The Question That Had Everyone Crying Part 3

Wednesday, January 18th


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Star in 941. Okay well so. We gave nods. Expect. Three games this sad. Since then because Brad long and then there's so many people. Our rights beyoncé is not alone in this I think. So this hopefully. Sure did. There's comfort in numbers right I'm trying to find the outside because we say our shows to theater better mood and an and and make you smile make you happy and you have to command here. In grief as part of life. But it's not ever easy and and this thinkpad grief is everybody handles its load differently. It's so personal so. Brad situation with his fiancee has really sparked. You know a lot of people calling give him advice because so many people are going through the same thing Kelly's been hearing everybody's stories on him tears ya. Ahmanson. This is similar situations as a unit trains. Brad found out that his fiancee. Has been sending messages using basement. And private messages to her ex boyfriend but her ex boyfriend died several years ago on he wanted to now. How he should feel about that. What's the wanna talk to her about it if she talked about it what to do so our theory is well that's a unique situation we've never heard before maybe they're somebody's listening in. How proud and we gotta feel this phone calls and now every single line that's on hold rate now. Is a person who does the exact same thing and how he's answering the phone calls anise. Yeah I am about Eminem and haren lost some money that. Are thousand and in my life for ever whether it was a boyfriend her best friend like you lose somebody that important to you. You just like I can't even say his name without tearing up and I've had this conversation off there. But just hearing it from our perspective on everybody's different perspective whether it was ten years ago or last year. It's just hard and you see people on the different reading states from the beginning at ten years later and you just hope that there's light at the end of the tunnel by at. Everybody has differently so hearing on this on this night Amman. K Lee welcome to the sham. It. I can't hear you. Well you're not alone because you're the first call that came through in you do the same exact thing. I do the net at. I know I'm not allowed to feel like your loud and probably not be able I. I'll not be on the net Carla parent yeah well I. You know I'd. Do it. And think that they limit it is not everyday that we can debate and I think in the net the net from my bad thing apart and your wife he'd get. Late go eat at you never like cattle eat it never liked any yeah. They say that the ethics. You know I let my like with the yeah yeah. The only way out incompetent he collect them like they eat. And people get hot it would be I guarantee you talk about that I. People want to talk about as we get that error my heart they're that they're bad track they don't mind that the third day. Oh their ball. The epic about a wake up the thing that they only eat. Did you get pumped her her whole lot better yeah Kirk. Oh yeah the body seeking re back but people don't. Know what that may. I'll wait. She went to talk about it obviously. If you don't. I don't do they pay every single day I got a picture everything about it because. You and I here in port. Didn't heatedly but popular about it they need to be anything other than that app L they're a bit. You know what it says what do we talked about it because Ollie can remember. He's you're out there are day they're anniversary and birthday. Like at night in your heart that. And I heard they make everything okay. And Caylee who I know one thing I've struggled with is just I'm asking questions and I know I'm never gonna get answers to. But apparently I'm asking them myself so if somebody went in my staff and saw like letters that I have definitely written or FaceBook messages like you what you Britain. I would. Beg someone to ask me those questions because. I'm asking about if you want to you don't wanna be like the sad puppy at the party everywhere you go remembering and of every time we think about it as you think about. It. And some as you like I love you this much and I wanna know like how bad your hurting. And makes you love that person and respect and even more and then they'll understand like there's no comparison I'm not comparing you to this person. Not he'll never live up to that it says I'm never gonna get answers to questions that I need and so I need. All right you are exactly right because it's in Portugal might there lately. While in orbit. Inadequate hard hearted. Into the he or she talked to him like you're CRM. Thank you very confident about it yeah thank you. Candy welcomed them into. Her and that. Are you okay well I'm kind of there's light at the end of the little flurry. I am in the process of going through and I haven't expect actually almost seven years and then about ten apparently let doctor. I mean I did after they passed I met my now on. In America I think it was it was easy for her but and she she kind of understood. I'm where I'm coming terms and never really lost anyone close and in her grandfather and she has. And talking about it she realized that you know his rating on it at all or had pictures that I listening packages and C. Additionally never understand what she's willing to try and that's what opened the door or certainly didn't able to talk to her as. They'll have their writing messages though and I think that it would still somewhat do I talk Hurd said so we'll go out and somebody ordered drinks. Our white Russian diplomats in the drink and I'll economically and you're happens is like. It's one of those analytic engine block fatherland and orderly fashion and then look at that they're talk about it and it's something that you need to realize that. When it comes down to see people in her own way and. And everybody heard it said that but there's no time limit on it I mean I'm going on seven years now and it's still it's still pretty sort of like this are reopened and them. Candy it sounds like your wife is so strong that she so she hits strong in her love for you and she says strong in herself and confident in herself that she can. Except it except you love you. And all those love your axe. Because of the way he felt about. My actually my best friend who actually there experiment more than her wedding. That was all her idea. That's kind of the definition without them I wouldn't be who I am today and diet and that is the person Sheila. Well IE. Thank you for for the college and I approved by appreciate the sentiment away aggression is terrible. And now I know. But it'd be actually. Well. Yeah yeah maybe yeah. I'd in the few hours. And almost out. It's a dollar can make a class act and got. All your bawling crying that that's irritated he's got a master plan. You're in charge of coming back out of this and and doing something late because that's all I got trying to make people laugh now younger and yes. Yeah okay Jones accepted it be okay because who we just went to a pretty intense place and crazy guys at swapped out the songs. Mostly. Though. All right thank you everybody who called and sorry we couldn't get anything go signal from golf and hopefully that is that was helpful. One more view is that there in numbers right especially brand of it Cali him and. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta loves.