Rap Battle: Summer

Monday, June 20th


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One. Did you think you shell. Get a paint a picture of what the studio normally looks like. During an aid song. Political saga about what's coming up next. Critical elements are crap about her co workers are equally on the the couple minutes are gonna matter Wii game. Yeah. It signed. Not a word. And really crazy kids. Act battle. With a perfect law. With some rhymes. If someone needs to teach me how to stated that there could go to and I think it. Producer David you're pretty angry your app I was in voting for a happier wrapper on Monday within about mosquitoes and how happy that we really the eastern with a two point. So. Lee's first and your efforts. I is there and maybe that's ago last last time I can't say. I am rapping about humidity. In your memory is muskie and mine is about. So. James. Hugh made in he Iraq. Strapping people. I'm going to be honest decent enough then you look here we go good sounds sort of my headphones that it. Yeah yeah. It's summertime you know did humidity is sick. And damp sticky and moist and you know needed trip. For all this crazy hair and stinky pits I swear this humidity makes me look like shut. Up. Watching from the car into work I'm already drenched in sweat what certain. You need an AC blasted you know really quick. This eighth he'll hit he. Ya and slid it. If. That's right or are Caucasian club and the I don't really have them that's right Iraq hard. It is called ratings ain't got. If you listen carefully actually hear people's. I did you guys are rather rapid Vietnamese and acts can go today that idea because my. I. Then again almost by Carolina program. Outs. Something bit me my arm it's starting to get succeed. And mosquitoes. There's so unbearable. I need some spray. It is really terrible. Consider a stay inside. The weather is too nice now I have the book page. And you get some ice. It sure is way. I didn't know belief that this things though as well ahead. So I had scribbled that he can't currently Martha. I. Yeah traffic the maximum flow of it and in a couple of styles here. It'll be very. The terrible with the terrible incidents as Jeff to all Arab. In that. When you do this do you feel uncomfortable and Audrey. So hurry Beckett a fifth leg and I think we'll go after those and stupid if your paper. They hot right yes. I think that. Warmth. And humidity here if selling it buttoned down. The Bob said he five's got more cars then this guy's got stars. In fact a more trucks than trump got buckets. Why do you all moves those who don't any of you have places to go if this stupid these guys. Does it move I'm gonna blow to many syllables. Yes. Traffic is bad I'm so sad he's so mad I actually am glad this. Israelis traffic go Brian. You spend more time listening to start out before I. Nice job. Should development scheme brother where he practiced that we have but I'm not really. He just what did you. 40474. Wide and I beforehand if we have to determine. A winner because you've been in my mind those were all pleased. We'll let your votes count 404741. And he's right in the winner the rat panel next. Thanks for being a part of it it's. Job.