Quincy Jones with Jeff and Jenn

Tuesday, March 22nd


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Jesse James Shields shell Vizio. To join the conversation. For a force. Now before hundreds also aren't naive or blind. We have a special guest in studio Quincy Jones comedienne not got the surprise of his life from Ellen DeGeneres that aired yesterday yes on her show and happens vehemently and today in studio with us thing different now that. Quincy Jones comedian every time yes he got and we gotta specify there's some other amusement and yeah I. Trying to ride your I just thriller whoever heard of its their head appeared if you just come and IQ show we retired immigrants here few minutes ago. Last July. Quincy way is diagnosed and pretty aggressive cancer he has the game prognosis. Says most people going to be around for a year correct and Quincy. Did I think you did the opposite of what I would him and I think I would note. Corolla in and in question why in and I'm not angry that you do that. You would do now now you would do that I'd like to think I would be. You'd like where. It's you know yeah I am just so much more wanna do you know you feel the sun in your face to the breezes you know like now the small things like me you grateful so. Right now we only in what would like her look at your own life. OK well let's let's. This it would statements in this that's that's one thing at a time when you're making the most that's that you got to do with anything like that to you Chris Jesus and a comedian he's been good effort to seventy years now. And he decided that. He wants to make a while it's a healthy enough and human he wants to film every comic stream a special yeah one hour comedy special late late sobered as interest rocked. Jerry Steinfeld as and we cicadas yeah. You put yourself right up there with them and he's going after it dreams we got a. Go for a series started this kick starter campaign yes and Mac kick starter went viral yeah. And out of their friendship that's how Ellen DeGeneres heard about you the first time cues that come in circles there and I'm sure she is connected to your story so how does that first connection happened with Alan. It was with a my cousin written into the show. Situation and then the video paired with video or viral. I feel like that's where actor producer attention and then they interviewed me in an argument from the show and as a I'd just gotten gene was our first thought it was a joke as it goes on playing games like tonight he didn't work site it was very. I'm excited actual desire and doubt I just give me a little bit and then like organizers room I was like oh my goodness. Oh my god Ellen. The realism. Allen sixty years an error Allen and let's do that those as it is okay say they'd put me. I went on and offers the. So the first TV appearance of like 101000 dollars to be able to film. Your jury to film comedies and this and that is that the case rate. Today and that we that we surpass the initial goal it's certainly within our the years especially at this point the production costs are covered. Figure specials or is again you know looking at Andy's Allen's back then I don't know. She's amazing parents really nicely. Really nice young guys and Entergy supportive. That is lover alert you wanted to before city you give take the 101000 charter flight you'd do well at our tournaments for them to pay a that's two in and you get another phone call from tonight we love you have back in those of course are free in the regular in the studio at a renewal for well. Our noses are gonna you know a little bit Sunday clothes are right and they are going there and their lives a you don't know this and managers and to the buy it. We've been on to our HBO they want when. Arms and arms race there is here's Alan talent agency that HBO. Is going to produces. One company's. You mentioned last time that you wanna do a comedy special that's really important for you to do comedies fans believe. In the dirt yet so what you would you don't know is who we I and we called the head of HBO. And your people didn't even tell you this but HBO is an area special. You almost got there we. I mean there's water if you simply happy I'm. You're gonna need money to is making especially producing a special. Is also very expensive so Shutterfly wants to give you 151000 dollars to help. They've got any need to make this special you got HBO did an air the special that's big now I get your material ready are you reading materials ready were working in structured feeling inflow press materials read it needs is there it's there if you wanna see Quincy Jones hears you need to do in this guy's. Energy. And his attitude. And his spirit. Is contagious. And don't have it you wanna be in the room with that you've got your special let yourself be specially yours that my special card round circular today have in the ballroom 830. Tickets on sale fifteen dollars that is sold out distill some standard room where you would be apart. This through tomorrow tomorrow around. I love the way you're taking assigned and I just wanna say thank you for an inspiration because just having one ounce of the fight that you have an energy you have apple. Change I did today just and if I can just a one ounce back. He didn't want counts for Tony that an event. I don't Quincy Jones. I say thank you for coming man of Asia as it does thank you so much yesterday as government I might come tonight I'm men. So we radio as early as the federal government. Well we'll come I don't know ovals thing to you close and who are stiffer than him. Nothing personal we've just got to get our maps. All the details on how you get tickets are up online Christie thank you so much for coming in via pars and you think.