The Question That Had Everyone Crying Part 2

Wednesday, January 18th


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Jeff. Were 46309. Are you know. I just talked to Brad Pitt who is gonna listen to your right now. He isn't a dilemma he opened the news the Nazis FaceBook page and saw that she has been corresponding regularly with her ex boy. Every single day she rates a message. Private message on pace. We Ingram how is. It. And he feels betrayed by. So actually and Lawrence well welcome to Jeff invention have. Thank you. It's funny I had a brother that died and her eight years ago on how to route and they did a high school. I don't know actually does anything like that Arabic I never see you can I say he didn't Hellenic I mean that's her way of mourning. And dealing without law and has been let it. I'm I know how counseling after about a guy salad one of the things that they only do what you write to him daily. Tell him things that we would normally have conversations about. And it really helped me move on. I would say that that can meet that show the type a loyal team that you don't see in my. Well I think that he needs to see that as creed that may seem. And the term of endearment and try to help territory that it's not. And it's nuts you competing the church he's no longer here you know and it sat. But don't you feel like she is in the midst of this intimate relationship went. Someone. Else that's. I mean I guess I can see where you would think that I'm like it totally seen that but it's not like she can ever. You know I I think that that makes for a little a little bit different but the fact that she's chosen that opened her heart about that. Thank you to try to love somebody out. After having that fact alone in believing couldn't eat. Sure that I pitched great actually that he should eat that as as the thinking that the terms of endearment and try to help her through it. Thanks for the call actually. All. Right we've got to may again in Noonan on the line and seasoned expert hey may end. I hate it more inning guy. You went to school for this. Big I didn't believe it and I could you got a lot. You got to college education and degree for the purposes of calling a radio station and giving it. Take. Torre I let you make your right and everywhere in this story. Can get colder Whitney. I'm and I am you look at share of it from I respect it and tried it or that I that. Into actually had actually hoping guilt for her. They had treatment at cycle and it really never ended and track where we can't really play at timeline on her little birdie. And as far as you know him reaching out and talking to her about it eat meat comes from a light that here and there. Rather it end. You know coming from a place where he portrayed as a breaking Mac stretched to their relationship. Is it strange that she's kept the secret. Not a lights I know from my respect at all of her Heatley I think today. That's probably her own house note journey and Elaine let's hard Greece and keeping it secret is. Not surprising to me. I think they're in a minute flurry in their relationship. And you know rebuild that Trent asked her how are they cute you attract and actually should probably be a. If you're I'd just coming into the conversation. We heard from Brad a minute ago few minutes ago and he just found out that his fiancee. Several. Of since the summer has been messaging for the past several years her ex boyfriend and they've been every day the boyfriend. So his fiancee. Has he seek your relationship with the guy that used to date news. And eat as we know how to process that information. He since her how to talk to her about it he's not sure if he should feel betrayed or not it's. Our cat he's actually been there before. Hey Kathy welcome to the show. Morning. I elevate it to eight. I. I think I am I'm. I. I. Married. You're 88. Eat your heart. Of and it LL EEN. A comment and eat that can't lock somebody. Only worry. About one wish. They had a bad call. You know it and you helped recruit at and. Harry. Not your heart. I don't. So it'll take its not here and so I think it will take a strong man Brad has to be extra strong to be able to be in. Love with his fiancee and be able to accept her. Continually grieving. Over her act. I aren't. You know I heard I. Don't break I do you know that. True. Eat I'll be doing that. Great out. On no matter what anybody that can't change. Yeah yeah. And it. Really did not. Only did they think they now. They. Even. A lot animate and at night and then I. I'm the lie. Aren't just. On the tape makes a strong man thank you Kathleen Kathy I'm Dana in gains now as some advice pay Dana. Yeah hi nick into our blog I can act in McMaster now an epic LP that I am not. I'm still in arms the back our opinion that. He would need to harper operate a minute but not. The curtain on expect our general public that occur. And I can play hurt our all our guys are quiet. At all. He'd already read that beat dad that he did not necessarily bring that up because. There were you out of touch they are all these are done that very personal opinion at that you need you are not happy that it because I've written a beat yet. There are the biggest yet if I'll let it out there that he's not being on the out. Oh yeah I think yet a very ballot and they're acting. Open mic diplomatic can only help. It's got a battery that he has that knowledge is not going to help but he. Every everybody who knows that about emphasized community like. They're really problems in the Israeli that in order if we just didn't communicates. I would talk to one woman who actually does. Now. Now can James Young star already forewarned.