Questions For The Ex

Thursday, December 14th

Jeff's friend was approached by his ex-wife's new man, who apparently needed some questions answered. 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole. I we get an update from Jeffs Fran net who's. Ex wives new boyfriend reached out to him for advice he said I am about to approach proposed to her about to get married but you're really on has been married to her. So. Got a couple questions for you before I get down on one knee so here here for like of the Dubai when it I didn't. Well here's the here's the particulars he needs to know about it that he doesn't they have no kids together and they've had no can they actually live in separate cities. So my body who were gonna call him mark lives in Atlanta came his ex wife. David David. I'm split up now for. Five or six years let's give her name tea. And a and a tank so Anna. Has been dating. Like started dating this is due to wallow. Hearn and mark we're getting divorced they moved out of Atlanta together I think Lee of any different city now and I in her. Boyfriend mark only knows this through you know FaceBook pictures and after they have mutual friend so pops up from time to time. Out of the nowhere. Markets a FaceBook message from. Anna's boyfriend saying. Will you answer these quietly you answers and what can we get on the phone before you on before I've. Propose. To an over the holidays are asking some questions. Right so mark writes back and says. Euphoria and the found can you give me an idea of what exactly you wanna talk. So mark got a list of questions back home yeah it's from Anna's voice. OK and he's actually coming on the air this now to read the list of questions. On some thanks mark and mark. Oops that's my fault line column. And sometimes there isn't America. Or it Ari so. How many questions and totaled eight an ad is boyfriend Sandia. And that kindergarten and I have five questions that does she there's got to once they answered our question. Was there anything LA does he want you to write back to these five questions ours are these talking points from when the two of you get on the found. No there there you want an answer. These fired questions. I'm watching you know news I never yeah there's resulted in me and I heard village regulation. Well when we talked about this the other day amateurs you went online and listen to whatever we talk read this yet today. A lot of people called haven't had this is a really great idea so viewer one of those people. Let's listen to these five questions and then call us if you've changed your mind OK I'm. I'm mark I question number one. I in the present what. Yes we wish you can't put the money when you had joint account. It's wishy OK with the money when you had joint account. So right shoulder together you get this guy wants to find you know. Which usually you spend your guests wishing they don't shoes purses whatever. I don't know. Oh well obviously. If they've been together for over five years and he doesn't know that yet. True yeah he would now. Down and tiring out she spent Monday. Leaving at what I yeah I mean she tried to hide it career everything else and a I I spent most of our time together digging through bills to see where the money once saw these include rude awakening. OK okay I go out Christian member till. Committed and get up there and get him out of contact with the other men in her life changed what you guys got there. Contact with other men. So did she have guy friends that are really her best friends. Oh did you get. Yeah I lost count we are dating that's what apparently. Okay so this guy is flags are obviously going up would this guy. Better this seemed flags that went up why you guys are married oh absolutely and a little question. She likes attention from other man. And continues to have close friendships that are man thanked. You know what that there so I question very third imagery was was there a change in a matter of physical relations. Actually got married. So he wants to know if she's cows. I'll political battle and I wound when. It. Think that I would notice after five years. Well he might be think king if this is his first marriage there's like kind of a joke like. And as dear Mary in. You know maybe now. It is where honeymoon was over a long time ago. We don't. So his intuition so far seem to be correct. But this guy's ahead this guys asking the right questions. The I have to believe he had security has the answers. When you are reaching out to me but I was. May thirty tackled as three big winds allowed and what else could be less sun this is wary of material that there's. Crushing her as our attack now. It is doubtful if she wasn't it is sheet costume if she was a restaurant. Would you recommend her to a friend. Like a Yelp ratings. Yeah I don't know he wants to Yelp raid his ex air your excellent if. They're that indeed quite when I first read that question just like I. What is news and when he does it Schumer tree. What country who. Please stars would you give her arrest great. Usually goes right back no I wouldn't eat there again. So yeah political failure that's nominal. And finally I aggression armour lives. Yeah. And get it this month. Jeremy Brandt you know should do you have any trips. That I needed Obama. It. It's here this year contortions. Are magician and her can she do balloon man. There you off I would love to respond she can sit rollover. You. Have to ask. Yeah how children. Now our notes okay. Nice so the question in his Alam are the question is does he write back. I think he just rates dragons as you are asking the right question here intuition are correct good Barbara. I don't know well I just like it's too much it's like how they Tiffany. Hey did I should not eat any cracked. Actually can't third if you look where it used car right how are. How did you think march because his ex wife it doesn't sound to me at. That mark and his ex wife probably have a lot to talk about based on his responses to those questions so. Look I think you hit it right back and say if you lover it's a question. What is Robert the cash. It's really true I mean you feel loves are as close of being married to her and they've been together for five years. Mark's answer these questions shouldn't matter. Did not matter how. It point thank you for your call I thank you gay bath and would sack. Yeah and now looking not at a proposed Jeanne are expecting she's cheating on Election Day would be echoed and it's a broad questions. Keeping in the red flag and I wondered if she doesn't strength in him that she did with the. It's wondered if his three. So they absolutely her boyfriend is asking okay all right. Get current voicestream that he cheated we aired on the act. And that's why they looked in to get a quick didn't look. The moon looks. I'm okay. Hey idiot repeating it up and eat Turkey wrapped in white. OK well back thank you for making a possible not from me to not pick up my friend mark again. Now answer his call her there which he sang. Now she's saying that bad earned that her name's bath bed and out left mark of the current boyfriend. Now the current boyfriend this being at the pattern from eating at elves. Kelly gonna have to pick up market tumbled ketchup. Now. Don't know if she answers the question. Star in 941. Just just a buddy Myers is going to answer the five questions of his ex wife's new boyfriend. Quickly around the room and JP would you re back. Now. Jana are you right back no drama and just lama's no hit the. Jane comes several times average that you would now ranked and would you. I made a limbo and house exchange and they had some bonuses and make a living. Went hungry back. OK is you wanna hear what his answers are gonna prevent it they. The sun isn't enough now. Because they care about him as a friend iTunes yeah just a you know tune yeah I don't care write him back go. I won't consider you guys don't care Kelly out just what bonus and a I can't. The about a thing cake pops around here themselves. I am a guy talented. And ask him if you would mind writing that guy back just to keep its talent ideally we get the film have the commerce he had a conversation on the radio that that'll never happen. Fingers crossed no way. Finally pray because. All learned to share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook.