Reese Update Kitchen Story Travis Thank You

Thursday, September 22nd


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Stress. Is it Japanese yen shelves are eighty follow. I might take a quick chance to say thank you to everybody right now thank you to everybody who has sent. Me and my family. Lots of warm well wishes and thumbs up on they snuck on our updates on our daughter grace she is in the midst of her battle with cancer right now. Some days have been easier than others but I have learned to say. That her doctors are happy so we are. It's been a little bit of a roller coasters I just wanna say thank you so much for reaching out an even just. Like in my FaceBook posts and and as you know sending your prayers and wishes there it's been really. Really great to see Ian and I definitely look at them and see them. And I wanna say thank you to everybody who's made a stated as we have a great circle of friends and family and neighbors. Who have been taking your dinner for us all that busy lives instead cloning kids they're around and there's a connection time to make us foods so. There's when I'm amazed. At this stuff that I learn about. Being an adult let the things that exist for. What he means well there's this whole easy and avoiding it up until now I've. I am I different kind of a Bolivia's you know like. I'd just unaware that these things exist and so there's that's paying. When you have a family Fitch's games who might have it needed an extra pair opinions. You can sign up for. Measles. You don't put all of your friends like China and everybody takes a different day but it's like. All organized and line that way you don't nineteen those ideas and there's a and then you're parity as you know a month later and somebody says oh I can bring them something on Tuesday. Certainly make them a meal. Write something yes and my act in so late. I'm Cali Adam. When these people peppered enemy. With bill ambiguities. And sherbet he totally against repeat that vacate today's my day he would have been down. Matt leads into my update which is known. You and everybody that Murphy's law. Are up and died. All I'm on. Wonderful for instance members bringing us like. Great food that you need to either bake avid or every. Cent a phone our Ivan just. Died this is night acres of living in an old Obama would turn out. But every week I thought inside joke is this old house because there's always something breaking having to be repaired whatever and. Which is charming oh on TH June 9 hours yup. I'm only gives you an inquiry. So I have another thank you Tuesday night neighborhoods have been letting us use oven because not to want the custody. Use her own man and block. And. Differences brought over lasagna the other night and I think she thought it was weird that it was dinnertime and I wasn't as putting it in the event. I left on account didn't say anything can be and not working and I does it added whip our our kids played together we had a great time and been. Why is she feeding her children might want. And getting them. As yeah we last. I am I take those people for even appreciated. Ordered a word that you just oh my god you so much for us we re back in and walked in the late while committing errors. And it. So you have to get a whole new oven woody or even know yet. Well the repairman came out I I don't know it's like in the whole state of disarray and making it to replace the control panels mail back and ideally. Weeks before we have another province or viewed as a sign up for dinner secretly we thought I just ordered pizza you have not just like have a deliberate and it. You think you a code you can look at. The actor yeah. So and the third or third or fourth or fifth thank you I don't know I'd that I wanted to mention with thank you to everybody who sent my programs. To Travis because when Rees was for some hospital we learn about mammograms eakins and too impatient there. And we first flooded. Monica. Who asked her 21 birthday with spy programs and we are flooding. Travis on his twelfth birthday. With my programs and his mom is so excited she sent me this last night. And before I reach the email from her when it remind you that we went with Kleenex in partnership with Kleenex and with. Lee can bury yet and we did a surprise for Travis and they brought and did he at 84 days left in the hospital they brought in wagons of stuff so that he would be busy for the next. 84 days and listen that this this ease guys. That condition that they Travis is being treated for required. A bone marrow procedure on her transplant which means you have to be. Being a controlled environment in this case it's one floor of the hospital. Or 100 days in the man as twelve years all twelve years old and you've got 100 days yet on one. Lore of that building moment and just realized that let about a week and a half ago we were able to pull out the surprise and Josie Travis we didn't go in the hospital or. But we delivered a bunch of wagons full of toys made cool stuff for him to 84 days were equals right so I just got this email from his mom last night and it says right and it's Donna Travis is mom despondency thank you again for all that you guys did to make my Travis says special last week. This migrants just keep coming in today that thank you all for doing that also she's an excessive and job. But after we went through everything on gave him Travis decided he should share with the other kids on the floor. So he became Santa track. She. And she says that will be. Brain without ceasing fussy baby girl of yours and all the other warriors. Biting it's awful disease. So he'd loads. The you know why and you gotta now about about children's. And share both noted that it angles and that that's. Where Reese's getting treatment and Travis in these wagons. For kids you still haven't strollers. You'd put you know it and admit everything there is on the little red Radio Flyer wagon. And and but it Scotland an IV pole on that he can let that recess had an idea when she's in their so windy. We're down in the capture you know within your and with reason why in the with the deep ball and there's just lingering so anyways he loaded up. Those wagons and went toward the door. Knocked on the door until every company. We can hear in the twelve girls that are humans and that's that's it. Thank you. All of you for for making this it life really special and he's just unit horrid and you can still we have the ladies and ads are ready for when a man Beckham you can still send the smile grams. To Travis clause welcome Travis on. Have any luck yet and who is paying it forward already. The other kids on the floor you just gonna start 94 when it landed a timely file the form. You just put his his is name is Travis he's at angles in and that as the hospital dues payments there definitely is the make sure you get the smile and it takes three minutes. As a constant time and it makes these guys world so send that along that that to travel. I. Star in 941. That.