PS The One Where Mom Wasnt Wearing Pants

Tuesday, September 11th

This mom was caught red handed!

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Amanda from the area and I love to Jeff and then shows bone scans on darn I need. I am having on my way to work every morning so hard I think it's looking at CNN. I mean like minutes on the radio starting. Now now is always running late for Carolina and her friends that you've got a phone scam her over this one Wilson should forget to Wear pants and she didn't think anybody noticed against what. We noticed. Well there's this Mo. My name is Kevin I'm wave Curtis at middle school and I got to make these calls every year in the arm word. Only got it we just gotta touch based real quick and some of the car line staff. Oh and we've noticed. That well two things really. You're a little Bates chatty and we're just trying to move through that owes them quickly. 000 OK okay so. I'm okay I I can't. Say. Yeah well I it's at its rear to common tell somebody hey stab it behaves like you do and in whatever bad. And we appreciate you heard attempts yes I know it's only your second year without some. As soon did you try and southern hospitality but it's just now were killed. Get charged again we'll chatty and and I'll try to bring an envelope back in the future. Thank you so much and then the other thing is I'm we don't really have a dress code at the school for the adults mainly Kansas now early necessary fight hold some of the outfits you're Rollins who car line and almond. If there would never be a situation where you would probably have to get out of the tire but if you did. Out you know we do want to make sure your prison inaudible and all Egon yeah. It. Only and I'm glad you think it's okay you have hands drag and pay your. Do you do you know yeah I own my. So that when that when obviously it is the more significant violation. On so we're just endure a five day car line suspension for that. And I beg your pardon we're just gonna suspend you from car line for five days for me I don't know I'm I'm not saying you can't spend a parent. Well we're not as many units from the school you sitting down the school property whatever you just gotta have somebody else drop off your daughter because. We you know you're not. In reality we just try to conduct ourselves of the certain level of decorum and owns I don't know if you get a chance to agree to grab yourself enemy her or not. Get a reflection or anything like that but it shoes now I didn't help my opinion didn't. I'm not a lot don't and I immediately got out on meet her. A husband or significant other I mean you just you went through powerline once last week without pants on. So. Apply OK you know so well. I'd Arian agreement on the five days and then what we'll do is we'll do a quick two day. Training session and if you want if you pass that well. He's back in a car line. Get out of can you are kidding me right and it now I I think. And tell you're an adult you could get their lip and it now. Slow and just you know wrap up to chit chat so wouldn't Kiki people who are now that's you know we don't do you know you talked about John Madden and your I'll go to the Calle records and make you could just tell me and I can do. And then light up and everybody camp you when I went to make happy and didn't get to collect all. Well which is great and that's you know what that's what we're striving for its ninety minutes since two afternoon boots I. And in wolves this what has to answer Medicaid more look at the way you're draster. We'll make sure you don't listen to an Al Gore in half out. Out of work I gotta go and ticket plant that makes it. Would you get in trouble at work if you showed up without pants on. Well I'm what they do not unlike our what do you have. What are your main distinction but in my car. Think that I'm got a towel wrapped around me well I mean yeah. Yeah I am not hearing that I'm not hearing. Okay well ballot that was my that was my reaction when we looked back to the team needs you their pants on I was like yeah I think that's I'm not. Do you hairy at it and here's my. When they cannot give all out now I don't think. I will tell you have five years that I've been managing car line you're the only no pants that are right. I hope I hope you're enjoying your your ball at Carla in general all my garage and. Let. You let I was driving around without pants on but listened. To. The Harvard school I do not end here. Nobody else does know Niemi got a bit eating what I don't get might not be in the morning I. Let me just ask you. Can we just at least have a commitment for today the pants in a bra. Runner comb through your hair lol well well a little we will. Didn't think right now I'm gonna have my assistant call you back and schedule the afternoon fours yeah I think you already know her name is Caroline in she lives and your box. This is Jack from the jet's engines show it starting. Funny well old 00 god so the good news is you're not in trouble at all at school that bad days. Everybody knows the you have driven to school without him sign.