me so they'd been there since Saturday and it about it and about as teams of doctors coming in and and people rallying around and creating this army of people who are going through it and a fight this cancer. And figure out attic in and out of Reese's. Well they've. Got it narrowed down to pretty much what they think I'm not sure I'm I've got an update on whether or not the technology. Is Ambac which is at Algiers the result biopsy. But doctors are so competent that they noted is just based and how it's growing and what if in the in the MRI in for a hundred other news that they. Would never understand that they decided to go ahead and start chemotherapy. Yesterday. Oh. He will there be for Reese started last night. It wrapped up on 1 in the morning. And and Reese was sleeping peacefully in the right trees attacks with this morning she was she. Evening he's at and model and piece of video of her she's smiling only if she does not. Even look like it. So. He knows if you know anybody who's on and cancer. Use good thing bad thing. On a good mission that they write it and it means poison and it's an eagle cells. Cells that predominantly tells car. At cells cells that make answers humor but there's just this side effects because it impacts the entire. Tired bodies right and Channing grant right now are nervous about what side effects look like. Over the next several days and weeks even months understandably. Chaos and now with the alternative news oh you're continued while wishes in your prayers for. For Rees threw all of this as confidently. As possible would be so so. Appreciated by and she has. Heard LP energy everybody who listens to the jet engine and show. Everybody who listens to aren't you for that news stations reporting and other radio stations. I'd talking about it and in in one ammunitions. A lot of legal waiver of good energy. Coming in recent direction and act and I use it and feels. So much. If you're sending messages she is seen and so yesterday. Berry good date he most started and that means yesterday. The fix team. August 2008. Was 81. Reese beating cancer. And she had an and the thirteenth. And read days later she is committed. Eating and journey began. To keep them in your dot. Your prayers of course as promised I will keep you updated on everything. I'm with and that's my ability on the show right tumor see him every day so pass in the long years messages. In thank you for listening and and our hope. It is and be able to I'd decent effort Jenin and hopefully yours and your radio before. The end we hear from Ryan Seacrest. In the Seacrest foundation has studio. In the house over there in and use that for. And I am here. Here he can hear when I'm telling directly from. Thank you for listening and for. I'm doing all these eighth if you people on here. We certainly appreciate it works and for. Each. And she still are ready for a one.