Purposity: One More Big Goal

Monday, December 18th

THANK YOU To everyone who just helped us achieve a huge goal, and helped us give Christmas to so many families!


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Okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Jones although now. Asking you step up in a big way this morning to help some pales in need. Who otherwise without you aren't going to have a Christmas. Okay and here's where do you tears are we need double super extreme help today. We've that we've we've heard him people up because. Connelly CEO we did the breaking an airing Christmas that was their friends and act remained. We let that took a lot of work but it was easy. I'd Ackerman went out there budget shopping on your friends how did the decorations Calais and we had dinner affair bring him boo. Turnkey re just on the family. Hooked him up good everywhere. I recall that's on said we wanna help someone. We wanna have some sort that we are Democrats and so we teamed up with our bodies of her posse and ask you all to join the jet's engine showed team takes a couple minutes to sign up its toll free design of our team. And there's no obligation. You'll just get a text message of a need. In your neighborhood so we ask you for a couple of days to sign up which you did thank you so much and you can still join our team ever possibly dot com slash Jeff's engine child. And then we decided on Wednesday of last week to help one family. You guys to fill those needs and fifteen minutes for a family facing. Potentially their last Christmas together with an eight year old ten year old boy and the next day like it's tried again posted two families X say. Eleven minutes you guys have filled the needs and then on Friday you've fulfilled the needs for three families who will all be spending Christmas at children's healthcare of Atlanta. Them on the fat in eight minutes. So incredible so incredible so we wanted to go all week long this week with helping families through the her veracity team. But there's a little issue is shaping it we wanna make sure that these families get to gifts that you're sending by Christmas. So I guess so we're gonna I try to do it ultimately. This may be down. This isn't going to be a big channel this idea bad idea but if you would like to help us spread some Christmas cheer. Go to our social media pages or go to start and for wanna Lannan back camp. Sign up for the jet's engine issue team per policies jet engine should team and at about 7:25. This morning. You'll get a text message and we're gonna tell you. Right now to see once you say out loud Jimmy can't go back. And outlet I did this I can do that so sign up at lemon let me it's got to tell you. Days so that these families can get these. Guests and the things that they need by Christmas Harris and Cunningham a super easy if you are social media click the link it'll take you directly to our website. And you can sign up right there takes two seconds. I fell. Is this a the first family is three things that we want to accomplish today so. We'll just say them and then they'll have to happen so the first one is a couple of grandparents. Who were all set to. Retire by its mom and dad couldn't take care of that they're a grand kids so. I had to keep him in the family grandma and grandpa stepped in and any year old boy an eleven year old girl now live. With grandma and grandpa and their retirements stretched thin budget and that are struggling hard to keep up. Where is that you growing kids buy it they're doing it and Christmas being greater on the corner they're they're a little bit. Little it's. Tight right now yeah and so the kids need winter clothing the kids need shoes and just like every other family there's a wish list that Graham and grab it didn't even want to share. With the charity but the kids do you want some toys like some some headphones and a remote control car for the young man and a little girl wants a purse and a diary well so I that's family number one that we wanna try to help out today. And then next family it was about to celebrate the holidays in their home and a house fire destroyed and everything that they own absolutely everything so. It's been really hard for them especially this time a year. Other six children in the household ranging between the ages of six and nineteen they're struggling to rebuild right now they're wondering how they're gonna provide everything for their children in need. Just precincts together some sort of holiday season so they have asked for all the essentials like clothing and shoes. And then that organization the told us about this he only says a few things for each of them that would really because Christmas season bright may be at a toy apiece for the kids. A game and here's the third thing that we wanna do today this is this is the big business oh yeah. On the strikes right at my heart strings even more alert and then in then anything else because this is all about children's healthcare of Atlanta and families who are spending Christmas and the hospital. And you. Yell if if you could please I just sign up because. The text message or daughter's 7:25. This morning and. We need to. Need need need need need to do this. Every every. Young man and young woman who will be impatient that's what it's outrage and suspending the night in the hospital. And Christmas Eve or Christmas night at the AFLAC cancer and blood disorder senators. Which is the which is that the floor of children's healthcare of Atlanta it deals with with. Cancer blood disorders and often times. Is the lonely just floor because. These kids have compromised immunity because of the chemotherapy that they're going under or that the blood transplant. And so the marrow transplants and they're they've. Gone through so. In the end it got a ton of visitors that Santa can certainly make it there and what we wanted to do. Is make sure that every kid has. Not one but two brand new toys. Delivered by Santa Christmas morning. Where is the help of our friends Oprah possibly. So that's 64 kids that will be in a impatient at the AFLAC cancer blood disorder senator. On Christmas to toys apiece and I we can do this Al this is the place where Reese and and my husband and I feel and I lived. While she was getting treatment this is a very special place that is taking care. Of the sickest kids and a are gonna have a they're gonna have a Christmas this year if you sign up for for prost the unfulfilled needs on this link. I gotta be honest have you that's that rate there's a 122 ways. Plus he's got the first family mentioned return a young man a young woman and their grandparents. And then the second family that we mentioned which is a family of aids to parents and six kids whose houses destroyed by fire so. We're looking at a 140. We're laying out hunt didn't. 28 guess for the children and then an additional ten people. 812 people. To buy gifts for and what are they doing wrong with the ferocity. Don't know how we can do this. You're an area have to do it mariners added on the radio we could we do all today when you get the Texas is today they will get this by Christmas right so the way to do it is ago Ide two or social media pages. Go to our website or go to pro possibly that's PURPOS. I TY slash. Jeff's engine issue out. Sana for our team and about fifty minutes to get a text message and that one click. You can take care of one MI now. You can choose what I need you will fulfills you know the price of the need you can decide what fits for your budget how giving you can be you with with. You know everybody being really pushed and stretch in the holiday season. So when you get the text message you click on the link in you can choose the need figure able. To file fell so you know decades he can do that with your advantage of these small need it can be a bigger need to. On whatever works for yield that's why for posse is so awesome because were crowd sourcing this kindness. We can take care of these families of we all do our part. And I don't know exactly what is being sent to the family in need. The only failure I know we're now I know I. I realize you re doing all these and one day. Okay. Essentially drive the message does that Sanford for posse right now thank. And she I'll star. We have been asking you guys for a lot to make some Christmas miracles half and persons serving families right here in Atlanta. We helped out why in this two weeks ago than last week we have about six more families and we say how about we're talking about. These are families households that earn and not really going to have. A Christmas is to speak there's a lot going on everyone of them has a different story. I'm all of them have different circumstances. But that common theme is that every single family has been so busy dealing with life that they haven't been able. T spend any time top in the Santa. Right so. We used originally without help from Ackerman security and now with help from our friends at possibly. We have made sure Sanath knows where these families live. Either of them I guess and in total who worked. Who left their house 1 morning and it was just a house and they walk in. Later crime and later that day and Christmas came early I mean. That the first house we had had can sleep up to going up the stairs. And had kids and that you're hungry head gets in the corner had a refrigerator full of food. So today this. Holidays is giving back and a lot of times you'll don't know how because they don't know how to connect to the families that like these are in need and so. That's why our her posse team really helps because it will connect you. I to a family in need and you can fulfill that need by sending an item sending one item on their list. Because everybody wants to give back this time you're just not sure exactly how good or great is this your neighborhood your community. So much cooler. So the first family we had our friends Ackerman security help and a sense that disease in the second families Ross spread out over the course of the week so those stories. But today we realize we had three projects left that we wanted to do. And we handed it we're gonna doom all week but we realize we have to do on today. Because of shipping time. Is little an election and his family's needs are fulfilled before Christmas so a family of four it's grandma grandpa and they're two grand kids because mom and dad and they have fallen out of the picture so Graham and ramp on the retirement income. Now have any year old an eleven year. And we have another family of eight. I two parents and six kids who lost their how their house and everything they own to a fire. And then the third Pratt as. Excuse me the third tragic very near and dear to Jens. Yes because all these families are living on the floor where we live to at a children's healthcare of Atlanta Affleck cancer and blood disorders center floor. 64 families will be spending the holidays the air force treatment so that 64 kids. Fighting cancer. And a lot of times they can have visitors especially this time here it's cold flu season you can't introduce. All kinds germs to kids who have no immune system because there on chemotherapy. So we wanted to make sure that each of those kids got to gifts apiece. Four for the holidays for and make sure that they got their by Christmas Eve so that they can have two gifts arrive on Christmas. Oh exactly and 38. Minutes ago a text message went out to. Where all of those needs and Kelly she's. As an update I shared area about text message when I got it sometime around 730 and by seven of fifty states. I got a text message and that says this just an all needs have been met. It they've provided Christmas for ninety kids today. Though I found. And you also lives thank you thank you thank you for signing him to be part of the team thank you for flicking on those needs and sending them. This time wow don't say all in Spain very cool and less than thirty minutes. Gaza and. Thank you thank you thank had a whole yankees I mean and you you really. Everybody who could you create you spread the word if you try to contribute and wasn't able to do is he locked the website have a couple of times. Every single review who put a little better get energy out there made made Christmas happen. For our. A group of people who would otherwise. Would not have had a visit fan so amazing and it's so easy to suit you'll get a text message on your phone with a couple of clicks seeking give back in your communities so. It's never too late to sign up for our for possibly team it's. Her posse DP you are POS I TY dot com slash Jeff intention thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and it.