The Question That Had Everyone Crying

Wednesday, January 18th


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Because we know driving sixty miles per hour it's nearly impossible on the perimeter. Yeah. Dollar and sixty with Justin Jan nonstop now on starting not before one. We have a listener on the phone right now that needs you and honestly this is a situation I have never. Ever heard of well. It's complex and pretty emotional. We're we're gonna call in rat right we're yes using names that aren't the real threat. Brad and his fiancee are having a problem because she. Is still in the midst of her relationship with her acts. Who is no longer letting. So we are gonna pick up and talk to Brad he's gonna explain halting tennis he's he's pretty nervous about it so we need you. To me because Tim. I'd tomorrow morning at this time something a little later we received a message from a huge. Huge Atlanta Falcons. Not a bandwagon fan. This won't die hard is hardcore. Awesome and she was so fired out toward the end of this season. It she wrote a song for the Atlanta Falcons typically. For a quarterback Matt Wright. And and she wrote this is singer songwriter says she wrote this from the perspective. Of man waits there. Oh well she's definitely a songwriter she wrote a song. Okay all right so we're gonna play the entire sound Smart but I justice mark on this and. My. And TV. Playing her. Continue. Iron man's your wings but if you don't. Oh me any news at some. So. Tomorrow morning. I'm gonna have them both on this that we're gonna have the old saw some may even have Berkman and perform. It's a song for Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan from the perspective. Of wife Sarah written by a huge. I love the diehards are rights and he is judges explain we have to go rat race and it can take it serious he's having. Issuing this fiance. He's really super. We've changed his on base namely changed his name which is on Brad and think that we just. Let him explain the whole thing do we need it in anymore her in his previous modern age okay all right Brad the floor is yours. School. I think this is seen throughout never done anything like this I apologize this. And the brother little weird. So this is on the material. She and I got engaged. This past summer and we've been. Sort of hesitant to set a wedding day. And recently at all. A premier discovery in now I don't know if I even want to set a wedding date because. I don't know what to think about it so on this in this sort tell you what happened. We are sitting in bed. A week or two ago and she had her FaceBook open. And she wanted to go to the bathroom. And pay. I mean I never should've done this but I did it I eight. Looked at herb herbs FaceBook messages. I was just curious in the end you know find it was a snooping -- saying I just let you know. White kids cannot see a little dude just sort of you know sharing her space and. She had she didn't open. And he just looked good yeah that were there. What made her herb page is open and that she'd been you know typing away so I've you know it is curious what series. Doing the lord knows you never post anything sort of I'd. Just click the messages and she has. Every day. Main entry like she she she writes this sort of the look at it journal entry. Every single day a day as it appeared that has played updating. Updating. You know whatever it has been going on the weather's so didn't happen whatever it is it's small just like a journal. Again you know I had a personal thing that she's ending it. You heard dead ex boyfriend. FaceBook. Account to like messaging him. Thank you I mean. These guys he passed away like senator a year ago is like you know they gained through actual college. You know they had intentions of getting married he acts in a car accident so it's like I feel bad. Did she you know clearly. Has some some. Unresolved feelings or sit at the same time. I I kind of feel betrayed in a way it's luck but I feel jealous of of this dead guided she's having these into Mitt. I. The discussions went to Eleanor Odom like I'm I'm right next Q you're not saying you think in these same you're dead exploit translate. So did you judge you and you. Did you just shut the iPhone opera iPad or whatever lies and I'd. I did expect of them did you they selected to hear says she doesn't know that you know that she does. No you Tallulah. Usually I mean he has a sleeper or something I can't imagine. Having a normal conversation after finding something like that. And that means she's she got back in bed turned off and and there are very there was no just luckily there was no way. You know post nimble to order a it had moment because I don't know what I would have done you know to be gotten at a very. And I don't do well with with quick reaction to have to process saying so for me I'm afraid direct probably would've. Sort of you know. Lost daughter is if we hadn't turned the conversation right then but. Luckily have a sort of had time to process that I just don't know. How much was it how much that you back on what would have would you feel if you write your fiance. A couple of months you know. So you're just able to scroll back and obviously some of the messages I mean she on to the bathroom and back it was like. At a super long time to look we did you get to read any of that context of it of what she was I mean I. I got through. Two of them I clicked and they are very you know roughly about a year apart she's been doing this. And he's got ice I scroll down and just it just to see how far back anyway. Because you know late in distributed date in the end of the day every day she's been doing work at least and other. So if there's a clinic and just listening who can help us and so are the messages like. You know this makes a difference Saturday. Like is she telling him. About you and her life or is it just like. Our it's another cold rainy day here and I didn't get to take the dogs on a long walk but what tone. Well I. I didn't I didn't get that far into it and they're predictable but I read and one of them was just sort of like a daily update. Like you know. It was about work. And but it was getting really cold. And she mentioned you know. Something about. Him liking cold what are some things. On those front wind chart combatant the first one that I read. It just it happened here he. Armed. Like reminiscent totally you know she's every time she writes in she's nostalgic. About you know how he made her county comforter in New Britain look at some live up to the memory. Of this Leno host a lost ball lovely. How much supposed to carry on a healthy relationship with someone who restock. In love when did you know a dead ex boyfriend and she she feel so connected to every day she had to. Talk to our. Hello. I'm Maryland and ultimately. I want he I would feel betrayed him. I would I would be. But isn't part of it like the betrayal McCain is in the second level of Allah is almost heartbreak because obviously. Obviously you love her. So match and your feelings that you've had an issue if you would trade that and you person you love is obviously holding on to something. If they can't let go of that's. Heartbreaking that to you wanna fix that. War. I mean I do well yeah yeah but. How old will limit those who do might just confront her about it and then an effort not trust me because she feels like I snooped around. And read her personal. You know journal took a tour de ex boyfriend which will what is best. You know we're we're how to lead how they do this without losing trust. You know and the thing is is should I mean should I even keel. Betrayed because it's not maybe just are coping mechanism but I would have to be discussion between. Myself and her but. How has broached. Well we are not a word. But but there might there I mean the beauty having. A radio audience is that there might be somebody listening who has an idea. War has actually this before radio as the regional outsourcing he athlete can information. Borrow for. U 630941. As the number. Times. She's running Dennis in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Spring come a little early enough congestion ginger on starring Betty Ford Lola and.