Pumpkin Spice Challenge

Tuesday, September 26th

How much do you REALLY love Fall? Can you tell which products are real and which are fake?

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And she I'll star. Pumpkin spice labels on everything at the craze is taken over the world and Jeff has a challenge for us. Real or not real pumpkins buys everything. And rain after the pumpkin spice channel range we have got a brand new video for gland in gland is Kelly Jesus best friend. Who asked sir to make and special videos. And post them financing gram per cash. One involved. Mustard. One involved a potato this involves points. War here how the new video turned out coming operate after this. OK can we tell a difference between an item that is actually pumpkins spies or something that Jeff just made. All right you guys are make this a competition meters on radio for. What do we do anything for fun and everything competition on a different judge oh horrors I ferret out. And you all grab. Little newspaper and and and yet to score your cells. Now do it doesn't have and there's that many things can't act. Pumpkin spice chicken sausage does that exist Geneen. JP eight true. Chase Paul's. Jet trail. I everybody's right back coach and public space chicken sausage is a thing. I'm in spice. Red ball Ginny well JPJ. Balls I cheese as a false Jenn does to be different untrue everybody got a record and I. And I'm good space rebel does not exist. Yet. They just her a break I know honoring the and their honor. All right around three pumpkin spice that winner is it at saying Jamie hope. Now chains. Who won his aides are. And Jen I'm going to my guts or Dolan Republicans right cat litter is not a thing. Okay. And at him. And pumpkin spice body washed Janine isn't a thing for JP has and thing. Offs are cheeses are paying it's a thing Jenna obviously paying yes it absolutely is surveying Beaumont everybody magically got the owner. Job pumpkin spice English mafia and producer Geneen. Share director JP. Boss. Pretty untrue had a cheese is true and Jenna Holliday I'm just imagining right now with some honey butter. Yes it has to be true. Pumpkin spice English muffins do you exist and and now we're going to get. Pumpkin spice pork Geneen. Well hey pay and they got chicken thousands pumpkins buys in the gap organizing drew. I jays that's false false false and Jenn hobby and gone policy it is false. Spigot this game pumpkin spice American cheeses and. And. Me I don't mind if I decide to me is that if that. Those efforts. Like expenses well. I JP eight boss I cheese. I'm coming oh it sure an untrue it is false. Jim Pate turf achieves true and gents choke it does exist. Pumpkin space life cereal. Mood I'm in a note this slices and had enough time in the cereal aisle. I would need it the truth to it came true veggies. You. False Jan I'm going falls is you can't miss with a perfect blend with the sentiments in my I think in the middle afterward. Again. Pumpkins. Mice like cereal does exist. It. I three Margo pumpkin spice bananas. Janine oh. Hey it is not our time to question it. I want him out scientific advance that I don't that they've JP eight balls. She's solves Jan all says not exist and pumpkin spice also. Move this. True GPA and it falls jays false and Jan true. Our right is true. Day. I. DRR re really making this competition guys I'm twelve right now you have left 12111. Out of eleven and then what do you gadget me. I think I got like five right. Cities and it is Lennon and seven out of eleven season and you. X. But automatic images NRA it's a high of thirty it to perfection they're the only. Reason I heard in the last round is a sea of Geneva and a twelve for two there. Hum gain. Spies. Salmon. Yes Perry cheese. And again yes. It's the truth. Yeah. Boss and to go twelve for twelve chain is up in spite salmon are real thing. Think after. You say it's true. When a better picture. Yeah. The other pumped yeah. I. Don't know I'm a lit it's you know Yahoo! she's the pumpkin spice princess. In true pumpkin pie and as we love you alive today. And Austin yeah common unit out and you really want to number twelve I look at it I wrote an encircled and then I breezed heavily can't you wanted an excitement. That's a pet Kelly too hard and briefing. Him and. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One star not before one.