Putting Kelly Cheese's Love To the Test

Friday, June 9th

First we try to trip Kelly up with fake texts, then Jeff reveals how tarot card reading about Kelly's love life went.

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And should show. And for the. She's has been our residents single woman. Yeah girl she is the champion of the single ladies who loves being single machine has fallen. So we have a challenge from her. He's so does about these sticky sweet. Text messages means. They're terrific and honey. I said earlier today they're so sweet they make your teeth that are they're so sweet they definitely make it sees her when she's reading a few text messages from her new. Boyfriend. At. So we text messages. To Kelly and I love her she's gonna guess to try and came to rest which runs. In from the real deal a Pamela welcome to the show. I got a good morning good morning hey Kim the last I was Dylan back. Oh gorgeous it's a little puppy up a couple of weeks. Look we euphoria. So I am god left. Listen to the take out a little bit like EJ yeah daddy taught how a vacation to treat we can't eat. Half half the quarter where is surprises you are Pamela. She showed. It should not about checks. Light you know hey I don't turn its back. CNN lets him. Hello and how can. Not. I think it's I think is obvious download all of us except for Cali that the Russians and interfered in her love life. That's and that's why that's why it happened Caylee she's easy to. These seven. So. Yeah it yes well and I. I think eat it even with an old friend. Alexander is still really really sour about. Pamela I she's Kellogg are texting my friend she has moved onto reunites with a win is a man that she knew and how. She can listen only three terrible events making news sent her into boyfriend good with someone that's all good. Yeah how bad adding Eli did things. It was so bad. I did relationship. As someone else. I what we're gonna gay guys read and rob in our intern Robin is gonna read a series of text messages. And one of these text messages Kelly was written by your actual boyfriend that and then. And did the rest of the text messages were all written by either myself Jan Geneen KP. You I tried to decide which one is from and hang and which ones are projects and so does she have to guess as she goes really afraid yeah I think we just read that one and then at the end of each class we all get to come play along too because we don't know her. I around in 3-D first text message just. Good morning game and look at the smile on my face unity here in is because I can't stop thinking about here. I never signs I analyst sunny and specialist Ian have a wonderful day beautiful and just Ned you're never alone because you got mean your corner. Love Danny Davis. I'm not a man yeah. UConn many boo. You a teller. Who do you think that might in fact I think that might be from JP. Ali's bonanno and I need some specific and I am in your corner Kelly fifth innings JP blue blue. As you read this now I'm thinking that year at this very moment here on my mind always yesterday today it's my aunt every day I do value in me and I life together. Yes I can and that's on him that's in hobby that. And. If I knew I was like a compassionate and I think that's. Hobby that. Anderson's feet. Good morning my flowers tour. For hours now and I will be waking up next CU whispering my morning messages interior I. It seems strange to say that I miss you because you talk for hours each day that idea and your smile your lives your touch I created when we are part. And I tell them down the minutes until we'll have that again. Sometimes I take my child had tape then mr. squiggles. It back continued he and a kiss is known as a pretend it's here every ten mr. squiggles is calling me knotty little girl and I pretended he hand. It's weird because he really hasn't when I just move on must I don't have to do usually hear in my irons there. I'm Matthew I'll see you see in Michigan it's just a ghost she's only isn't there and doubling down. I think. On and you mean our band and text messages either Argentina or bank and who. Good morning gorgeous I can't believe they get to see today ever have one of those days Regis out of saint today's ominous days just can't wait to see. They keep rallies being so patient and understanding. Hello viewed all my heart can't wait to squeeze here preempting get here already. I don't answered outs in the next time okay. Morning dining at a few days is great is you are gonna keep on thinking about how every time I hear voices like angels of inspiration enjoy. Our until I can hear it again. Can I just live there now because I'm. Asked you so great. Had an amazing day gorgeous island. If they aren't seeing. Talent in our friends. I even have our best efforts were not ruining this relationship. Root anime Kelly she's cry. I had a tarot card reading yesterday and asked about Kelly she's relationship. We have yet does that count on him. It's a reading of free for her best through you how does that even work because I channel love. Love you are the worst match maker on the pole. It but I love flows through me. Like sands. Of Sudan and. Does they they went terribly. About Kelly's relationship ha and I think there's a very good chance it did a got this on. Oh my god see. Hey guys probably get it right next. Star in 941. Do you believe in tarot card readings or not you're gonna wanna hear this rating if it's about Kelly cheeses new. Love life and I wanna hear it. Hardy had three children sit back act consummate single girl who has fallen into the deep end of low. She's shown swimming fans have kind of country and against read an egg that cesspool of happiness. This seems happy season last year that boyfriend. That Kimberly saying boyfriend I handling either makes you feel how weird. To quell. Tried terrorists out what we needed to today is I I befriend her name is Kelly and a few years ago she decided to start pursuing. Tarot card reading. And I used to joke with her about it you know like I was like whatever you know it's a funny hobby and saying I teach you see on Hickey Kelly I used car. The French detail that was she's gone from hitting a mogul. We asked shares a store in Paris on on slow. And so web site learns narrowed her she's slowing demand for terror carrying he had to book on her website in advance in the end it slot might. She's the real deal. I said about your friend Kelly there are some souls in this world that are just a little bit more gentle. She's one of them yeah for sure and I almost mad at myself. For. The credibility that I give her abilities that make sense because I don't believe in it I don't like to think that I don't. But collegial almighty god the stuff that she gets right as we hear they are still skeptics cheaper I I can't say that I'm a skeptic anymore yeah. Like she predicted. Cali and I. Like we came weeks of counting and I need. Site is now you've she's. At a track record is all she clear that in hindsight is all clear I've told this story and the year before that when negotiations were happening with this radio station and it got to a point where. Everybody that tracing the war just waiting I'm one thing I didn't know what that was then she's telling me that there's a woman involved who needs to. Check everything out there who is the woman and she couldn't it Arafat is like night at the CEO of this company is a woman again. There's a million other things and there's those are few so I winning yesterday and I've been just mean to go and catch up with her for a long time so went into her shop yesterday and I got a tarot card reading and I couldn't leave. That tarot card reading it out asking a question about Kelly she's. And just. Are bad in her boyfriend's new love. And Kelly she did this reading and I told it's short. I wanted to get too personal. But I will tell you that she turned over all the cars. Are under her breath you won't hear this but she actually says Ono. I'll know it yet I like that. And then she turned over more cards and she kind of said okay. And then I senator recording master key bridges to one minute okay but I think this gave me goose bumps. And I think it's probably gonna hate you rate in the heart okay Iraq. Monday morning at this time one. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Hope so though a year and yes I'm ready this is your tarot card reading your relationship. With. I know this is yeah. My advice to you as there's some work on your side to really allow yourself to fully be open to this guy dean now. I think showing you calling such a hard but that's full of passion and that's how your sphere and how average showing some blocks there. Either like broken hearted mr. past experiences that make this into bed tonight kind of getting into stalemate position where you're not really sure how to. He's showing up at the very respectable guy. I really Smart really mature he's actually shown that is really into it and said he'll play he could be that guy hey you can like keeping your side of the street played really. I'm wearing you can like work time whatever issues are limitations he might bring to. Really but the great part. So I was the bad cards yes I can Andrea captures her. Per share not like LA towards them I just tours are relationships and yes your enemy. How. Is it because of the past so I called them up so you've got to work through the peasant and opened her love exactly and not be afraid. Why are you trying time is it just like it makes me feel good because he has such a good guy and nom I can open my heart out to people who are pretty terrible. So on. Just being wanna trust and that's not gonna happen is a good feeling. How many minutes will pass between now and you calling Kelly they get a full thirty. I think there yesterday. Really didn't do. This tiny you know. May yet does give you come alone a self awareness and we'll. Again Siegel and hardly you know I mean marked as everybody has EI exacerbate. Except from me I just returned flawless. She turned it needed. Thanks for making this wedge. It's indigestion changed now one star not before one and it.