Rebecca Weighs in on Josh

Wednesday, May 4th


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Are making this wedge to let's just show shall starting eight are. The recap from yesterday and we've Josh. He was separated from his wife moved into an apartment complex and medic girl named Rebecca. They had a little fling then it for a few months ago he reconnect with his wife and he and his wife are now. Happily finger quote happily married but he wants us to track down Rebecca who's been blowing him off because. He says that she promised to just stay friends when. You're okay. So we're gonna call her back and now you don't get to say anything be a part of this and all that welcome back and talk to you okay. Hot spot. I. Hey Rebecca. Yeah. It's the jet's engine and show how are you. I'm an area we are great thank you for agreeing to top this first of all we appreciate that. In her own and secondly the reason we are calling is because you were in a relationship with a guy named Josh. Who was going through a separation. You remember Josh. I hear what I don't panic there relationship that I had. Okay. Josh I called us and said you guys had been dating. For a period of time. And as you promised to stay in touch with him after he went back to his wife. And he's distraught because he hasn't heard from. Okay well. Yes that's ridiculous that it has. There's so many things wrong with that. We weren't really dating annually on out. You know he within my apartment complex we go to the pool by you whatever happened drain. You would hear a single night I knew he was separated. Did you know he was separate did you know he was separated but not divorced. Basically. I get sent to benefit. Yeah right. Say it is only. And I am I have now so now that he's back quick and I don't think I need to be and it's like anymore why there's no point do we wired. That close. While there's two reasons why and if he is upset because you said. When he told you they use going back to his wife the Euro like other that's cool congratulations. Let's all be friends. Let's all be cool. Did he say anything that might make him think that. I mean if that's what you play you know these trends that more in I don't I definitely need it I'm not conducting Alabama and I can go. You know shock and let them go over and I'm getting now I. All right okay and then the second thing is I'm he may have gotten the impression. That you would be open to being neighborly. With him and his wife or maybe just a full of that. Now we can now. Yeah I never said anything like that maybe they always jokes made I don't know but I would never Ratner. DA Bradley Effect say yeah Clinton benefit to whatever it candidate like actions creepy okay. So basically you would like us suits now just to go away. And tax but haven't responded for re so he. Got it all right thank you Rebecca. 80 and I we appreciate that exactly how we thought could go to the jazz. She now.