Rap Battle Winner

Monday, June 20th


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This show should really be called the jazz and chanting usually how does he can't do it without you can. It's from World War II 7419400. Just don't know before wind. Yeah the real winner is the rap battles and listeners. Ideas that have actually pages that endure that. And I. Actually got Brazil. None thank you for entering. I like it did pretty. Bleak because actually on the remote spot quote I even though started in. You or. Unbeaten in. And. I would agree that David went. The champion going into next week Kevin and Logan bill. Stay out beyond the line. I think Jan warm. And paste and look criteria. Her creative load translate ha bar. It's it's crazy. And I included the word voice to speak. For what rhymes with Maurice. And I didn't rhyme with anything trust and tried and always writing it but I was like you can't do a rap about humidity and not use the word everybody hates the most in English language. My pits are moist my arms I'll voice fits the Courtney Monticello. The wine and what and why. I. Anyhow chaos. Allocate for your batsman real. I think right at least eight. I. I DL final vote what do you think. Things may get hit land because he is asking me that year. It. You write it this way I live is up at Scripps spelling B we have coached team. Maybe sometimes it's better used to move on and winners and losers damages. Able to Iraq and violent elements that are being made politically correct teacher I would say that have room for improvement to hit. Thanks for being a part of it it's. Job.