Rayne Isn't Into Being a MOH

Thursday, August 25th


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Engine shop. Still are. Is this relationship. Going today we are about how rain on behalf every day. Renee and rain and in France last three years and rain is her co maid of honor for the wedding. There were disappointed on how rains been forced into a team very enthusiastic and she's definitely not helping plan her bachelorette weekend. That sound about right winning yeah. So will pitch well and you'll be listening and as we called rain and we're gonna ask her where is this relationship going and then lapses. How and to be made on. I. Rain this is different from the Jeff and tension you. It. Thanks for coming on with us I'm here and Jessie here and we are calling you it is a segment we do called where is this relationship now so we ask that question. About your friend rent way Rene told us that you are made of honor in her wedding. Yeah and she's just wondering. About now. Crude. Download. I can continue to hang wringing that I'd be weird girl in the statistical. And Stacy. Co maid of honor. Yeah. She is bringing. Just really get a car and. Never put aside that come with teammates and honor native honors at the words were never there to it is never what does that coming when they wrote the movie bridesmaids. If it's a little bridesmaids. She's just making them really technical or me I don't. You know I'm thinking you actually. Know who ran me. Down well right. I know what do you think into organizing what she likes internal I can't. We're using right now. When she has to be made of honor was that a shock. I'm really shot. I wasn't expecting him and I didn't expect actually when it's time for her. And you're right it that Alex and kind of weird brightly EB. I just. It is a little ridiculous. So what is Stacy doing. Didn't scrutinize it you know plays to. And here are like everything include incorrect and if not kidnapped where each. Unit and that you didn't I don't I don't know would you like I'd been known that well. Is it an option that you kind of just defer all decisions to use Stacy. And then. And maybe you take on more of administrative role like Stacey you make all the decisions. And how be in charge of emailing everybody or coordinating everything made in the hotel. Room reservations or whatever. Is that. Food. Mean intent is a good point in the conflict is gonna hack controlling nation with. Not let a lot less fun and then what I signed up for. Not a lot of that then why don't job except when became public I have to do we can't but yeah I you're writing it that it something. As you can view them. You know if if let's say we removed Stacey from the situation just hypothetically. If you can only maid of honor how into being made of honor are you. It. Rude I am just playing I'm just exhausted I had a minor. Astonished at notre I don't know when she returned topped. And I think you know we nanny. I lowered its side. I don't think I'm the right person for the challenge gain is actually. Better for the job than I am I should just not. She doesn't anger or you know she's not letting me help. So thank you don't feel your. If you couldn't ask runway would you ask her for a demotion. That ever happened in the history of weddings Sammy get him all of my self self demotion. That would work for me at this point one. Says rebuke him being just a bridesmaid. Yeah I bet he would not being Liberal Party. I think your relationship with her answer your French. Picture chewing them up backing out I'm happy to continue. Dealing. In an honorary just. Lupica integrated team that gets a lot. Yeah you can make an informed decision now. I hate I. Mean I just brace yourself for what would happen after after she knows about it because. I had. An experience like this month I was asked to be a bridesmaid and wedding I was going to be one of fourteen all Mike it's no lie I'm not exaggerating that not Iowa number I was number fourteen of and a bridesmaid and as the groom have to match grooms men yes I don't remember hitting that many and listen to this I don't give them any friends and I'd I'd be trying to I'd be borrowing penguins from the aquarium. It was in that time of life were so many of our friends at that time getting there's another wedding the same weekend. In the same tied up so I told her I said I can't be a bridesmaid packets com. And when Isaac could not be a bride's maid because I would have to attend to weddings in the same day yeah I was no longer friend. Cut out of this one are where you unabated tonight with an uninvited to every. It's just so you know. I while I think of who I don't mean to scare you arrangement that that's a real possibility. Are all I think that it is a lesson that you learned that maybe I can thank you a lot. And that's true and although it's uncomfortable at first now. I wash out. But I want it never got well over how it and then the other hand that story is Jan went to the other wedding. Had a great time got hammered with it's and I'm tables was sick with them and it was awesome. Actually I need not I didn't. It I'm great thank you for thank you for the time good look at the rest of it he had good luck that yeah. The politics the politics of away Mariano. Well aware in the midst of it yeah. I thank you rein things were done right back here in just a minute we you'll pick up Renee who got to listen that old conversation. And find out what ray things rains response. That three minutes Jeff contentious starting before Roland. Engine shop it's still aren't. Ready for a one.