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Monday, September 12th


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Starring Eddie Fuller line. We've said this on this show a lot that we want our show. To. Be like an escape right to be a oasis. Of all the nonsense that's happening in the world and that was go and really really really well. Until your daughter decided to screw it all up forestry and Alex I know I freeze. And we're at. About and we still aren't. But there's that we got to deal with with real life and I know you've been using the show. As I can escape from dealing with here with your daughter's cancer and and her fight it to beat cancer. But I sometimes it's more difficult than others. It was definitely a rough weekend but I think it was more for. Us as the parents and it was for her because she's still bright and sunshine and cheerful. I'm she's really doing greats of round two is done check but check mark and that box halfway done with him out on the chemotherapy we have awesome nurses Olivia and Rebecca took care of us a lot throughout. Our stay this time and they were phenomenal and it's really nice to have that repeated care at that same person that's coming back if they get to know you and your family and all that stuff. And and you know one thing I wanted to say is that. I hope that these threes updates can serve as a reminder for everybody had to work today are facing your own personal challenges has gone through some things away. Face in something whether it's. Something's not life or something big everybody's gone through some things we post a picture on FaceBook this weekend. Breeze and eight teachers that always be brave. And I just posted as recent as a message for you like what ever your going through. Always be brave and maybe she can serve as a reminder for you like if this eleven month old little girl can be in the hospital and fighting and beating cancer with a smile on her face frank giggling and laughing. You can take on today. You can take on whatever hard thing you're doing because she's a baby taken this and doing it so well. In the and the other side of that I though that lesson or the reminder I guess. That I take take away from from Marreese ever especially every time more of that adults and and either visit reasserted do the show from up there. Is I leave there with this re nude awareness. Of what other people might be dealing way. It's true and it's so easy to be mad at that jerk in traffic or our diversity is routed the grocery store. Or whatever you know I mean like whatever it might be dad elements annoying. But the reality is you don't know. When they go home at night. What their thoughts are as they flawlessly they might have a child who's been in the hospital for a week getting team. They might be three months behind on their car payment and of Beckett repossessed they lose their. Though and don't know what people are going through so treat people tenderness. Around to attend or be kind. That kind of says Acosta sent it actually gives more effort to be negative person and it does to be a positive person. And that's whether your be in the warrior that Reese is being and for the observer that all of us get to be counter so. But she's doing well she is doing well and that's that's our message for this week always be brave call. Thank you for the update and in just a few minutes in the very special edition of ghost timing. We had a recording ghost tanning last week and with Kelly cheese because we didn't know you're going to be in today so Kelly geez I can't quite. Yes just annoying and awkward math. Does say that yeah they say that. We'll introduce you to the woman who wants this ago ghost signing next and the jet engines started before one. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. The search starring 941 Atlanta.