Pumpkin Spice Challenge ROUND TWO

Thursday, September 28th

It's time for round two! Will Producer Jeannine keep her crown?

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Producer Jimmy is the one of these she is being pumpkin spice things that's went twelve for twelve. Concise tour policy is this a real thing or not tonight and at ten more items you guys ready for ready compete I guess Korea ourselves. Here we got home pumpkin spice. He said Jenn hobby isn't exist are now trail. Kelley series and it's true date paying through and Jeanne trail it is true it does exist if you are all listening to elude. Pumpkin spice. Ice cream sandwiches Jenn hobby boom that's forget I'm going yes Kelly please. A money asked her. They do exist. Nice. China hasn't. Jenn hobby pumpkin spice Bologna is an exist. This is a challenge here. I'm gonna go and narrow fox Kelly she's a music false. Endgame. Am also thankful it does not exist. You guys are undefeated thus far yup agree I don't. A big game as I don't like this pump gains by ice and water. Is in a real pain. I'm Jenn hobby. Is so ridiculous now and again yes geez. Saying needs career OJ green. False and use gene. And a good pulse on the space water. Does exist. Yeah no no eyewitness there's a pumpkin spice look for right. The out. All right. Jeanne finally out Enron Atlanta. Pumpkin spice hot mess you. I'm gonna go trimmed Jay's arms patriots do. Turf and Jane. And true. It is true. Earlier we thought for fun if we are here our economy out pumpkin spice princess economy gets back Angus. Company's vice mailed. Pumpkin spice built. Scenes I'm gonna go to true and I wanna put that in my coffee and Kelly j.'s yeah and that's like a screamer right yeah I'm a picture of staging. This is wearing off the rails false and Geneen. It it is true. Still and it's been at any rate paid on three for 56. Pumpkin spice vodka. I'm gonna go false. I NN cumin copying everything you've said this whole times and I'm not a goat trail and came I had true. Ontario is true. Yes whom. Hey guys Kelly she. Kelly sees my end to feed your undefeated so far. Was circulating. Such a competitor brown you know. I had three more pumpkin spice beer. A deadly trail. One nice thing like that. True. True. Treo does exist abstention. While. Skew more to say undefeated in this round achieves. Cain. Pumpkin spice dog treats. Jan in the I'm gonna go to Marie news. And a couple trees America go to. Pulse. JP jerk and hitting coach. There are green needs that the ones that created anything. Us as American idols should now back uneven playing field has that feel. I as we head into the very last round how many do you have I have 8 am nine career she is. Man yeah you know 1996. And Jeanne it at a NASCAR. Intense final hour right. Pumpkin spice. Diego waffles. Leg go my Palm Bay go. It's a last. And only truth bone JJ trip and that matters other women or women. Hitting pumpkin spice Lego waffles. Kelly says true Judi says policy Jen says tour. It is true. She's time. And imagine dethrone you and look time is a little ground so it looked good coach princesses now. We have a pumpkin spice arm wrestle. And I think so sure princess I ain't got them all right last time yet to have them pump off. Am okay. Comes and yeah. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and.