Rap Battle Topics

Monday, June 20th


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Thank you for making this list today Jeffrey gen shall all installing net. Order for delivery cooler Cary out of pocket Jon wants fame or he will cap. Yeah. Moon. It live and actually looked out of cheese yeah pop as a Jackson thought. Like just lay. I'd gin. Let's talk fat off rather about public done. We've been did this idea on the air with you also please contribute if you have ways you can't edit its first week. Did impromptu rap battles right and those on the spot in the mama it rap that we are all pretty about it. It is just popular science and get ourselves about like. 1520 minutes like a couple of songs we can work on there it's a little bit that night and now have even newer development to Iraq battles idea. Well the idea was elected champion every week pick the topics for the following week yeah like Kelly she's who won last week. Is out we've. Terrible sore throat and she were that you might be contagious. So we decided to. Jeff did you listeners weighing in India as the top picks topics like neck and learning perils and which are topic. What. Yeah it. On yet and I art it acts. Okay mosquitoes is a great topic to wrap up there's so many words that rhyme it is you who think. I had. Appreciate you. Also heard it from here than three times as me and David today and say okay and we answer I'm god traffic that's from Morgan in Manhattan and K okay. And then humidity. Today from Sanjay impeach record this is a perfect because they are all last summer related. I sort of traffic maybe mosquitoes and humidity summer and it's it's the first summer. I. Organic. How you like you chicken. We were put. How you like your wallet. And didn't hit. All my dues they shop at whole foods when I sense that gesture oh Wii's news show that our. Are being cute my food is poll my dad used to bowl gonna go and go into this total cost your whole payroll. Mateo. Is always on sleep. Twelve booze. Whole foods that. He hits it. I Marino. Can you are. The unbiased judge in the other room. Oh do you assign these to us traffic. Mosquitoes. Can humidity. Me think about it will play David's from last week the net and then we'll combat fighters. Sneeze and stay out. It. Pretty well move. David it's either a lucky break up fifth spectacular it's terrible there. I think it will keep our food. I anger and last night and I. And he got to be kidding me an. Field and the you theatre I'd line them all right if you go to absolutely mind right now basically the opposite of iTunes. I'm are Maria what he got traffic can produce this album and ready yet to honor a traffic I think he's trying to Jeff. They get it right now be testing obviously. And I think David's do mosquitoes. And and then at least once in with humidity today and vanity look at. Today so much that runs with humidity. Way. Flow. For. And. Thanks for being a part of it it's. Job.